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Also by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. 

Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System. This book explains for the 
first time how magnetism affects your life and the life of all living systems 
around vou. The result of vears of investigation into the laws of magnetism, it 
explains the discovery that a magnet has not one effect on the living system 
but two effects, each supplied by the two forms of energy transmitted from 
each pole. You or any other qualified person can reproduce the projects in 
this book. Fulfy Illustrated 

"MUST reading for all who want to know how to make use of this coming 
new science of magnetic healing." 

— HAROLD SHERMAN. Chairman. ESP Research Foundation 

The Rainbow in Your Hands. This is the first book that correctly identifies 
body energies in an easv-to-understand manner for you to help yourself and 
others. YOU can be a natural healer, and if you already are. the information 
in this book will help you be a better one. Every person can be helped by ap- 
plying the exciting facts that have been tested for results which will be ac- 
curate for you as thev are for others. All natural science followers will be in- 
terested in the importance of new facts to the fields of parapsychology and 
ESP. Facts never made public before can now be tested and used by all who 
apply the simple methods explained in this book. 

The Magnetic Blueprint of Life. Written with forcefulness and precision, this 
is a comprehensive guide to the effect of magnetism upon the air we breathe, 
the food we eat. the exercise we take. It is an eloquent plea to the scientific 
community to reconsider the significance of basic magnetism ... the "most 
: ener gy j n Nature." 


ISBN 0-911311-17-3 







Books by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. 






Kansas City, Missouri 

First Printing, 1979 
Second Printing, July 1988 

© 1979 by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. 

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction, in whole 
or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic or 
mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any infor- 
mation storage and retrieval system. No part of this book may 
be reproduced without permission in writing from the publisher 
Inquiries should be addressed to Acres U.S.A., P.O. Box 9547, 
Kansas City, Missouri 64133. 

ISBN 0-911311-15-7 
Printed in the United States of America 


Introduction vii 

I. A General Consensus 1 

II. Evolution with Natural Magnetism 10 

III. The Nature of the Universe 23 

IV. Negative Ions 30 
V. Water, Humidity, and Moisture 43 

VI. Food and Nutrition 57 

VII. Living with Radiation Dangers 70 

In the Home 70 

In the Environment 78 

Nuclear Energy Installations 81 

Our Future in Energy 83 

VIII. The Art of Magnetic Healing 92 

Our Animal Research 94 

The N-l Research Magnet 96 

North Pole of the N-l 97 

South Pole of the N-l 99 

Negative Energy and Postive Attitude 100 

The Magnetic Mother 101 

IX. A Case History 103 

X. The Future of Biomagnetics 118 

Bibliography 122 

About the Authors 143 

Inquiries 144 

Index 145 



This book presents important information that will help you 
to understand and overcome many health difficulties, and also to 
realize and seek more natural methods for health, healing, and 

aP This is a constructive presentation determined by facts. There is 
no intention by your authors to be cynical or pessimistic; rather, 
we believe our studies and findings are optimistic for the human 

Mankind has survived unbelievable and unbearable turmoil. 
As scientists with a firm belief in God, we believe that fact and 
reason give strength to survival. This is notwithstanding doomsday 
judges in this generation, as they have existed in every epoch of the 

By glancing at the table of contents, the reader can see that this 
book covers a wide range of topics. The subject matter is of per- 
sonal concern to the authors, who have devoted their lives to the 
research and investigation into natural sciences in the laboratory, 
the cities, in the countryside, and the United States and foreign 
countries. This research has produced a new understanding of 
endangered health, inner fears of conflict, and the prevalent in- 
ability to find treatments that are cures. We believe these result 
from the lack of knowledge and application of basic laws in natural 

This book is for the general reader as well as the professional. 
Natural sciences affect every person, regardless of race, creed, 
color, or vocation. Philosophy is a part of natural sciences which 
should not be avoided, and your authors have not hesitated in 
applying the "humanities" to their research findings. 

Believing that human beings are imperfect creatures, we are 
our own worst critics. Truth is a matter of knowledge and belief, 
and when we find from our research a new approach, concept, or 
instrumentation, we realize there may be more about the matter 
that is not revealed. Still, as honest as we can be in our human 




makeup, we believe that applications in acceptance of our research 
findings will bring more peace, order, and harmony to the people 
of our world. In this regard, this book is necessary reading for you 
to augment your ability of self-help, to help yourself and others 
for the good of all humanity. It is, in the final analysis, up to you, 
the individual, if new breakthroughs in science are to be adopted.' 
We solicit your belief in our work and your assistance in furthering 
the adoption of our findings which, to our knowledge, will benefit 
you and your fellow being. 

We assure you that we are putting forth our best efforts to have 
our discoveries adopted for your use and benefit. This is our prime 
objective, and petty, ridiculous, bureaucratic delays will not hinder 
our efforts. 

The discovery that magnetism has at least two separate energy 
fields, not one as formerly believed, is a discovery that touches 
upon the life of every human being in our civilization. It is a 
natural law that involves industry, agriculture, medical areas, and 
all the natural sciences. We have not found any field of knowledge 
to which this discovery cannot be applied for increased understand- 
ing of our being and our environment. From such a discovery we 
expect opposition, and it has been evident. Still, when you believe 
in what you are doing with humility and for the betterment of all 
people, striving to overcome obstacles can often become a pleasant 
experience. We are pleased with our tasks. We wish to you the 
joy of striving for the betterment of yourself and others, which is 
self-help according to natural laws, as we have come to believe. 

The acceptance of our discoveries is spreading over the world, 
and by the time this book is published fewer obstacles will remain 
to your enjoying the many applications of the use of the separate 
energies of magnetism. As of this writing, several of our patents 
have been accepted and published in the United States and many 
foreign countries, and, for your reference, they are the following: 

1. U.S. Patent No. 3,947,533, entitled Magnetic Field Expansion 
and Compression Method: a method of altering the physical prop- 
erties of materials by applying the magneto-magnetic energy of 
the North or South pole of a magnet. 

2. U.S. Patent No. 4,020,590, entitled Apparatus and Method 
tor Exposing Seeds to a Magnetic Field: a method for increasing 
crop yield and nutrient value up to 30 percent and more. 

Introduction ix 

3 U.S. Patent No. 4,003,769 entitled Method of Making Non- 
etentive Al-Ni-Co-Fe Alloy: a method of eliminating magnetic 
interference in the construction of appliances and hardware. 

tance in 

A number of applications are now pending for accepts 
the areas of medicine, energy, and others. This includes a new 
method of using magnetic fields to conduct a diagnostic screening 
examination, in a matter of minutes, without X rays or other danger- 
ous radiation. Also pending in the medical area is a new method of 
treating abnormal cardiovascular conditions with the magnetic 
energies of a single magnetic pole. Information is pending for 
patent application in the treatment of pancreatitis, hypertension, 
and cancer. 

In the energy field, information is pending for patent application 
that could save up to twenty-five percent fuel, improve fuel combus- 
tion, and, through the use of new energy methods, eliminate many 
chemicals and pollutants now in use, for a cleaner, more efficient 

Scientists and universities in a number of countries are repro- 
ducing our work for verification. We here call upon you to become 
involved in this new offering to humanity, and we wish you well 
and Godspeed in your endeavors. It is the authors' firm hope that, 
the material in this book will increase your knowledge and response 
to health, healing, and happiness. 


Truth is not in vogue; hypocrisy is the rage. Appearance is 
ought in deceiving one's self-help and helping others. Selfishness 
and materialism are on the rampage. Forms, procedures, rules, and 
regulations are used as escapes from improving man's natural 
existence with his fellowman. A new change— innovation— must 
follow the procedures, and it must not conflict with the positions 
of those who control the procedures, nor the monies expended sup- 
porting these positions. So, water will be polluted if, under this 
system, industrial expansion is more important than eliminating 
the pollution. Natural means to eliminate disease will not be 
Stressed if they will damage the billion-dollar drug and pharma- 
ceutical empire, and with their advertising contributions, don't look 
for research reports on the benefits of natural healing in science 
magazines supported by these advertisers. Universities and research 
foundations, depending on large government grants for research 
and subsistence, avoid researching areas that will raise the eye- 
brows of their moneygivers, irregardless of foreseeable benefits to 
health, healing, and happiness in these possible breakthroughs. 
Instead, billions of dollars are spent each year in research theories, 
speculations, and projects that have failed but, in their failure, 
offer new theories and speculations. New ways for health, and 
happiness, tried and true by scientific method, as well as ^intuitive 
belief, struggle for avenues to the people, and make many "accepta- 
ble" scientific reports and projects no better than sheer nonsense. 

Society supports material rewards as progress, yet we see these 
persons, who are "materially well off," groping and feeling lost, 
and deteriorating in health, healing, and happiness. Increasing 
numbers in society are seeking professional help, not just for mental 
disorders, but simply in trying to adjust their lives to everyday 
living. Sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and religious and 
social workers are trained in the procedures, forms, rules, and 
regulations of society, as are lawyers, doctors, and government and 
business personnel. We all, to some extent, instruct in attempting 
encouragement with the same symbols, words, dogmas, theories, 



The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

and speculations that make up the dilemma. The result, in increas- 
ing instances, is avoiding one's ability to believe and act naturally 
for health, healing, and happiness, benefiting ourselves and others 
in society. 

Truth, as we are all privileged to feel and realize, is within the 
realm of our natural abilities. What is good for peace and order 
without harming others is a truth self-evident, yet some of our 
leading scientists, and other leaders of civilization, not only function 
otherwise, but write opinions and scientific treatises in their attempt 
to prove their selfish beliefs against this natural law. 

Peace and order exist for man as they do for Nature. Misunder- 
standings, misapplications, selfishness, greed, and just plain igno- 
rance have thrown into confusion and catastrophe the peace and 
order of Nature and man. It has become more prevalent to turn 
the coin on end, instead of turning the coin over to look at the 
other side. 

Sociologically, biologically, and naturally, peace and order are 
the way to health, healing, and happiness— not artificial drugs, 
chemicals, machines, theories, and speculations. Confusion and 
bewilderment are evident in our society from the many mind- 
control fads that are providing great incomes for the controllers, 
and for the recipients the breakup of the family system, without 
consideration and action in working for an orderly society. Medita- 
tion is helpful if not abused, but this now has become big business, 
big income, big confusion, and disorder. Peace, order, love, and 
harmony, can be found in your own inner self. Look to your feelings 
and your thoughts, and be sincere to your own being, without 
turning to fads, theories, speculations, mind-programming, or big- 
business organizing. 

False prophets are in vogue— the commercialism of religion— 
and your own thoughts and feelings are perhaps more prevalent 
than any time in history due to the aids of mass communications. 
Sincerity to your own inner being will expose these jackals, howling 
banshees that they are, who say life is nothing but conflicts, 
neuroses, and suffering. There is more to life. Each of us, within 
himself, can find this realization and act accordingly for health, 
healing, and happiness. 

At the present stage of society, you cannot go through life 
without seeking the aid of a qualified doctor. We hope you find a 
sensible, mature man or woman with an inner compassion to 

A General Consensus 3 
dement his or her medical books and training. Such a person 
CC Z do much for you. But why allow yourself to be in need of 
nodical treatment, when your self-help can eliminate many of your 
stresses and sicknesses? 

We will expose some of the serious dangers of modern medicine 
tices treatments, and instruments now in use, and show how 
P ou°can'aid yourself, how by your common sense you can live 
loneer and better, solve your own problems by natural methods, 
within the realm of sensible approaches, and, as a result, have 
happiness and freedom from "psychological stresses." Why wait 
till retirement to concern yourself with your health? Commonsense 
methods, as simple as eating vegetables, for example, something 
you know you should do without having to consult a doctor, are 
in your ability for health, healing, and happiness. 

Very litde in our world's societies is really being accomplished 
to offer sensible answers to the many grave problems today facing 
every man, woman, and child. You can't look into any field of 
expert endeavor and find those necessary breakthroughs in action 
to adequately assist you in helping yourself without the aid of 
thers, which, in most instances, does not further your self-being 
naturally. With all the doctors, medical specialists, researchers and 
educators, billions of dollars for new equipment, education and 
facilities, where are the answers to the "killer diseases" ravaging 

There are scientists— and there are scientists. A number of 
itists, including Nobel Prize winners, are under constant bom- 
jnent by government, colleges and universities, and colleagues 
conventional importance. Challenges are thrown at these per- 
is to prove further what they have already proved. Even Ein- 
stein's work is still under investigation by those trying to prove 
him wrong. Scientists of our present day and age are facing the 
same childish challenges by the armchair type of super-scientist in 
accepted command of the scientific community. In their own ego- 
tistical narrow-mindedness and plain stupidity, these sacred cows 
will not confine themselves to undermining the development of 
their own nation's scientific development. They reach out to scien- 
tific workers of other nations in their attempts to further old ideas 
and theories and to promote their own self-importance. 

These faults of the system should be evident to all of us from 
experience and common knowledge. The facts are present and 

4 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

quite apparent. If the reader wishes to pursue his investigation into 
this matter, he will find a surprising amount of "the pot calling the 
kettle black," such as the statement of Dr. Richard E. Palmer, 
President of the AMA, that the Secretary of the federal department 
of HEW is a "virtual czar" over the national health system. 

An increasing number of those within the bureaucratic jungle 
are not only voicing their opposition but are actually trying their 
best to correct the system, and this is hopeful. If you wish to pur- 
sue this line of investigation further, read The Solid Gold Stetho- 
scope by Edgar Berman, M.D. (Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 
New York). This is one of the best exposes of the medical-scientific 
bureaucracy to come along in many a year. Critics enjoy referring 
to this book as satire. Dr. Berman, when interviewed, has stated 
he "means what he has said in his publication and [it] was written 
in an honest attempt to show the facts." 

Your authors do not represent this publication as an encyclo- 
pedia of natural healing. An excellent publication of this nature is 
The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing by the editors of 
Prevention magazine (Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania). Over 
500 pages of comprehensive material is given, yet not all subjects 
of natural healing are discussed. This may, in fact, be an impossible 
task for any book presentation on natural healing. Our choice of 
matters in this book is from our many years of research and experi- 
ence on some of the more important subjects we consider c or your 
health, healing, and happiness. 

Among the oldest killer diseases that still ravish our society are 
cancers. For many years we considered cancer as singular. Now 
we know there are a host of cancers, killing not only human beings, 
but animals as well. This information was proved many years before 
it was accepted by the rulers of the scientific community. The 
facts were present, not just awaiting the necessary scientific pro- 
cedures to prove, as are many facts on other killer diseases available 
for your knowledge and self-help which are not properly investi- 
gated and adopted to our society's system because of bureaucratic 
and self-indulgent procedures. In 1958, a British physician named 
John Higginson was challenged by a skeptical scientific community 
when he suggested that 70 percent to 80 percent of all cancers are 
environmental in origin. Now many scientists believe the actual 
figure may be 90 percent or more. 

Research biologists have developed many drugs and antibiotics 

. ^ . 5 

A General Consensus 

m h*t an equal number of disorders, yet Nature has a way of 

? Tninl^lrnmunity to these drugs and antibiotics, and over 
developing an »»» / _ ^ ^ wfaat at ^ was ^ 

a r n ?oTPat success. It should be obvious from medical experi- 
sidered great su i ^ ^ fa hannony ^ Nature> md we 

stould^ave karned by this time that Nature will respond to misuse 

• ^^pbSTS human organs received much publicized 
n the news media, scientific writings, and research en- 
^avo" Again, Nature took charge of man's attempt to ignore 
ttur^in transplanting human hearts, kidneys, or other organs. 
Would one person's heart, kidneys, or other organ accept, hve, 
!nd survive m another human body of the same basic type, design 
^d structure? Nature said "no" to this trial-and-error attempt 
to mechanize the wonders of Nature. 

A nerson's heart, kidneys, or other organs must be transplanted 
to another body, not only of the same basic type in derignaad 
structure, but organically the same type system.cally in blood, 
s^um p asmas, and tissues. No two bodies, although similar, are 
IS the same in composition to accept such artificial mechanical 
tampering. The receiving body rejects and the patient dies. 
Nature's code of acceptance has not been comprehended and initi- 

^ There is some present-day research underway to stimulate the 
body's acceptance to foreign organs. Biologically, this simply means 
reducing the workings of the human defense systems to reject 
foreign organs, thereby allowing foreign, dissimilar organic mass 
into the body system. 

There are outcries to outlaw altering of the human genetic sys- 
tem, and for good reason. The changing of the human body to 
accommodate medical scientists who cannot find a way to control 
disease is much the same as altering the design of a new car tor 
more foot or head space. The human body is not a toy to be changed 
by increased demand, as the automobile manufacturers change style 
and design. There are better means available in most cases that are 
more natural and self-rewarding. 

At this time in man's history we seem to be on a merry-go- 
round, scientifically, medically, biologically, and technically, that 
appears to be changing the world in advances of science and tech- 
nology. In the United States, after World War II, we were the 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

acknowledged leaders in the scientific world, and, when only a 
few years ago many nations were ignorant of our scientific ad- 
vances, the reversal is now underway. Now many nations have 
passed us in all apparent scientific departments except, perhaps, 
for computers. Well, what good are computers? They can save 
time, or do they? They are much like a fast-operating mechanical 
book. You give them all the answers, which depend on the basic 
language you feed into their mechanical and electronic brains. If 
the basic work is wrong, then you have more wrong answers by 
machine than the ego of man ever dreamed possible in bis own self- 
foolery. The point is that we are way off in our scientific discipline. 
What we need is to return to the basic fundamental of using our 
own common sense in solving our problems. 

Unless we return to a fundamental, basic freedom of choice and 
style of living, we will be reduced to a class of third-rate citizens. 
Men, women, and children were given brains. They are not ani- 
mals that must be told what to eat, wear, say, and think. Over- 
protective and misguided directives are forcing this unthin king 
mechanical living upon us, much to the delight of those who would 
intentionally destroy civilization and mankind's thinking processes. 

In all departments of our activities, thinking, planning, health 
and welfare, our very lives and existence, "You endure the man who 
dominates you and the man who fives at your expense and the man 
who takes from you and the man who exalts himself over you and 
the man who smites you on the face." Through lack of both under- 
standing and the desire to understand compassionately, other mis- 
direction, regulations, controls, and directives of our increasingly 
mechanized civilization remove the right of self-expression — 
natural living — thereby not allowing us to experience those things 
that make life worthwhile. Citizens in all nations of the world within 
the progression of man's civilization, in total disregard of historical 
precepts, cannot think, act, and do for themselves, a privilege 
Nature has so strongly indicated is the path of happiness. 

Nature is not a politically governed body of men and women. 
It is the primary and fundamental ruler of natural laws that governs 
all things on our earth within the world today. The skies, space, and 
the atmosphere demand levels of natural balance. Man's increasing 
advancements in his civilization, more often for the sake of addi- 
tional money and power than any other reason, are leading to 
man's destruction by tampering with Nature's delicate balance. 

A General Consensus ? 

Throughout this maze of self-delusion, confusion, and, often, 
bewilderment, there is heard more of an outcry these past few years. 
tI e is a greater interest and demanding concern of what is 
-ht " and not just because a regulation or procedure exists. Those 
who would consider people as computers are hearing these outcries. 
The scientific community's acceptance in the past of such hazards 

DDT asbestos, radioactivity, vinyl chloride, aerosols, and food 
additives to name a few, has prompted increased scrutiny into 
the wavs and means of scientific judgment. And, in response to 
™ tu dy of hazards of DNA research, Dr. David Baltimore of the 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in speaking of the public's 
interest said . ■ it proves that even complex scientific issues can 
be understood by lay people who devote the necessary time and 

energy to the problem." 

With acknowledgment that government is necessary, that regu- 
lations and directives have to be followed or changed peacefully 
for society to exist, when these man-made controls conflict with 
natural laws, there should be outcries. For if we legislate, mecha- 
nize, and socially control our fives against and away from Nature, 
we will not survive as free men and women, and our survival will 
be as mechanical computers subject to whomever or whatever 
controls our lives. 

Referring to the "scientific community" without qualification is 
a practice of your authors, as well as other writers, and it is not 
the best usage of this term. It's like painting all scientists with the 
same brush, or putting all scientists in the same picture, which is 

The government, industrial scientist falls in one category, 
le can only do what he is told to do, and can only follow pro- 
grams set up and approved for him. He has to limit his research 
within his grant or programmed monies, and can only work with 
what the people develop within the organization. He is frowned 
upon, and his job security is threatened if he goes outside the 
organizational structure of expertise. The independent scientist, 
in another category, is the one who comes up with the new con- 
cepts, as he is not told what he may or may not do, and is not 
limited to the technical breakthroughs and developments of his 
government or corporate structure. 

Throughout history, civilization has progressed from the work 
of the independent scientist. True, it is often that "... a govern- 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

ment or corporate structure must develop into application and use 
what the independent scientist has discovered" (Industrial Re- 
search, editorial, August 1975). The larger the structure, the more 
powerful the procedure, the more opportunities — and the practice 
—of going off in tangents and often spending millions, even billions, 
of dollars, countless hours of work, and the best productive years 
of intelligent and dedicated scientists in fruitless research, discov- 
ery, and application. In these instances, the results, although seem- 
ingly working in an expected area, are false, misleading, and not 
true to basic laws of that science which are overlooked in the 
bureaucratic program of an ideal, scheme, plan, system, or such. 

In the United States, as in other countries, the independent 
scientist is overpowered by the bureaucratic control, rules, pro- 
cedures, and self-centered protective agencies and organizations 
which, although apparently well meaning, tend to practice self- 
preservation against the initiative and progression of better ideas, 
means, and concepts outside their self-perpetuating structures. This 
is bureaucracy at its worst and, if continued in such f orm, as 
history dictates, initiates the fall of any great civilization. 

We are depending more on the large corporate and research 
organizations for new ideas, systems, and products because they 
have large facilities, many experts, and great sums of money. The 
private or semi-private independent researcher, attempting to 
develop new ideas, systems, and products, is not given a fair and 
equal opportunity before the massive structure of these large and 
overpowering systems. History records that, as noted in Gray's 
"Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard," independent scientists 
with great discoveries to aid the good of humanity in their time 
have failed to break through this scientific iron curtain. In truth, 
civilizations have failed where the individual initiative of a country 
has been stifled in competition with the expressed individual initia- 
tive of another country. 

Where large structures and systems become self-perpetuating in 
their own procedural existence, the basic fundamentals of any 
science, or of any concept, must be and are forgotten. In the mad 
rush the organization created becomes the law against the funda- 
mental and basic laws of their existence and their meaning. The 
most difficult decision for any society has always been to look at 
such powerful structures of procedure and organization within 
that society, realize they are incorrect and misleading, and drasti- 

A General Consensus 9 

llv if required, make the changes necessary for the good of their 
le's existence. This is quite evident in science, government and 
borate structures, the energy crisis, the food crisis, unemploy- 
ment, the welfare system, and any other problem area of a large and 

^"Themost important need in the world today for all nations, for 
11 people, is to return to the basic concepts on which free nations 
that foster individual initiative are founded. We need a total re- 
evaluation of existing technology to bring back into focus these 
basic concepts, to assist people instead of complicating 
their lives more and depriving them of their basic 
privileges. A new, overall perspective is required. For ex- 
ample, the search for a cure for cancer has now reached a point in 
proportion that the scientific community is turning from the search 
for a cure to the search for the basic cause of cancer. There are 
"more than 1,500 known or suspected cancer-causing chemicals 
now found in the American workplace and, in addition, another 
one in four workers encounters potentially dangerous pollutants 
ranging from noise and oil mist to known cancer-causing agents 
like asbestos and benzene" (National Institute of Occupational 
Safety and Health, October, 1977), and, as Labor Secretary Ray 
Marshall says, "we are trying to put out a forest fire one tree at a 
time." A comprehensive new policy proposed by the Labor Depart- 
ment would seek to control these known and suspected causes of 
cancer rather than searching for a cure to more than 100 known 
types of cancer. 



In this book we are interested in presenting selected and inno- 
vative ways to improve your health, healing, and happiness. It is 
generally accepted that the stresses of civilization are increasing to 
the detriment of our health, healing, and happiness. Part, if not a 
major preponderance, of our difficulties stems from the apparent 
conflict between the advancement of science in its relation to 
divine natural law. Here, we propose a new methodology in scien- 
tific method for studying the evolution of humanity and the con- 
scious awareness and perception of our existence. We believe that 
by the concerted effort to advance the understanding of natural 
laws, specifically magnetism, more evidence for man's existence — 
his past and his future — will be determined for acceptance than 
from the present accepted theory of evolution. We give the follow- 
ing facts for this hypothesis: 

1. Magnetism has existed on the earth at all times of recorded 
history of man's existence. Indications show when magnetism is 
present at hundreds of gauss energy levels as opposed to very low 
levels of energy, such as the earth's present approximate % of one 
gauss, fife forms existing are radically different. Evidence is sub- 
stantial that in the earth's history wide shifts in the magnetic pole 
radiations, as well as the elimination of any measurable magnetism, 
erases existing life forms. It seems plausible that the presence of 
magnetism is necessary for maintaining life forms, as well as energy 
level differences affecting characteristics of biological systems. 

2. As a result of space-age explorations, it is now known that 
magnetism is prevalent throughout our universe, more significantly 
in existence and motion than formerly imagined. An outstanding 
discovery was the pulses appearing as electromagnetic radiation 
from the planet Jupiter, ranging from X rays to visible fight and 
radio waves, generated by fast-spinning magnetic fields flooding 
the solar system with radiation. And it is now suggested by Russian 
astronomers L. M. Ozemoy and V. V. Usov (New Scientist, 12 


Evolution with Natural Magnetism 11 
iq77 n 331) that quasars, distant celestial objects that re- 
Ma ble stan Shut emit unusually bright blue and ultraviolet light 
SC d powerful radio waves, may be giant magnets. Revolving on 
f n J£ s jjje sun emits electrified particles which shower the 
ltS rth\ atmosphere at speeds of 400 to 600 miles a second, and 
which are drawn to the magnetic poles, assisting the distribution 
f magnetism throughout the earth's envuonment. It is well known 
that electromagnetic radiation bombards our planet from outer 

S ^ 3. Through scientific method magnetism has been shown to 
exist in two separate energy forms, described as negative and 
positive, which are similar to negative and positive energy forms 
apparently existing in all biological systems on this earth. 

4. It is known that external energy forms of magnetism will 
affect the internal energy forms of biological systems, when pro- 
grammed correctly. Negative magnetism will arrest disease and 
infection, and positive magnetism will strengthen life forms. The 
increased understandings of magnetism published by the authors 
indicate that these separate and distinct natural energies of nature 
operate as if they have intelligence. 

5. The predominant factor in man's existence and his being, 
historically, in the present and evidendy in the future, is the devel- 
opment of man's brain and his nervous system, his conscious 
awareness and perception of his being and his environment. Mag- 

J separately and distinctively, with known procedures 
actors, will increase the left and right hemisphere 
of the brain, individually or collectively. Life processes 
speeded up or slowed down. Nervous system structures 
and performances can be dulled or stimulated. For the apparently 
healthy system or the ill, the biological system will indicate its 
own built-in rejection or acceptance of the separate and distinct 
natural energy forms of magnetism. 

6. Energy is life in motion that can change form but, to our 
present knowledge, cannot be destroyed. Magnetism exists in all 
er »ergy forms discovered by mankind and cannot be destroyed, 

though it can change its form or location. 

o j increased knowledge of magnetism and the new discoveries 
• e se P arate and distinct energies, consistently verified with 
cientific methods by independent researchers, show a vast, un- 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

imaginable scope of technology now in present use and planned 
for future generations resting on an unsound basis of natural law. 
This artificial programming away from Nature can only be 
described, if not changed and implemented, in accordance with 
natural law, as some form of mad genius that could inevitably lead 
civilization into an artificially mechanized society from man's 
natural creation and being. It is imperative that more emphasis be 
placed in man's evolution on the importance of magnetism in 
natural living. 

Since a definition of natural would be that which is produced 
or existing in nature, not artificial or manufactured, no better 
example is more obvious than human beings — man, woman, and 
child. When we extend this concept to earth, fire, water, air, and 
lower animal species, acceptance is not difficult. As we have 
progressed in our discoveries of nature, multithousands of parts 
and segments, including elements, have been named and applied 
to our fives. Sciences have been founded and developed, and 
philosophies have been bom, to determine the correlation of human 
beings with that which Nature has revealed, and yet in all our 
knowledge we are still as little children groping in the darkness for 
the truths of our existence and the ways and means of nature. 

What is artificial and what is not? What is the natural life? 
The development of our societies has become so vast and compli- 
cated that answers to these questions confuse and befuddle. We 
have doubts that in our civilization a natural way of living could be 
obtained, or if it is really wise to even attempt such a style of living. 
It is clear, in our societies, that in living a totally natural life-style, 
as we may understand such a means to be, many obstacles we have 
constructed in civilization for our daily living interfere and, in 
fact, threaten our physical existence in society. 

It has been said many times in many ways that the greatest 
thoughts, indeed, the greatest answers to our existence and mean- 
ing cannot be put in the symbols of words and language. Under- 
standing can be more important than words and symbols. 

Science professes to be truth — real, not artificial, described, 
written, conversed with the symbols of letters and speech civiliza- 
tion has devised. Why not symbols for understanding Nature? Can 
we say that symbols as revealed are not natural? We have a para- 
dox incapable of adequate explanation, yet we have to accept sym- 
bols for our daily living. That does not mean we have to believe in 

Evolution with Natural Magnetism 13 

these symbols. We may know within ourselves a better under- 
standing of our conscience, more conducive to health, healing, and 

^In tne limited knowledge thus far revealed to man, the symbols 
used the words and speech expressed, the communication of logic, 
theory, formulae, product, and a way of living, man still grasps 
like a little child in darkness looking for the light. Intuitive belief 
and scientific method, whether singular or together, we have 
accepted as producing advancements in societies. Are science and 
natural life incompatible? If we agree this is true, then are we not 
saying that science and God are separate areas that do not come 
together? How can a scientist, then, believe in God? 

Science says that man evolved from the natural selection of 
species. Is this really a conflict with creativity of the species initiated 
and inspired by a divine power? Let us look at the accepted 
scientific view of man's evolutionary progress through natural 

Does this acceptance stand on its own analysis of scientific 
method? Or is science in this matter just another human activity 
standing for truth but perhaps more speculative than its counter- 
part, intuitive belief? 

We are frankly instructed that man has come from the apes. No 
rationalization can ignore this basic science acceptance. We have, 
therefore, evolved from a simple life form in the seas to apelike 
creatures that have evolved to man; thus man was not created in 
God's image. This has all happened by mutation. And how does 
mutation occur? Remember, we are discussing scientific method 
accepted by the scientific community as a basis for advancing the 
importance of science to mankind. 

Science says that mutations occur by "radioactivity in the en- 
vironment, cosmic rays from space, or randomly by the organism 
itself Accidentally useful mutations provide the working material 
tor biological evolution, which to some extent is controlled by 
natural selection" (Carl Sagan, The Dragons of Eden, Random 
"ouse, Inc., New York, 1977). This basis that is used for relating 
numan evolution to reptilian and mammalian ancestors is not 
•aentihc method. Science knows little about radioactivity and 
srruc rays and, in fact, has only taken these areas into serious 

i9«7 l ration Within &e last thirt y y ears - In fact > if was onl y in 

that pulsars were discovered in space, which stimulated 

^ 4 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

study over the entire range of the electromagnetic «P«*™»- 
"random- and "accidental" do not make for scientific scrutiny since 
there must be consistency in the scientific method. In fact, such 
basis seems more theoretical and speculative than areas of ESP and 
psychic phenomena condemned by many scientists Natural selec- 
tion and the evolution of man from lower animal orms have not 
been scientifically proved by the scientist's own rules of measure- 
ment and are thus rightly entitled "theory of evolution in the little 
more than 100 years of this theory. Studies in the evolution of species 
is certainly worthwhile, as are research findings on the mutations in 
the eggs and sperm cells that determine sexual reproduction. Yet 
where is the scientific method of cause and effect? Today, a reason for 
these biological changes within the biological system is different from 
a few years ago. Can we doubt a new hypothesis will not be offered 
tomorow? We assume too much in our egotism to bring out the 
"truth" by accepting a basis not subject to consistency to further 
assume more "facts." If the basis is false, then the structure 
upon that basis is incorrect, regardless of the symbols used to 
explain these new discoveries. And we can design new instruments 
that work on our new facts, but these instruments are later shown 
not to be designed to correctly determine what exists, works, or is 
within a part, according to still new discoveries. 

We are constantly discovering that our scientific facts need 
new explanations, new insights. In actuality, we were not correct 
in our understanding of these facts. We build mathematical for- 
mulae and then experiment with products of energy explosions, for 
example, involving the basic energy of magnetism, yet not knowing 
that magnetism has two separate and distinct energies, and per- 
haps even more divisible entities. Still, the artificial monsters built 
do work for the purposes intended. That does not mean we under- 
stand the workings, including the detriments to biological life, 
especially when it is now clearly obvious, by scientific method, 
there was more to these "natural" energies than we realized. 

More scientists, in ever-increasing numbers, are speaking out 
on their belief in Creation and in a divine intelligence that initiated 
and now directs our natural existence. It is a fallacy that scientists 
do not believe in God. A real scientist has no choice but to believe 
in a divine, supreme intelligence. Einstein, as have many great 
scientists, expressed this opinion. If you could take a polia «U 
scientists in the United States, it is the authors' view that a decided 

ration with Natural Magnetism 15 

M vnire this opinion, and it would be voiced as belief, 
majority would von Th( f belie f would be shown on faith, and 
not just mere p ^ knowledge of our natural existence from 
it w0 uld also be D -a gRwfag opin . on . s 

ac cum«latea w. ^ q{ evolution in f avor 0 f the creation 
rejecting Darwi AndiewSt Department of Material Science, 

theory, saia • & 

London Univ ^™5>\ d that char i es Darwin made the state- 

l l LTmrlCdTcended from the apes, but Darwin only 
H-nt d a thTsTn his Origin of the Species (1859). In his later book, 
The Relent of Man (1871), and from scientists such as Huxley, 
I Haeckel and E. Dubois, the Darwinian concept now generally 
Lbodtes man descended from the apes, although some educators 
Icf more emphasis on "common origin" as opposed to "descent 

Anthropolgists like Richard Leakey, as well « 
in the research laboratories, are finding more increasing difficulties 
with the Darwinian theory of evolution. Still, textbooks, science 
publications, and national magazines continue to depict, and often 
graphically, the evolution of ape species to the present-day man. 

General views on man's difference from the ape is especially 
noted in his brain size, his skeletal and muscular facilities for walk- 
ing, and in the structure of his jaws and teeth. Also, man possesses 
speech, has the ability to make complicated structures, and has 

l J.I : — XJrvro rpfinPrl fliffpfPnCeS OCCUT 


differences occur 
man and ape 

SUCCtll, l '"J " ■ * y - ~ [ 

more complex social organizations. More refined dil 
in metabolic makeup. The biochemistry makeup of ...... ~- -r- 

are totally different. If man descended from the apes, perhaps his 
glandular fluids and those of the ape should be similar, and man 
then would not have to go to the monkey to remove serum to 
make the Salk vaccine for man. 

You cannot have two species existing together at the same time 
when one supposedly has evolved from the other. The ape would 
not be here today if man evolved from the ape, unless man was an 
ape. The geological discoveries in Eastern Africa of ancient man 
similar to our own beings in the same fossil sites as ape species, 
from which we are supposed to have evolved, indicates we have 
no scientific accuracy of human evolution. 

If scientists have nothing better to do than try to prove man 
came from the ape, then the colleges and universities that pro- 
liferate this doctrine as fact should be closed as a menace to 
society and as destroying man's inborn belief in God and what is 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

morally right and wrong. This is a principal reason why younger 
people today are turning from belief in the Creator, but, to be fair, 
we also have to say that this is a principal reason why increasing 
numbers of young people are rebelling and refusing to become 
slaves of an overburdened bureaucracy bordering on socialism. 
And socialism is the father of fascism and communism, where the 
state becomes the all-powerful ruler within a system that does not 
allow God to exist, in a diabolical plan to enslave the masses. 

Why should man concern himself with his behavior on this 
earth if man comes from the apes and there is no God? The symbol 
— science — means knowledge, and there can be no science when 
the knowledge of that science is false. Intuitively, or by scientific 
method, the theory of evolution is only a theory, and a very bad 
theory. It's like the seven blind men describing an elephant. One 
man grabs the elephant's tail and says, "It is a long, snakelike 
creature"; the second man puts his arms around a leg of the ele- 
phant and says, "It is like a tree and has a great big trunk." The 
third man holds the trunk, saying, "It's a big snake moving up and 
down with a hole in it." The fourth man, holding an ear, says, "It's 
a great big leaf; I can feel it, and it's wide, big, and floppy." The 
fifth man, on the side of the elephant says, "No, you're all wrong, 
this is a big flexible wall that gives when I push in." The sixth man 
gets down on the ground, grabs hold of a hoof, saying, "No, it's 
a log standing on the ground, and I can even feel the roots." And, 
the seventh man reaches up, finds an eye, and says, "It's a big ball 
and it moves." 

From its inception, Darwin's theory of evolution was too hastily 
accepted in science, ignoring existing studies scientifically disprov- 
ing the theory. Actually, the theory of evolution was discussed in 
ancient Greece, and Lamarck (1744-1829) believed characteristics 
were transferred by heredity. What Darwin added to the theory 
was an explanation of natural selection. Sir Charles Lyell, British 
geologist, in 1858, one year before Darwin's Origin of the Species, 
found in a Brixham cave evidence of early man coinciding with his 
supposed ancestors, as had Sir Henry T. de la Beche, in 1832, 
reported in his Geological Manual. Darwin insisted as the basis of 
his theory "the principle of slow but steady change in one direction, 
from one age to another, from one aeon to another . . . favorable 
varieties would tend to be preserved, and unfavorable ones 
destroyed" (Immanuel Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval, Doubleday, 

Evolution with Natural Magnetism 17 
And if Professor Velikovsky's views are correct on catastro- 
h on the earth, including a gigantic catastrophe less than six 

S md years ago, this would be the last dying of natural selection 
J? 5 ,iva] of the fittest. The present scientific acceptance of man's 
ZZ on the Earth is considered 3.3 million to 3.8 million years 
pr th C possibility arguments as long as 250 million years. Darwin 
^dmitted he could not explain the disappearance of horses in pre- 
Columbian America, nor the extinction of the mammoth, an animal 
with every favorable condition for propagation. Science has "given 
i" on Darwin's theory of evolution, although some diehard scien- 
tists cling to their indoctrination: "Our ultimate explanation of 
evolutionarv change may well come from studies of correlated 
environmental and hereditary changes" (Van Nostrand's Scientific 
Encyclopedia, fourth edition, 1968). 

That characteristics of biological life can be transferred geneti- 
cally from generation to generation is not disputed. Although 
genetics is still a young scientific discipline (Abbe Gregor Mendel, 
1822-1884), discoveries in this area of understanding have been 
rapid and increasing within the last few years. The prevalent 
mystery, as well as concern, is the influence of the environment 
on man and biological species. It has become more apparent that 
man, in the use of his own free will, can upset the radiological 
and environmental influences, mutating his evolution from a 
natural course. This belief has become a clear and present danger. 
It is known that chemicals and drugs can horribly mutate human 
beings, that radiation overdoses can kill and maim. It is not given 
to accepted scientific knowledge how environmental radiations 
function in causing genetic changes, nor if such effects can be 
witnessed in one or two generations, a period of time for personal 
observation. In submitting our hypothesis on the effects of natural 
magnetism on biological systems in evolution, we are not suggesting 
a final solution since we realize, although our research has gone 
further into this field of science than perhaps other scientists', that 
much still has to be understood about natural magnetism. 

In our laboratories we have had three-foot chickens that became 
meat eaters and had to be destroyed, rats that acted as if they were 
a s, cats that behaved as rats, and dangerous snakes that became 
as harmless as butterflies. We induced these changes by carefully 
seected fields of magnetism in our research knowledge of the 
e Parate and distinct natural energies of magnetism. We have 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

applied our findings on the natural separate energies of magnetism 
into as many areas of science as time and our energy permit in our 
research, and, as our own worst critics, we find no understandable 
application that does not follow a balance of natural law, unless 
man himself uses his knowledge to upset that balance. There are 
dangers in our hypothesis, as in all discoveries of natural laws, 
since man has not learned to live peacefully with his fellowman, 
enjoying the fruits of his discoveries. We submit our hypothesis 
in the spirit of science with the belief that the secrets of Nature 
belong to God, but that which is revealed belongs to all. We look 
to God's providence that the increased interest and development 
of the separate and distinct natural energies of magnetism will be 
utilized for peace, order, and harmony, and not, through man's 
selfishness and ignorance, hasten his extinction on this earth in 
his violation of natural laws. 

In our belief that science has "given up" on Darwin's theory of 
evolution, it is encouraging to discover that the prestigious and 
authoritative Van NostraruTs Scientific Encyclopedia (fifth edition, 
1976) does not mention Darwin or his book, Origin of the Species, 
under the subsection of Evolution. The earlier edition, published in 
1968, not only mentioned Darwin and the book that established his 
theory, but most of the descriptive material in explaining evolution 
was presented as backup material supporting the theory. Instead, 
the new edition is quite determined to ignore Darwin. There is, 
instead, discussion on the age of the earth in evolution, the im- 
portance of amino acids and fossils in evolution, and this section 
concludes with the following statement on page 989, "The principal, 
reasonably well understood means for causing genetic changes are 
mutants. Mutations are genetic changes which occur suddenly and 
are thereafter heritable. Mutations arise through three general 
mechanisms: (1) chemical modification of performed DNA, such 
as breakage and aberrant reunion of molecules or the changes 
elicited by ultraviolet light, for example; (2) errors in incorporation 
of the purine and pyrinidine basis, or additions and subtractions of 
bases, during DNA replication; and (3) unequal exchange between 
two identical or similar DNA molecules (unequal crossing over') 
during recombination. These chemical changes normally occur with 
low frequency (spontaneous mutations), but the frequency can be 
increased by means of various chemical and physical treatments 
(induced mutations). Even when so induced, the frequency of 

Evolution with Natural Magnetism 19 
. . . i m utants for a particular trail, for example, is low, e.g., 
tant in 10 4 to 10'° bacteria. Thus, any biological evolutionary 
mU u-„„rr}if- about bv the mechanisms of mutation would 

b^carefully analyzed in word usage. 

Reference to "errors in" and unequal exch 

ange" and "would 

» jy-e US ed in relation to existing accepted scientific 

°u M rinns brought about by 

appear to represent a very slow pathway." This statement should 

be care 

aP axmis and do not consider the findings of magnetism's separate 
"nergics upon cells and molecules that perform with mathematical 
exactness when properly utilized. Our previous publications, Mag- 
netism and Its Effects on the Living System (Exposition Press, 
1974) and The Magnetic Effect (Exposition Press, 1975), and U.S. 
Patent No. 3,947,533 and U.S. Patent No. 4,020, 590 show the find- 
ings that are results from the basic genetic changes in cells and 
molecules. Further evidence will be shown in patent pending 
entitled Method of Treating Abnormal Cardiovascular Conditions 
Using Unipolar Magnetic Fields and patent pending entitled 
Method of Using Magnetic Fields to Conduct a Screening Diag- 
nostic Examination. We additionally submit at this time several 
interesting characteristics: 

L Although each kind of gene is different from every other 
gene in its DNA sequence, the primary genetic material for all 
living systems, we find a remarkable similarity in the helical (spiral) 
double-stranded structure of DNA to the joining of negative and 
positive magnetism in the design of a figure eight. 

2. Considering the above significance, we point out that the 
forming of the zygote cells in the human embryo is also in the 
design of the figure eight, similar to the joining of the basic natural 
energies of magnetism. 

3. As the DNA contains the basic genetic material to position 
specific amino acids into sequences for chemical interaction and 
development (amino acids are the building blocks of all biological 
«e), we notice the relation of amino acids in their motion of energy 
re ative to negative and positive natural magnetism. Amino acids 
spm to the left during life and after death spin to the right. Nega- 

ve magnetic energy spins to the left and will assist amino acids 
notf setting disease and increasing alkalines; whereas positive 
atural magnetism spins to the right, assisting acidity. In this pub- 
lication, as in previous publications, we have insisted that our 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

findings show the more important energy in sustaining life forms 
is negative energy, which shows its energy in matter by counter- 
clockwise spin similar to negative natural magnetism. 

4. "Changes elicited by ultraviolet light" are in the known 
spectrum of electromagnetic energies, as are infrared or heat rays, 
solar rays, X rays, gamma rays, and cosmic rays, all showing signifi- 
cance in the alteration of genetic structures. We further submit that 
limitation of the electronmagnetic spectrum does not align with 
other accepted scientific maxims, including the primary maxim 
that atoms act as if they were magnets. If this maxim is correct, and 
we believe more credence is supported by a proper understanding 
of magnetism's separate and distinct natural energies, how can any 
form of energy composed of parts we call atoms not be electromag- 

5. That electricity and magnetism exist together we do not 
dispute. We do dispute, and believe our research findings indicate, 
that magnetic flux, or fields, is not secondary to electricity. Indeed, 
magnetism is a basic energy, in and of itself divisible into entities, 
and will, we believe, be verified as more basic to man's existence 
and being than the energy of electricity. 

6. Mutations can be favorable or unfavorable. They can be 
induced by chemicals, high or low temperatures, radiation (ade- 
quately exampled by the atomic bomb), and cosmic radiation. The 
importance of cosmic rays in our "environment" has played a signifi- 
cant role in the past history of animal evolution and no doubt to 
human evolution. In the explosion that is death to a distant star, 
high energy particles of cosmic rays are thrown billions of miles 
into space. Cosmic rays, similar to radioactivity, can disrupt the 
protective layers around the earth, allowing more ultraviolet rays 
from the sun. This could affect genetic changes and cause muta- 
tions. Cosmic rays entering the atmosphere give rise to various 
interactions. One example is the formation of radiocarbon, found 
in all living matter. Radiocarbon combines with oxygen to form 
carbon dioxide, vegetable matter absorbs carbon dioxide containing 
radiocarbons, animals absorb radiocarbons. When plants and ani- 
mals — living matter— die, the radiocarbon reverts to nitrogen — a 
continual cycle of peace and order in the harmony of Nature where 
the seemingly basic energy is the two separate and distinct natural 
energies of magnetism. 

m with Natural Magnetism 21 

he more specific, cell mutation occurs when the negative 
drops on a healthy cell and the cell mutates, or prolifer- 
voltage of I contro] Cancer cells are examples of mutants. When 
a u CS ' ptfitive magnetic energy of a healthy cell drops on the cell 
f and is not reinforced by nature's radiation and environ- 
tal interactions, or by the living system's own balance of natural 
111611 ies the surface bonding of the weak cell allows mobility to 
enef 11 other normal cells. Our research with magnetism on normal 
and* abnormal cell interactions, previously published, we find to 
be similar to the published work of Dr. Clarence D. Cone, Jr., 
herein Dr Cone's research was limited to the electrical studies of 
cell division Control of Cell Division by the Electrical Voltage of 
the Surface Membrane (American Cancer Society, San Antonio, 
Texas, March, 1970). 

Recently there has been some discussion in the scientific com- 
munity concerning gravity as the maker of planets. This carries the 
implication that gravity is more basic to our understanding the 
universe than understanding magnetism. These discussions about 
gravity do not tell us what gravity is, nor from what source it 
comes. \\V refer the proponents of gravity versus magnetism to 
the following response based on laws of physics verified independ- 
ent ly from our research and, in fact, in world publication: 

1. The North pole energy of magnetism draws and attracts, as 
a volcano-shaped funnel, whether the materials attracted are fluids, 
gases, particles, or as large as oceans and, it would seem, following 
this law of physics, to still larger masses. 

2. Anything having a counterclockwise vortex spin is going to 
attract to it, whether magnet or other source of energy spin in 
nature. This will apply to particles in space, and, as particles are 
collected the mass is increased. 

3. Mass is negative and attracts other positive charges, and 
after billions of years a planet will be formed. 

4. As a planet comes into being an energy field is created 
around this planet, such as earth, and the planet becomes as a 
magnet, as is earth. 

5. The size of the planet equals the square of the mass, which 
15 e q"al to the gravity 

6 - As the mass attracts continually, the energy field created 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

around the mass, protective layers in forms of energy are also 
created. We call these protective layers on earth by different names, 
such as ionosphere, layer A, B, and so on. Each protective layer is 
separated in distance one from the other, all created and resulting 
from the magnetism of the mass. 

7. As protective levels develop, this allows life to function on 
the mass, such as on earth. On a mass such as the moon, life as we 
know it cannot function due to the weak magnetism in that mass 
and its lack of protective shielding. The moon is often referred to 
as a dead planet. If the moon could develop protective shielding 
by increasing its magnetism, then life could flourish on the moon. 

8. Once protective shielding is developed around a mass, this 
allows clouds and atmospheric gases to form. Once you have clouds 
you attract oxygen and hydrogen to make water available in devel- 
oping life systems. We would conclude that gravity is dependent 
on magnetism. 

The difficulty in properly assessing the importance of magnetism 
to genetic and environmental evolution still is apparent in the 
reluctance of the scientific community to understand that mag- 
netism is two separate and distinct energies. Without this under- 
standing, and proper application of the separate energy desired 
for the prescribed function, there can be no repetition of results 
required for verification. This is evident in the classic modern 
works in magnetism of Dr. A. S. Presman, Electromagnetic Fields 
and Life (Plenum Press, N.Y., 1970), and Prof. Madeleine F. 
Barnothy, Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields Vol. 2 (Plenum 
Press, 1969). Although these research publications, as many publi- 
cations on magnetism thereafter as well as authors before Presman 
and Barnothy, showed to the scrutinizing scientist that magnetism 
does affect living systems, many areas of the scientific community 
remain ignorant or refuse to believe this important concept. With 
the discovery of the separate energies of magnetism, where experi- 
ments can now be scientifically reproduced with mathematical 
exactness utilizing the required separate energy, magnetism will 
take its proper place in the structure of matter's basic energies. The 
hypothesis in this chapter is submitted in this hopeful acceleration 
for the better understanding of man— his genetic and environ- 
mental evolution. 



In Los Alamos, New Mexico; at Fermi's $243 million labs of 
Illinois; at Cern in Switzerland; at the European Organization for 
Nuclear Bescarch; and at Argonne National Laboratories, to name 

few where high energy research into the nature of the universe 
* s conducted, we find such terms as "weak interaction," "strong 
interaction," "quarks," "the gauge theory," and so on. These measure- 
ments are studied after protons are raced through extensive paths of 
magnets to perform programmed tests for studies, photographing, 
and charting. Question— without understanding of the separate 
natural energies of magnetism, applied to the construction of these 
expensive theoretical installations, how can any findings from such 
installations be any natural indicator of our natural universe? Yes, 
we are herein stating for the record that findings from these installa- 
tions are leading away from nature's operations. They are too 
theoretical for theory and science. When the basis is incorrect, the 
conclusions are incorrect, regardless of the order that is correlated 
from the misleading findings. We submit that "looking for forces that 
should be there when otherwise it does not make sense" and giving 
names to confusion resulting from incorrect scientific use of basic 
energy do not give a correct understanding of nature. Exploding 
bigger and greater bombs, doing with particles of Nature what has 
not been done before, does not advance man's understanding of 
Nature when the basis of that work is scientifically incorrect. If this 
is an indictment of a particular area of science, then let it be, as 
such scientists may deserve accusations. To apply the understand- 
ing of the universe, this wonderful creation of order, to misleading 
conceptions and theories is not enough for these scientists. They 
go further in theorizing human behavior and existence on these 
misconceptions. A clear and present danger to the nature of man, 
It is • scientists of this caliber who say they "have created." 
torv " Ult ^ C ° mm0n t0 near sucn comments as "created in the labora- 
is ha n almost as misleading are those scientists who claim "man 

oasically an electrical animal." Electricity is not more basic than 



The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

magnetism, nor does a scientist create, since a scientist can only 
discover that which already exists. Such scientists are helping to 
destroy man's understanding of his nature by improper findings 
and adaptations from their artificial playthings. 

Gravity, electricity, the weak force, the strong force, and such, 
cannot be scientifically examined for more understanding of 
Nature and the universe without the acceptance and adoption of 
the separate natural energy of magnetism. Subatomic physics — the 
proton, electron, neutron, smaller atomic particles — is incapable of 
furthering studies for clearer understanding without natural mag- 
netism's separate energies. On and on go these experts, spending 
billions of dollars, and "things" just don't work right, so they have 
to "create" new terms and look for new particles to explain their 
confusion — and they do. Now, we have another name that was 
"created" in the expensive instrumentation of the Sanford Linear 
Accelerator and at Brookhaven Institute where protons were accel- 
erated through, yes, you are correct, magnets, to then collide with 
other particles programmed. And we have a new form of matter 
named "charm." It is now the quark family, the charm family, the 
heavy charm family, the charm quark family, and so on — all mis- 
leading without instrumentation utilizing the separate energies of 
magnetism and the effects of these energies on particle acceleration 
findings. And don't forget anti-charm and naked charm. We can say 
it and not lose our jobs — baloney! 

These particles are not accelerated only through magnets, with- 
out considering the effects of the separate magnetic fields on these 
particles, but bubble chambers with magnets, electromagnets, 
super-cooled magnets, on and on, using magnetism in these experi- 
ments without properly accounting for the separate energy effects 
on any particles or matter in these experiments. 

In 1976, amid 20,000 confused findings, examples were deter- 
mined for science to accept charm particles. Fermi Labs offered 
the first path record of charm. Eurekal What do we really have 
when the basis is incorrect? Now these "high energy physicists," a 
self-describing, optimistic title, look for charm antiproton. Where 
will it all lead? You can be sure it will go on and on, further con- 
fusing man's understanding of the universe, unless there can be a 
reevaluation of magnetism in its natural parts in its relation to 
these findings. But this will probably not occur in the near future 
since such reevaluation would most likely determine that the con- 

The Nature of the Universe 25 
tion of these expensive theoretical installations are not them- 

SelV " C M^bcrs of the electron family are different quarks that make 
■tion to electrons, sixteen entities in combination," and what 
3 ifbTnext 3 As one respected energy physicist, Prof. Murray Gell- 
M nn said The picture appears complicated because we may be 
looking at it in the wrong way." Yes, yes, yes, thank you, Professor 

^Then™we h aV e one thousand powerful magnets in miles of 
particle acceleration in the Fermi Labs at Batavia, Illinois, with 
magnets, electromagnets, super-cooled magnets, and so on. Human 
beings test what they think they know— theoretical and experi- 
mental. "The Fermi ac celerator was completed in 1972 at a cost of 
213 million [dollars] and sprawls across 6,800 acres of prairie" 
(Fortune Magazine, July, 1977, p. 64). If a magnet fails in this 
giant accelerator the magnet is replaced. Why did the magnet fail? 
Why did the separate energies of the magnet fail the operation? If 
we must waste millions of dollars on such instrumentation, let's 
at least go to the heart of the matter. And further, to quote Pro- 
sor Fre\-man. "Nature may have a different way of doing things. 
With all this talk about new theories there is not much understand- 
ing. These weak interaction connections with other actions I still 
cannot believe. It may be more youthful enthusiasm than good 
physics." Yes, Professor Frcyman, we certainly would agree, and 
we would also add there is an clement, pardon us, of self-delusion 
that human beings, as scientists are, will accept their basis of the 
science as correct when they have accepted that prior results are 

Magnetism has been relegated to an inferior position in relation 
to electricity and gravity. As long as this concept exists in the scien- 
tific community, there will be only theories on theories, confusion 
on confusion. Even the black hole concept of decaying stars finds 
an understanding by the application of magnetism's separate, dis- 
™ ener P< s. expansion and compression, heat and cold, clockwise 
out ^° Unterc,ockwis e vortex spins, and so on. So, you scientists 
ere where is your courage to reconsider basic magnetism? 
by thTl i g f ° rCe in the universe is now believed to be answered 
unify" 6 h ° le conce P t Einstein looked for many years for this 
basis mg C ° nce P t and COuld not find it- w e submit that whatever 
ls given to the black hole concept, particles eliminating one 

2g The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

another, particles escaping from black holes, smaller, hotter and 
exploding particles, little black holes, bigger black holes, the power 
of millions of H-bombs— whatever theories form this present study, 
without the proper understanding and adoption of the separate 
energies of nature's own magnetism, this is proceeding further from 
understanding Nature, not closer to our meaning and our being. 

This important particle we call a proton, this symbol to describe 
the irreducible unit of light, is believed to have its secrets revealed 
only by constructing large multimillion dollar structures to acceler- 
ate protons near the speed of light, hurling them at targets, the 
collisions giving still more particles. Can these installations with- 
stand their failure to advance man's knowledge of the nature of the 
universe when an independent scientist in his own self-supporting 
laboratory, without the aid of a giant particle accelerator, discovers 
the nature of the proton, opposing and alike forces in matter? 

When Albert Roy Davis, in 1936, discovered that magnetism 
was not homogeneous but two separate and distinct energies, Dr. 
Yerkes of the Yerkes Laboratory, then at Orange Park, Florida, 
told the young scientist that "it may take your lifetime to convince 
the scientific world of your discovery." Neither Dr. Yerkes nor 
Albert Roy Davis could, in 1936, foresee the vast applications and 
understandings to man and his universe that would result from 
this lifetime of research and development. The same laws of mag- 
netism discovered by Albert Roy Davis apply to the proton, the 
electron, the atom, as a magnet, touching upon all fields of human 
knowledge. Still, it is not unusual to have information available 
to the scientific community that is not well distributed or considered 
in relation to a specific problem. The correlation of available scien- 
tific information is a serious problem. 

Science News (vol. 112, September 24, 1977, p. 196) published, 
as Science News of the Week, a "discovery" entitled Proton Spin 
Surprise. Naturally, and we believe such a word aptly applies here, 
the spin of protons was not a surprise to many thousands of inter- 
ested persons and scientists who have read the book, Magnetism 
and Its Effects on the Living System (Exposition Press, Hicksville, 
New York), first published in 1974. A specific drawing on page 93 
of this publication shows the figure eight, unlike energies joining, 
and sufficient explanation is given for the differences when the 
energies are alike. Yes, the quark theory, and all its ramifications, 
including mathematical formulae, is in serious trouble, and further 
research into the study of spin with natural energies will hasten 

me Nature of the Universe 27 

if is certainly one of the biggest boondoggles in scientific 
its doom it recorded to have expensive particle accelerator instal- 
research ever ^ scientific world which do not account for 
lations throug '• c eneIgies a nd the spin of these energies in 

^ S epara te 5 Consjder aU the computers that have been mis- 
their insta . ^ . jt wi]] take vears t0 unscramble the mess that 
F TS!!c about by again practicing that only the big and biggest 
rt ' - i «. of a bureaucratic system of self-perpetuity could have 
prW lcent answers of mankind. Here we quote the Science 
tic i P us correctly seeing the scientific dilemma: "The quark 
^fl^oi curse, the beau ideal of current particle theory. It 
rjuns 'not onlv the proton but nearly all of the more than 100 
known partic les.' Quark theorists have been quite clever in adjust- 
• r the theory to co\er a number of recent discoveries, some 
expected, some unexpected. There are theorists who see the quark 
theory in serious trouble over these proton spin results, because 
it would have to be the spins of the quarks [particles] that were 
responsible, and quark spins have not taken an important place 
in the theory before now." 

The handwriting has been on the wall for some time, further 
illustrated by A. C. Tain and W. Happer. In their Physical Review 

ters (vol 38, p. 278), they describe two Columbia University 
physicists' discovery that "light beams, that spontaneously split 
into two, repel and attract one another." We trust the reader will 
understand that whatever animal we are discussing, a beam of 
light, a proton, an atom, we are describing the same experience. 
Should we not point out that we have, for over twenty-five years, 
advised the scientific community of this phenomena? This is a 
matter of science, not of ego. 

A proton spins to the right and comes up to another proton; 
if the spins arc alike, they bounce off; unlike spins of two protons 
pass through one another as in a figure eight. They will then com- 
bine and pass through one another without opposition. As they are 
hoth positive, it would be believed they would repel each other. 
B "t if one has polarized clockwise spin, it has taken on a decided 
positive charge, whereas the other proton with a counter clockwise 
s pm has taken on a slightly negative charge— on the outside of the 
proton. The spin is what governs the action of any particle in 
matter and is the correct analysis in identifying the positive or 

WK 6 function of natural energies. 

When you have negative voltage and a lesser negative voltage, 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

the weaker negative voltage becomes positive to the higher nega- 
tive voltage. Electricity is a flowing charge of energy as opposed to 
magnetism, which is a field of energy. You cannot light a lightbulb 
with magnetism; it takes a charged flow of energy — yet magnetism 
is present in that lightbulb. Magnetism will flow around a copper 
wire; electricity will flow around and through the wire. Magnetism 
has a spin effect; electricity has a flow effect, and as all matter is in 
motion, characterized by spin, here is another reason why mag- 
netism is the father of electricity— not the child, which is generally 
accepted in physics. 

Further, in considering the spin of energies — in magnetism 
the positive clockwise energy expands, and the negative counter- 
clockwise energy contracts, constantly occurring in all matter 
everywhere — what does this do to the theorists of the expanding or 
contracting universe? The reasonable assumption would be that 
these theorists are both incorrect in that the universe is expanding 
and contracting simultaneously. 

Generally, the scientific community has completely ignored the 
spin effect of matter, not only in protons, atoms, and quarks, but 
also in regard to magnetic fields. Another example would be the 
Zeeman Effect, incorporated into spectrophotometers, "developed 
by the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory, and among present applica- 
tions, used by Japanese fishermen, the Environmental Protection 
Agency, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers" (Science, 7 Octo- 
ber 1977, p. 39). Magnetism is considered only to polarize, or 
condense, a beam of light. This is like a child playing with a mag- 
net, and applies outside particle acceleration facilities, to name a 
few, in all magnetic analyzing equipment, magnetic resonance 
analysis, spectrographic equipment, the electron microscope, the 
cyclotron, the entire field of physics and related sciences, where 
the supreme command of science has ignored the basic laws, but 
still has the time to chastize, criticize, and ridicule anyone who 
would attempt to show the importance of spin in understanding 
the nature of the universe. 

Do these recent verifications in the importance of spin in matter 
have any effect on the super-structures built that ignore spin in 
expensive and time-consuming playgames with natural energies? 
Look at the record. The Congress of the United States has approved 
the construction on Long Island of a 400 billion electron volt accel- 
erator for high energy research. The accelerator will be con- 

Tlie Nature °f the Universe 29 
d at the Brookhaven National Laboratory at an initial cost 
S fTl83 million. Construction will continue for five years, starting 
O tober 1978- An underground cyclotron, one-third of a mile 
i0 Irameter would fire protons around a ring, guided by super- 
* ducting 'magnets. The protons, fired in opposite directions, 
000 Id collide in a bombardment center, permitting scientists to 
W ° U .«> the properties of subatomic particles at "a level never 
Wore achieved" (New York Times, September 30, 1977). Dr. 
Ronald Ran, associate director for high energy physics at Brook- 
e-en is qu oted as saying, "This means that the high-energy 
hvsics program at Brookhaven, which has been extremely success- 
ful over the last twenty years, will be able to continue to produce 
exciting results. The idea is to understand the relationship among 
the forces of physics in a unified way so that we can understand 
them as a single unit rather than as separate forces. Einstein tried 
for twenty years to understand how to unify the forces of physics 
and was unable to arrive at a satisfactory explanation." Does the 
reader at this point, need any suggestion as to the merits of any 
results' correlated and mathematized from this enormous under- 
taking in the extension of the quark theory, the same basic con- 
struction of this enormous structure, using basic laws, as well as 
experimental results, that have been scientifically verified as mis- 
leading? , , 

It will be a race to see which country spends the most money 
and time searching for new quarks. Will the United States make 
new quarks first? Will Europe make new quarks first? In the Soviet 
Union plans are underway for a machine several times more 
powerful than the upgraded Fermi Lab doubler. Peking has dis- 
cussed a construction program of its own with the director-general 
of CERN. At the German particle physics laboratory DESY, in 
Hamburg, hope is high that Europe will succeed against the Ameri- 
can rivals. The language invented by these high energy researchers 
into the nature of the universe reads like a fairytale, quoting from 
New Scientist (8 September 1977, p. 572), "DESY's electron anm- 
hilator, Doris, can be stretched to reach the new lOCeV sta te ■ 
whereas its American rival, Spear, cannot . . . the only effective 
way to discover the new particle as they were to study the equiva- 
lent J/psi and charm before it . . . push Doris to 8.6 GeV . . . use 
two of the accelerating cavities being built for Petra-Dons sue 
cessor ... the large magnetic detector Pluto. . . • AmenI 



Life processes-your life and your health are affected by air 
ions, too small to be visible without special equipment You have 
read and heard on your radio or television about the use, applica- 
tion and values of negative ions. Exactly what is it they do? Why 
are they so important to your health? What can you do to improve 
their benefit to you? r 

Air ions are electrically charged particles. Very little was known 
about these charged particles in the air we breathe, and which 
man can now make simply and effectively, until the end of the 
nineteenth century. The discovery of their existence, working in- 
dependently, was made by Elster and Geitle of Germany and 
Thomson m England. Soon after the discovery was announced 
biologists researchers, and professional doctors in different areas 
or the medical profession started to research and explore the direct 
possibility that air ions may actually affect or influence biological 
and physiological activity and life processes. The greater part of 
the scientific community affirmed this belief in their research. 

With this historical background of scientific acceptance, we 
find today an indifference to the value of air ions. Many hundreds 
of science papers written by dedicated researchers around the 
world support the value, biologically and medically, of air ions and 
their beneficial effect on mankind, principally, air ions of negative 
electrical charge (negative air ions). Not unlike many other natural 
sciences, today's scientific community chooses to demand more 
and more evidence of any good that can come from anything that 
is natural, without drugs, chemicals, and mechanics. This, we have 
found, is the general scientific response to our work of many years 
m biomagnetics with the effects of the natural energies of mag- 
netism on living systems, although patents have been approved 
and independently verified, and much of our published material 
feTsionair 6 ' 1 ^ by researchers 3001 Policing pro- 

An excellent scientific paper on the effects of air ions was 
written by Drs. Albert Paul Kreuger and Eddie James Reed, 


Negative Ions 31 

"Biological Impact of Small Ions" (Science, vol. 193, 24 September 
1976, pp- 1209-1213). Dr. Kreuger is Emeritus Professor of Bacteri- 
ology, Emeritus Lecturer in Medicine, and Research Biometerolo- 
gist at the Naval Biosciences School of Public Health, University of 
California, Berkeley. Dr. Reed is Research Associate at the School 
of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley. Their article 
stresses the importance of air ions in natural healing and health. 

Natural healing is an art and an important science gaining 
respect and acceptance within many professions, including the 
medical profession. It is no longer just a theory, but a factual 
science, and is demanding continued research and attention. 

Rather than assess the validity of air ions to you, we will, 
instead, present the facts that are the results of practical laboratory 
and life research which, in our opinion, prove the effects on your 
health and welfare. 

Do air ions affect microorganisms? Yes, they do. As example, 
air ions affect, and alter, the serotonin metabolism of mice, small 
creatures that have lungs, a heart, and most of their organs similar 
to man. What is the importance of altering serotonin? It is a 
powerful neurohormone which, when altered, affects the nervous 
system of life forms and, thereby, the entire biological system. Any 
changes in the air you breathe, the atmosphere, the weather, alter 
the value and amounts of these electrically charged particles which 
affect your health and welfare. Atmospheric imbalance of air ions 
generally proceeds by 24 to 48 hours, more or less, dry winds and 
high temperatures, known by names such as "Sharav" in the Near 
East and "Santa Ana Winds" in California. American Indians called 
these dangerous winds "devil winds" or "winds of madness." As 
these winds approach, and during their fervor, there is a buildup 
of positive electrically charged ions (positive ions). This condition 
generally occurs in any area of the world before and during a 
storm or high winds. 

Positive air ions act to stimulate and cause a rise in the emotions 
and general feelings of all biological systems, man and lower 
animals alike. Unrest, uncertainty, confusion, and anger can occur 
during the prevalence of positive air ions in the atmosphere around 
you. You are often affected, cannot understand your differences, 
and, even with understanding, cannot change the altering of your 
conduct as there is also decreased oxygen intake to your system. 

Negative air ions will give you just the opposite feelings. You 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

will feel better and think better with a rested, pleasant state of 
mind. Your anger will be slow to rise. Problems will not seem as 
pressing to you. In this more congenial environment you have a 
restful happiness in mind and body. Where the atmosphere is very 
low in air ions, positive or negative, the effect upon you is similar 
to a heavy concentration of positive air ions. It has been found in 
actual controlled laboratory experiments that the lack of ions affects 
seriously all living systems. 

The difference in having a concentration of positive ions against 
little or no ions is having too much energy of a stimulating effect 
to a situation where energy levels you need for a normal life en- 
vironmental atmosphere have disappeared or have been reduced 
to a level harmful to all forms of biological life. 

Basic and accepted understandings of air ions can be described 
as follows: The body with the lowest ionization potential, what- 
ever body it may be, always results in that body's having a positive 
potential; whereas any body having a high ionization potential 
acts to have a negative air ion potential. 

Ionization of air is not the same as pollutants. This is all forms 
of toxic and nontoxic gases that cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, gas 
motors, smoke, and chemical fumes produce. The most dangerous 
of these toxins are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulphur 
oxides. Under normal and natural conditions of our present environ- 
ment, the air we breathe, about 75 percent nitrogen and 25 percent 
oxygen, contains various amounts of these pollutives with varying 
amounts of ionized air. This is called secondary pollution — toxins 
and gases joining with ionization of air-charged ions and the 
nitrogen and oxygen of our air, producing results harmful to our 
health. Positive ions have an attachment to dust particles more so 
than negations, which _ could explain wty the positive ion con- 
also destroy negatve ions. 

When you wear shoes, they act to insulate you from the earth. 
Placing you aboveground, you can build up a high electrostatic 
charge, making you more susceptible to atmospheric effects. You 
take on a positive electrical charge in relation to the earth, which 
is negative. You may have noticed that dogs and cats, when they 
feel tired or sickly, prostrate themselves on the ground, pressing 
their bodies firmly against the earth. This allows them to receive 
soothing negative energies, to remove positive energy of a low 

Negative Ions 33 

energy body or high positive concentration. The human being is 
no different in this effect. A number of Indian tribes, explorers, and 
other men in history knew that close contact to the earth gave one 
a better feeling. Bismarck, emperor of Germany, used to bear-hug 
a tree to soothe his nerves. Gardening, farming, and working out- 
doors have as much significance to our natural inborn knowledge 
of closeness to the earth as acquiring fresh air and sun. How often 
have many of you, from rest periods in military service, athletics, 
or any strenuous work, relaxed firmly on the earth and afterwards 
felt refreshed, with new vigor and interest in what you had to 
accomplish? And you certainly have heard of, and even medical 
doctors prescribe, the benefits of kicking off the shoes and walking 
on the earth. 

Nature is the great teacher if we understand a little about 
what Nature holds for all of us. We could feel better, live better, 
and think clearer. Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer really had 
the answer, so try it occasionally, and you will find this benefit of 
Nature's healing for your health. 

Clean, fresh air in the countryside is a balance of ions that must 
exist if we are to feel good and be healthy. Negative ions, existing 
many thousands of times higher in clean, fresh air, are your friendly 
ally. The city, a closed office, a home, a store, or an apartment is 
like a closed box with very little negative ions present. People living 
in or near cities, or close to downwinds carrying polluted air, 
wonder why their plants die, look so poorly, and fail to flower. The 
answer is in the fact that the atmosphere has a poor ion balance of 
negative or positive ions, the positive ion concentration is excessive, 
or there has been the combining of ionization with pollutants. 
Opening a window for fresh air doesn't help when the air outside is 
not clean and fresh. Moving from your area is not always possible or 

Humidity and moisture content of air is difficult on persons with 
respiratory problems due to the lack of oxygen in the air, though 
depletion of negative ions may be more significant in causing these 
respiratory problems. Centrally heated and air-conditioned offices and 
apartments also eliminate healthy negative ions, giving a prepon- 
derance of positive ion effect. In an office or apartment complex 
it is not unusual to find variances in offices and apartments where 
you would just feel better by having a location with more negative 
ions available because of the duct and ventilation system. Yet 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

little consideration is given in planning and construction of these 
buildings to aid the existence of negative ions. There are still some 
means you can employ to improve your atmosphere by your indi- 
vidual self-help. 

You can place a large pan of water in every room, even under 
the bed. The water will collect air impurities from the room; the 
air will be more fresh. If you place a pan of water in a room with 
flowers you will see an improvement in the growth of your plants. 
If you are a heavy smoker, or live with a heavy smoker, a wide- 
surface pan of water in the room will absorb smoke odors overnight. 
Refill the pans each day. Overnight, or in a few hours, you will be 
surprised at the difference. Leaving your television set on, with the 
volume down if you are not listening, will help to collect air 
impurities on the screen. You may have noticed that smoke near a 
television will be attracted to the screen. You would be surprised 
by the amount of dirt you can daily wipe from your television 
screen when it has been in use. The term "proton" defines a quantum 
of light energy analogous to the electron. The more protons pro- 
duced in your television set, the more positive ions, as negative 
ions produce very little, if any, light. Thus the darker your TV 
screen, the more negative ions; whereas, the lighter your TV screen, 
the more positive ions produced. The same occurrence applies to 
color television as well as black-and-white emissions. Reliable re- 
search studies conclude you should not watch your television too 
closely. An electrostatic generator, such as the Van de Graaff type, 
is a long rod with a revolving metal ball that collects negative ions 
when in operation. The process involved can be programmed to 
produce enough energy to smash an atom. An ordinary plastic or 
rubber comb can be used as an oversimplification of a Van de 
Graaff generator. Combing your hair with a plastic or rubber 
comb will produce negative ions very healthy for you. This simple 
act of combing produces a tremendous flood of negative ions, 
which could last fifteen minutes to one hour, depending on the 
amount of moisture in the air. The more moisture in the air, the 
less time the negative ions exist. So, if you are not up to your 
usual energy, and you feel somewhat depressed, combing your hair 
can improve your negative ion environment. 

Mercury-vapor lamps, commonly used for street lighting, pro- 
duce a very high concentration of positive ions. There are X ray, 
gamma, and other radiations, some due to mixture of mercury with 

Negative Ions 35 

chemicals in these lamps, all detrimental to biological systems, 
plants growing near these lights grow at night with very little 
flowering. The plants receive no rest period, necessary for all living 
systems in sustaining fife functions. High ultraviolet radiation can 
also be emitted by these lamps, which is very harmful to the eyes 
of living systems. 

While some men and women of the scientific community have 
contributed much to the science of fresh air, others have fought to 
prevent the study and development of pure air devices that could 
aid the average homeowner. During the 1950s, this natural science 
suffered a severe setback when a number of businessmen tried a 
big-dollar income selling air-ion generators. Exaggerated claims 
for better health and curing diseases were advertised, and the 
FDA halted the advertising and manufacture to the public. The 
researchers, scientists who were honest and devoted to proving 
the effectiveness of negative ions for better health, medical use, 
and application, suffered greatly from these exaggerated claims. 
It was also during this period that Dr. Fishbine, president of the 
AMA, condemned any form of magnetic field as useless and unim- 
portant. Again, the FDA cracked the whip, and all such instruments 
were banned. 

Then, colored fights were found by researchers to have bene- 
ficial effects on plants, and to some extent on man. Big business, 
with exaggerated claims, took charge, and the FDA prohibited the 
sale of all instruments generating colored lights. 

Now all this has changed, as scientific proof is becoming strong- 
er for the serious use and application of ion generators, magnetic 
fields, and light generators. 

We hope to show the extent of these values, as well as others, 
now under serious research by men and women of the scientific 

Science is no exception to commercial exploitation by large 
business interests attempting to make money on worthless claims. 
Overshadowing, often destroying, they hinder the honest work of 
dedicated researchers who do not exaggerate their findings. Also, 
today, as in the past, there are a number of scientists who will not 
overlook the opportunity to announce prematurely a product with- 
out sufficient independent testing, not properly controlled, or in 
the hands of the interested business entities. You see evidence ot 
this today in the drug and pharmaceutical industries, with unsafe 

36 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

products on the market because of poor quality controls and insuf- 
ficient testing on human cases. Due to public clamor, such testing 
procedures are now undergoing an overhaul, as well as procedures 
of the FDA and HEW agencies in allowing these products on the 

It would be impossible to mention the research of most, or all, 
in their contributions to the science of air and atmosphere. Scien- 
tists of many countries are now, and have been, involved in this 
line of research. For example, in Russia, the research of the well- 
known scientist Tochijevski and his associates of the Central 
Laboratory for the Study of Aeroionification, Moscow, where after 
long and carefully controlled research experiments, it was discov- 
ered that negative ions will arrest forms of bacteria. Virus, as 
micrococcus pyogenes and staphylococcus, grown in special culture 
dishes, reacted to arrest and control by negative air ions, but not 
to other forms of air such as positive air ions. For other experiments 
concluding these findings on bacterium, a good reference is 
Gergeys Manual of Determinative Bacteriology (1974 edition). 

Here, in our research laboratory, we have confirmed the bene- 
ficial value of negative ions as found by a great number of scientists. 
Air ions do affect your health and happiness. Clean air, negative 
ion air, unpolluted air, is one of man's greatest needs for good and 
normal health. Negative air ions lower the air bacteria and virus 
activity in homes, factories, farms, indoors and outdoors alike. 
Here is a good reason for vacations to the seashore, forest, and 
mountain areas. 

>~ Oxygen consumption by liver tissue is increased when exposed 
to negative ions, and we are aware that oxygen is a natural com- 
batant of biological bacteria and virus. This discovery was made 
by the scientist Lotmar, after extended and careful test experi- 

Also, water treated before intake with negative air ions, the 
treatment only a few minutes in duration, affects and controls 
many forms of bacteria in the water. This is similar to treating 
water with negative magnetic energy. 

There are similar effects from negative and positive air ions 
and what we have found in our research into negative and positive 
magnetic energy. We believe our research, findings, and inde- 
pendent verification of our work prove a broader concept of energy, 
and energy fields, than is used in textbooks and practiced by most 

tfegptto* Ions 37 

of the scientific community. Energy potentials seem to carry the 
character of definite effects, regardless of that form or shape of 
energy in Nature. 

Here, we have no hesitation in restating our previously pub- 
lished conclusion that the most important energy in Nature, re- 
gardless of its type or form, is the negative potential of any and all 
energies. Please do not confuse energies with personality attitudes. 
A positive or negative attitude is not the same as positive and nega- 
tive energies. Much confusion and misleading information is given 
in many books and publications on this misunderstanding. 

Our work shows that the negative energy of Nature is the hfe«-^ 
sustaining energy, the healing energy, the energy in the balance 
with the positive energy of Nature that, when a little more preva- 
lent than positive energy, is the better energy for life forms. 
Positive energy is an energy that promotes life in all forms and 
shapes, but we conclude from our research findings that the posi- 
tive energy must be tempered with the negative energy in control 
for health, healing, and happiness. More detail on the experiments 
and findings for this conclusion are found in our previous books, 
Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, The Magnetic 
Effect, and The Rainbow in Your Hands (Exposition Press, New 
York), and in our later chapter, 'The Art of Magnetic Healing." 
The presence of each energy is of the greatest importance to living 
systems, in a balance of negative energy control, or the use of a 
separate energy for a specific need and application as mentioned 
in our previous publications. It would appear that negative energy 
is the predominant energy control for external environmental con- 
ditions healthful to life forms, as it is for healthful internal control. 

It was through Dr. Kreuger's research in California that the 
discovery was made that serotonin 5-hydroxytryptamine, or 5-HT, 
was affected by negative air ions. The neurohormone is versatile 
and powerful, capable of acting to induce neurovascular endocrinal 
and metabolic effects. Since 5-HT affects, and to some extent con- 
trols, necessary body functions, including those of the brain and 
nervous system, the evidence seems clear that negative ions, or 
positive ions, affect us emotionally, physically, and mentally in 
the way we feel, think, and respond. 

Negative air ions are one of nature's laws of adjustment for 
balance of peace and order in the harmony of nature. Dr. Kreuger 
has opened the door of scientific investigation as to how and why 

^ The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

negative air ions assist the mental, emotional, and physical activity 
of mankind. His research verifies previous theories of many years 
work by a great number of dedicated scientists. .... 

Positive ions will adversely affect your emotions and physical 
behavior giving you a sluggish mind. Negative ions encourage 
clearness of mind and body and are an important balance in nature 
to maintain the best balance in your environment, externally and 

internally. . . 

An example of negative and positive air ions affecting all ot us 
is probably best described by our reaction to drastic changes in the 
weather. Prior to many types of storms, lightning, thunder, build- 
up of clouds, and such, you may have felt dreary, tired, letdown, 
sluggish, perhaps irritable, and oppressed. You could say in justi- 
fication, "This is really not me but those blasted positive ions that 
have built up in this change of weather." Scientific certification 
now gives you this reason, although you should realize that science 
also verifies that, although we would react generally to this con- 
dition, wc would act, individually, in varying degrees, since no two 
human beings have the same distribution of nerve endings or 
branches of blood vessels. Although similar, we are not exact, 
externally or internally, in our individual makeup. 

Shortly after a storm or heavy clouds have cleared, you will 
notice, in varying degrees, how much better you feel, less tired, 
more get-up-and-go feeling, a clearer mind. Negative ions have 
swept into your atmosphere; the air is more clear, and rain has 
washed the air free of many pollutants and impurities. Many of 
you realize what a good feeling you have when it is raining. You 
know it is good for you. Perhaps you didn't know about positive 
and negative ions, but you feel good, so you find yourself and 
others saying, "The crops need this rain"; "This is good for the 
grass." Humidity, pollutants, and other impurities may soon 
change this pleasant atmosphere, but there will be a time long 
enough for the healthy effects on you of air relatively free of 
positive ions. 

Evidently, there is some recent scientific validation that living 
at higher altitudes may lengthen lifespan, according to Dr. Edward 
Mortimer of Case Western Reserve University, in a study recently 
completed on persons living at higher levels in the mountains of 
New Mexico. The study was inconclusive, and there were a num- 
ber of speculations why this could occur, including the fact that 

Negative Ions 39 
n lv men and not women seemed to benefit. It is well known that 
different areas of the world there is a longer lifespan for those 
"Ir.ons including women, living in higher altitudes. Europe, 
CrCth America, and other areas have well publicized this 
occurrence. Whatever the ultimate reason for this benefit, one of 

abundance of negative ions. 

Negative ions and water have an important interrelation which 
we have discussed more thoroughly in our chapter, "Water, Humid- 
ity and Moisture." Generally, where you find water in Nature, you 
find more negative ions if the water is not stagnant but is flowing, 
or from rapids or a waterfall. And there are more negative ions 
among trees and in wood growth than in open fields. In open fields 
on a sunny day there are more negative ions than on a day with 

clouds over the field. , 

There has been much discussion and published material about 
keeping a good balance of ions, considered a level between 1 000 
to 2,000 ions per cubic centimeter," with a "five to four ratio of 
positive ions over negative ions. This is, frankly, not totally 
accurate for better health, healing, and happiness, as the biologi- 
cal system is more agreeable to a balance of negative ions exceeding 
positive ions, which is also more beneficial than maintaining 000 
to 2,000 ions per cubic centimeter. Again, we see the significance 
of the negative energy of Nature, as we have researched and pub- 
lished, to be the more significant energy for animals and human 
systems. As for the amount of negative ion predominance animals 
and humans can absorb before a detrimental limit of concentia- 
tion, neither our research nor that of other responsible researcher 
we have studied shows any possible limits at this ttato,. lW»ugh 
some studies indicate between 10,000 to 20,000 per cubic nch of 
negative ion concentration may be the most beneficial. In fac X he 
higher concentrations have shown excellent research possib, 1 ties 
in not only giving a better feeling and disposition, but to be a 
successful treatment for the future arrest of ailments and d asease^ 
If negative air ions act to combat bacterial and viral disorders 
in animals, this is another indication man would be «mlarij 
affected. In our research laboratory we have duplicated some ot 
these cases reported by Drs. Kreuger and Reed^J.- 
have found from our research that when increased negative _ air ion 
were imposed in the atmosphere of laboratory mice and rats, those 

40 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

animals infected with influenza had their symptoms reduced to 
arrest and control in a short period of time, whereas those labora- 
tory animals with influenza in a predominately positive air ion 
environment did not survive. No other medication or treatment was 
administered to the surviving animals. 

Another researcher of recent note in this field of scientific 
inquiry is Dr. In Su Kim of Korea, who has designed advanced 
technical instrumentation that could aid the medical community 
with suitable and effective negative ion atmospheres. This new and 
novel design was recently granted a U.S. patent. Dr. Kim and his 
engineers have visited our laboratory, and he has acknowledged 
our assistance in overcoming difficulties with his design instru- 
mentation, which generates negative air ions. Dr. Kim has broad- 
ened his research into the effects of air ions on fluids, compounds, 
acids, and alkalines. His instrumentation has been applied on 
human subjects in Seoul, Korea, since 1976. Dr. Kim is a graduate 
of the Carnegie Institute of Medical Technology, Boston, 1967, and 
he served on the staff of the Research Department of Biochemistry, 
McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts. 

One of the interesting facts we have found in our laboratory 
research with tobacco smoke is the difference in positive and nega- 
tive ions. Generally, it is apparent that pipe tobacco smoke pro- 
duces much fewer positive ions, almost negligible, than does 
cigarette smoke. Differences in brands or tobacco used will not 
affect this conclusion. Cigar smoke also produced noticeably fewer 
positive ions than cigarette smoke. 

Air ions are very small particles that can be absorbed rapidly in 
breathing. Air ion generators available to the market do not all 
function similarly. Some of these machines produce heavy ions, 
which take up more space and are not absorbed very well in 
breathing. Heavy ions are not found in air. Ion generators that can 
produce both air ions and heavy ions are most desirable since air 
ions, negative, are more suitable to breathing; whereas heavy ions 
are more suitable for biological treatment. Ions penetrate' more 
at higher frequencies while lower frequencies absorb more ions. 

Although the flow of energy in electricity is from positive to 
negative, and in magnetism circles of eight spinning clockwise or 
counterclockwise, positive to negative, it is found in ions that the 
flow is negative to positive. Regardless of the energy flow in 
Nature, electricity, magnetism, ions, gravitational and atomic energy 

Negative Ions 





2 8 CD CD V 




., 4) 

O « c3 

a 8 


- - « 2 o s > > s 

■■ ■ K ffl B «) n 

D--C M £ A 

p c o> a> a 

A W « 03 W 

& S a 


42 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

forms, they exist in a natural state of balance, expansion and com- 
pression, heat and cold, positive and negative, and where disrupted 
will again seek a balance of peace and order in the harmony of 
Nature. Possibly, different test results published on a number of 
research experiments may show their differences due to the higher 
concentration of positive or negative ions in the environment during 
the testing period, as this control is not often considered in many 
published findings. This is certainly an interesting factor to con- 
sider since negative or positive ions have different effects on 
biological systems. 

Positive and negative air ions, like other forms of positive and 
negative energies, do react on bacterium, virus, and other com- 
plaints. As the majority of researchers have found, high dosages of 
negative air ions are lethal to bacteria and viruses. Positive air ions 
can be effective under controlled facilities to overstimulate bac- 
teria/viruses, thus killing simply by overstimulation, not the best 
method when the problem is in a plant, animal, or human being; 
whereas negative air ions, as other forms of negative energy found 
in Nature, will act on living systems to arrest or control these 
bacteria/viruses. The problem can be eliminated and the living 
system will continue in health, healing, and happiness. Similar, 
although a different form of energy, are the two unlike energies of 
any and all magnets, their North and South poles. The South pole 
energy, positive in nature, with a righthand spin vortex of motion 
in matter, reacts as positive air ions on biological systems. The 
North pole energy, negative in nature, with a lefthand, or counter- 
clockwise, spin vortex of motion in matter, reacts on biological 
systems as does negative air ions. 

The air we breathe and live in, in both work and leisure, plays 
an all-important part in our ability to live our lives in the way 
Nature intended. Since air can carry disease as well as heal or con- 
trol our lives, we should all work toward a greater understanding 
of this part of our natural surroundings. Our health, healing, and 
happiness will depend on our understanding — and proper appli- 
cation—of this natural gift to man which supports his very existence 
on this earth. 



Your health, healing, and happiness are to a large degree, deter- 
mined by the part that water, humidity, and moisture play in your 
life. Water is a God-given gift of Nature which is most important 
for life-support systems. Without water, all life of all forms would 
not exist on this planet. 

Next time you hold a glass of water in your hand, consider it 
as having almost every conceivable value known to mankind. As 
long as history has recorded humanity, investigations into the 
understanding of water have existed, and, regardless of experts 
who say otherwise, much is still not known about "just plain 

Books, scientific treatises, and reports have been written on 
the values and properties of water, how water can and does affect 
your health, from the use of water in preparing foods to the 
ordinary act of using water properly in your personal bathing. 

In our presentation in this chapter we present material that is 
not only new to the reader, not just from other books and informa- 
tion sources, but from our research and experience into under- 
standing this gift of Nature. Water— spring water, tap water, dis- 
tilled water, pure water— is of value to your understanding the 
natural arts and sciences of your existence. Nature made water for 
your use in the matter of its natural state, in the skies, under your 
feet, in the very air you breathe, and as a controlling factor in our 

atmosphere. . 

Water covers more than 73 percent of the earth s surface. It is 
predominant in our body system and that of many biological sys- 
tems, about 70 percent in the human system. The skin of our body 
contains approximately one-third of all our blood, and the major 
component of our blood is water. Approximately 50 to 80 gallons 
of blood circulate through your skin each hour. 

Our atmospheric environment was not created by accident. 
This function exemplifies Nature's plan in balancing the air ana 



The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

atmosphere with the heat of the sun and the coolness of the nights, 
a balance necessary for man and all creatures in order to survive on, 
and under, the surface of the earth, a balancing law of necessity, 
and not simply by chance. 

The scientific community is mainly concerned with the cleanli- 
ness of water, not the basic understanding of water's nature or how 
it can be used properly in the treatment of many disorders. Here 
again is an example of how science has taken a narrow view in 
ignoring the natural and beneficial use in the application of water. 
Instead, we see and hear of the increased use of chemicals and 
additives to water, many of which are harmful to the human system. 

The correct use of water, how natural water may affect animal 
and human complaints, as a method of treatment is known as 
balneology. The term comes from the Grecian-Roman treatment of 
diseases by bathing and other water cures. Balneology is now prac- 
ticed in a number of the world's nations, including Russia, where re- 
search is foremost in this field of science. For example, Soviet and 
European scientists are eliminating chlorine for water purification, 
because chlorine forms chemicals that cause cancer in animals. 
Harmful ozone gas is used to purify for natural drinking water. 
While in the United States, where science travels the road of more 
and more drugs, chemicals, and machines in seeking health, healing, 
and happiness, other nations are moving at a rapid pace into more 
natural applications. Basically, the misunderstanding by the scien- 
tific bureaucracy in the United States of how to use and apply 
natural water has brought the nation to the brink of disaster in the 
living of natural lives. 

In the human system, that part of our system referred to as 
the skin carries one-third of our blood supply, predominantly 
water, and we find a number of natural facts of interest to our 
natural living not generally considered. It could be said, and is so 
considered in some medical areas, that the human skin is the largest 
functional human organ. On the cell theory in science, this would 
have some validity. All humans and animals have this major organ 
in their makeup. 

Your body heat depends on the structure and condition of your 
skin. It is a major carrier of your blood, and it actually breathes. 
Further, it acts to remove body water, poisons, and secretions. 

The term "body odor" is the result, in part, of the breathing out 
of these waste materials by the skin. Think a minute of what you 

Water, Humidity, and Moisture ^ 

are doing when you apply creams, pastes, and sprays to stop per- 
spiration, water, and toxins from leaving the body. You are pre- 
venting a natural occurrence necessary for your existence. The 
better way, if you do need these chemicals, is to seek the bodily 
cause and do something about that. It could mean you may have to 
change your eating habits or you may need internal medical treat- 
ment. True, the human system does compensate to some degree 
for your obstructing this natural function, which can lead to more 
serious difficulties. 

Do skin cancers result from these artificial applications to your 
skin? Yes. Not only have some of the additives shown a link to 
cancer, but consider the fact that you are upsetting the balance of 
natural body functions in the removal of toxins and body waters. 
There is too much concern in societies in using body applications 
than in approaching this matter by natural living, determining and 
solving the problem to lessen these skin applications. 

You can help yourself to feel better, and act to control the 
natural function of your skin, without making the pharmaceutical 
manufacturers wealthier, as you grow poorer in money and health. 
Consider that the term "pharmaceutical" comes from a foreign 
translation meaning "witchcraft," and consider the benefit of your 
bodily function in your skin eliminating materials as intended for 
natural living. Consider there are over 3,000,000 glands in your 
skin assisting the secretion of poisons. Natural living always means 
self-help, so don't blame the advertisers and the manufacturers for 
your dilemma. 

As a result of improper use of water, oils, creams, pastes, salves, 
tonics, powders, and sprays, your skin will age more quickly than 
naturally intended, taking on a dry and parched appearance. Also, 
you should use natural soaps and not apply chemically laden soaps 
to your skin. Many of you, unbeknowing, are allergic to these 
chemical additives, not only in soaps, but in other preparations for 
the skin. Evidence increases continuously that health problems of 
one kind or another are due to a person's sensitivity to chemicals. 

Below and about the surface of your skin are millions of nerve 
endings. They act to signal warmth, cold, stinging, and tickling 
sensations. They send to your brain millions of sense impulses and 
reactions as biological voltages, stimulating areas of your brain. 
Your flow of body energies in the balance of your system, like 
your flow of nerve energy, is affected by chemical preparations 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

with the obstruction of your body's perspiration. The natural water, 
humidity, and moisture of your skin need your self-help in assist- 
ing the balance required for better health, healing, and happiness. 

There are a number of research findings by scientists claiming 
that certain chemicals will assist the development of human ail- 
ments, including skin cancers. Also, sweeteners, food dyes, and 
artificial sugars, many chemicals and substances too numerous to 
discuss here, are announced one after the other, usually from ex- 
periments on mice and rats. We feel there are facts we should 
disclose about these tests, not only for your information, but be- 
cause of the relation of your bodily functions with water, humidity, 
and moisture, in regard to these chemicals and substances. 

These research findings are not confined to United States scien- 
tists, but also scientists in Canada, England, and other countries. 
Basically, it seems apparent from the facts presented that further 
investigations are required for many of their findings. For the most 
part, insofar as we can determine, the findings are based on a very 
high intake or concentration of the pure or diluted chemicals for 
these tests. For example, we find that the weight of the chemical 
usually ranges in dosages to the test animal equal to .02 percent to 
20 percent of the total weight of the animal. If this type of un- 
scientific testing was done on human subjects, we would expect to 
see as a result not only the development of cancer, but also the 
development of blindness, brain damage, loss of voice, and other 
catastrophes, so more common sense is needed in this experimental 
research, as it is needed in all experimental research. 

If you fed a member of your family one of these suspected 
cancer-causing substances equal to .02 percent to 20 percent of 
that person's total weight over the same period of testing time, 
there is no doubt in our minds many disorders would develop. 
Even chemicals and substances considered very safe for human use, 
in limited to medium amounts, containing no toxic materials or 
poisons, will, if continuously fed in these amounts, adversely affect 
bodily functions and even result in death. For example, iron is 
necessary for your natural function. If you took a prescribed iron 
tonic, starting as young as the age of twelve, your system would 
normally accept this chemical, especially the female's system, which 
generally needs more iron than the male's. However, if you were 
to take four to ten times your normal body requirements, you stand 
a good chance of your teeth and gums decaying, as well as other 

Water, Humidity, and Moisture 47 

parts of your system eventually suffering from this overdose. It's 
the same situation as having too much sunlight on your skin. You 
need sunlight to survive. It helps to lower blood pressure and 
cholesterol and gives you a feeling of warmth and well-being. 
However, you can damage your skin by overexposure, and, here 
also, there is considerable scientific evidence to a reasonable degree 
that all these sun lotions on the market really don't protect the skin 
all that much, even when you tan well. 

The Food and Drug Aiiministration (FDA) practices a literal 
interpretation of the law in that any substance that can cause 
cancer in test animals should be banned, regardless of how much 
of the substance would have to be consumed by a human system. 
In support of our position in this matter are some following exam- 
ples brought to attention of a congressional review and publicized 
by Rep. Larry McDonald (D, Ga.), a physician as well as a con- 
gressman. The FDA banned oil of calaums, used in vermouth, the 
FDA later agreeing that "in order to get an amount comparable to 
that which caused effects in rats, a person would have to drink 250 
quarts of vermouth a day." In the outlawing of safrole for soft 
drinks and candy, "A person would have to drink 613 twelve-ounce 
bottles of root beer-flavored soft drink or eat 220 pounds of hard 
candy per day" to equal the effects of safrole on experimental rats. 
On cyclamates as an artificial sweetener, "An adult would have to 
drink from 138 to 552 twelve-ounce bottles of soft drink a day" 
for the concentration that developed cancer in rats. Other require- 
ments on banned substances for humans are "eating 300,000 times 
the average daily diet," and "100,000 times the average daily diet." 

There has been no definite relationship established between 
cancer in rats and cancer in humans. A number of reports are avail- 
able for this conclusion, including research on 1,000 humans by 
Dr. Irving Kessler of Johns Hopkins University. This study showed 
"absolutely no evidence whatsoever that saccharin or cyclamates 
caused bladder or any other kind of human cancer in the amounts 
humans ingest them." Moderation is a rule for health, healing, and 
happiness we stress throughout this book. It is the proper guide 
when research reports are indefinite and misleading and cannot 
be definitive for human behavior. 

Moderation and good common sense should be used in all these 
matters. Remember, we are all a little different from one another. 
Seek your natural state the best you can in your living and main- 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

tain this natural state for health, healing, and happiness. Don't 
let all these unnatural scientific findings upset you. Demand more 
facts before you depart from the natural existence you are main- 
taining. There have been, and will continue to be, scientific reports 
causing great concern which will, in time, find their dusty pocket of 
forgetfulness, if you demand more acceptance to natural bodily 
functions before you adopt the conclusions prescribed. 

With many, if not all, chemicals and substances applied to the 
skin, and those taken internally, water plays the major role in dis- 
solving these materials into the bloodstream. Water is, without 
doubt, the body's principal biochemical communicator. 

The diseases of modem civilization are increasing rapidly. You 
don't simply have influenza anymore, as many new strains now 
exist and these, as other types and number of diseases, are defying 
antibiotic control. A number of foreign and domestic science 
releases indicate that the way we treat our skin may be the reason 
for increased diseases and complaints. We agree and, for your self- 
help, emphasize such in this chapter. 

Normally, we attempt to keep warm in winter or cn cold days, 
and cool on hot or very warm days. In covering or exposing the 
skin, we act to defeat the skin's natural functions to keep the pores 
closed on cold days and open in warm temperatures. Moderation 
is your guide; don't overdress in the winter, or become a nudist in 
the summer. Remember, your skin's primary function is to breathe. 

Water is important in keeping your skin healthy. A shower is 
best, not a hot bath. Cold, hot, or lukewarm water, when used in 
a shower, will scatter minute pressure taps on the skin, vitalizing 
and cleansing the pores. A hot bath loosens necessary body oils, 
draws the pores, and shrinks the skin, and you lose the massage 
effect of showers. Lazy baths are similar to putting your skin 
through a wringer. Cool, or slightly warm, water is best for your 
skin, as well as for washing your hair. 

Elsewhere in this book we discussed the effects of negative an- 
ions on your health and welfare. Negative ions and water have a 
correlation. Water generates negative ions beneficial to your exist- 
ence. A water jet from your shower head acts to produce negative 
ions. Negative ions are also generated near the surface of a water- 
fall. In the country, the forests, and the mountains, there are natural 
falls giving you a restful and peaceful feeling from the environ- 
ment of negative ions. These "forest airs" are produced by your 

Water, Humidity, and Moisture ^ 

shower head. If the water temperature of your shower is lower than 
your body temperature, you will breathe negative ions into your 
system. Shower spray will cover most of your body, allowing the 
skin surface to receive these ions, and the skin will breathe them 
in, perhaps the prime reason you feel refreshed and full of vigor 
after a shower. 

We continually find that Nature's benefits cannot be abused. 
Peace, order, and harmony exist only in moderation with the gifts 
of Nature. Very cold or very hot waters are undesirable; the tem- 
perature should be slightly below body temperature. Excessive 
showers will wash away the protective and natural oils of your 
skin and hair. 

The use of hard water in many parts of the country has resulted 
in much investigation into its benefits for the people. A number 
of researchers and professional medical men have expressed, in 
discussions with us, their beliefs in this use of water. Our studies 
in the natural sciences, as well as published reports, show heart 
ailments are far less in number where hard water is commonly in 

In a report for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 
the findings of the Academy of Sciences indicated "sufficiently com- 
pelling" evidence that hard water may protect against cardiovas- 
cular disease. This report also identified 22 organic compounds out 
of a possible 161 elements and compounds in drinking water as 
known or suspected cancer-causing agents. Chlorinated water, 
consumed by more than 100 million Americans every day, is sus- 
pect as a major contributing cause. Dr. Robert Harris of the EPA 
believes "chlorination probably accounts for 5 to 10 percent of all 
cancer cases." Chlorine can interact with organic matter in water 
to produce a chemical called chloroform which produces cancer, 
and this chemical was found in the water of 80 American cities 
tested by the EPA. Chloroform can be greatly eliminated from 
drinking water by boiling the water two to three minutes or using 
an inexpensive carbon filter that screws to a water faucet. 

Some areas have acted to prohibit the use and sale of water 
softeners for home or medical use based on this possible detriment 
to the heart. Also, chemical mixers in water softeners may cause 
copper water pipes to dissolve slowly. Excess copper in your water 
could be poisonous. 

Although soft water may be more pleasant for drinking pur- 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

poses, and it will give you more soapsuds for your washing machine, 

atoms in water, acting to destroy the natural use and application of 
water. Although soft water does exist in its natural state, for the 
most part man must add chemicals to sotfen water for drinking and 
washing purposes. Much advertising stresses the use of soft water 
as "good for your hands, face, and body, and for your washing 
machine," and you are advised to use special chemicals added to 
soaps and powders, body creams, and lotions for that softness 
desired. This has no adequate basis in natural science for your 
health, healing, and happiness. 

As we have explained, in the need of the skin to be firm, not 
crease and shrink, the use of soft water, and especially with chemi- 
cals, will hasten the aging process. Soft water is desired to produce 
more suds for washing clothes, but softening body tissues is not 
desirable. Weakening of the hydrogen-oxygen molecular bonding in 
water allows excessive water to remain in the pores of the skin, 
eliminating proper breathing by the skin, and having a more per- 
manent effect in destroying natural body oils. 

Beauty aids for the face, hands, and skin, with their numerous 
chemical additives, contribute in softening the skin, affecting 
natural means of breathing and perspiration. Face creams with oils 
and animal fats are prevalent, as well as face powders with chemi- 
cals that dry and parch the skin. Fresh air and hard water are 
better than these creams and powders. Skin that shines is healthy 
skin due to the firmness of natural oils, air, and water. Nature gives 
you a shiny nose and skin to show you are healthy. Before the 
onslaught of chemical advertisers, cornstarch, a natural powder, 
was used to cover a shiny nose, and to avoid dryness in skin and 
hands, Vaseline or petroleum jelly was used. These arc still excel- 
lent items, not generally expensive, that can also be used on the 
scalp to prevent dryness and to give hair a natural luster. 

The use of soft water, usually with chemical additives, now 
enforced by many government agencies, has a seriously detrimental 
effect on your health and welfare. The regulatory bodies are giving 
you what you want to look better. You are sacrificing extended 
health for temporary appearance. We abuse our skin with chemical 
paints, lotions, and creams, as we would paint a building for 
appearance. Our skin is not just a covering but a vital part of our 
functional system. There are thousands of organisms living on the 

Water, Humidity, and Moisture ^ 

surface of your skin that could overcome your body's internal 
defenses if allowed to penetrate within. Adding artificial paints, 
lotions, and creams to these bacteria hosts only complicates more 
interaction problems for your natural living. 

You will spend exorbitant monies to have "water therapies" in 
health clinics now in a number of world nations. Now you know 
how to have this treatment in your own home. Use a shower with 
water slightly lower than body temperature and you will look and 
feel better. Avoid hot baths and sweat rooms, called sauna baths, 
that remove natural oils and act to keep skin pores open. Extremes 
are not desirable, for example, torturing the skin by cold showers 
after hot baths and sauna rooms. 

The mandatory adding of chemicals to your drinking water to 
assist in clearing your water supply of bacteria is, in one sense, the 
practice of medicine by governmental agencies that force upon 
you chemicals dangerous to your health. You can move from these 
cities, towns, and villages, or you can form a citizen's committee 
to join forces against these unnatural methods of altering your 
drinking water. The proper method is to clean up the water from 
pollution and chemicals, to have more natural water by enforcing 
pollution controls, because your health is more valuable than the 
future of some bureaucratic group pressuring the use of artificial 
water against its natural benefits. The U.S. Public Health Service 
studies have shown that two out of three community water supply 
systems are unfit for human beings to drink. 

What is natural water? A definition would be "that which is 
formed from Nature." Yet, water exists in different forms in Nature 
as well as different chemical compositions. Basically, water is H2O, 
two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, with various trace elements 
of minerals and gases. 

Natural water comes from the skies, oceans, mountains, streams, 
and lakes. Oceans cover approximately 73 percent of the earth's 
surface. Heat from oceans causes vaporization of water from sur- 
faces of oceans to form clouds, and when clouds build up to satura- 
tion, water is released and returned as rainwater to earth. As water 
evaporates from oceans, condensation from cooling occurs by con- 
tact with colder bodies of land, such as mountains or cold air 
currents from the polar regions. Rainwater returning to earth has 
been desalinated by steam rising from the ocean's surface. There is 
salt in the ocean but there is no salt in clouds. 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

Pollution in the clouds is caused by man; water is one of the few 
free natural bodies not affected by the usual radiations from outer- 
space. It is the impurities in the atmosphere that pollute the water. 
Water draws impurities, and man-made civilizations furnish the 
impurities, chemical wastes in streams, rivers, and oceans, the 
dumping of raw sewage, oil spills by tankers, insecticide spraying, 
thousands of acres sprayed by airplanes, smokestacks of industrial 
progress, and any kind of impurities. 

At higher elevations, more natural water exists, providing no 
industrial concentration or other dumping waste interfere. It is 
the authors' opinion that aerosol cans, as used on the surface of the 
earth, have no significant effect on the ionosphere shields and pro- 
tective ozone layers above the earth, basically due to the small 
quantities needed to reach these areas from their use on the surface, 
although a United Nations report has estimated that one percent 
of the earth's ozone layer has been destroyed by fluorocarbons. 
Aerosol, freon, other light gases fall in this category. The lightest 
gas known is hydrogen, principally found in water. Quite a differ- 
ence exists between unburned hydrocarbons from the exhausts 
of automobiles and motor vehicles. These gases are heavier 
than air and remain closer to the earth's surface. They influence our 
breathing and our general health. Containing nitrates, carbon 
monoxide gas, and sulfur particles, they also destroy gardens, 
flowers, the fabric of your clothes, and the paint on your homes, 
and are even known to deteriorate women's stockings. Industrial 
smoke and pollution, toxic sprays, insecticides, and unburned hydro- 
carbons affect adversely all animals, plants, vegetation and human 
beings. The more trees, shrubbery, and green foliage, the more 
carbon dioxide absorbed and oxygen released. Without trees, 
plants, and green foliage, it is possible man would not receive 
necessary amounts of oxygen to survive on earth. With increased 
pollution and the destruction of the natural environment, man 
has hastened his own doom in this era of civilization. 

Until man learns to live and work with the natural energies of 
Nature, there will be no survival for man as we know him, and 
civilization, as in the past, will perish from the earth. Under our 
primitive living in civilization we are no better than the small ani- 
mals that run and seek shelter from the environment. Man is not 
surviving on the surface of the earth exposed to the full fury of 
Nature, which is natural to Nature. 

Water, Humidity, and Moisture 53 

It may well be that mankind will have to burrow into the earth, 
even under the oceans, to establish a society protected against the 
environment, allowing mankind to continue on in a stable and 
healthfully controlled environment. In this way man would to a 
much less extent be subjected to the cycles in Nature of prehistoric 
return, to the caveman period, and then a slow return to some 
reasonable form of intelligence, with so little time to advance the 
consciousness of humanity. 

Natural water, that is, pure water, is hydrogen and oxygen with 
no impurities whatsoever. Pure water is not generally sold to the 
public as it immediately can become impure and dangerous by 
exposure. Momentary release of a cap on a container of pure water 
will attract impurities. Laboratories use pure water for research, 
and hospitals inject pure water into human systems that have 
undergone shock reactions. 

Mineral water, another form of natural water, comes from 
deep wells, from limestone, volcanic rock, or just deep ground- 
water, and contains minerals from the depths of the earth, where 
water has been filtered and purified as it flowed through strata of 
the earth. While flowing, this water picks up minerals such as iron, 
aluminum, potassium, magnesium, sulfides, nitrates, and other trace 
elements. Below the surface of the earth are millions of under- 
ground caverns and streams carrying mineral water that normally 
never comes to the surface, but flows into the oceans. Some of 
these flowing waters do surface, forming lakes and streams on the 
earth's surface. Geysers, such as Old Faithful in Yellowstone 
National Park, occur when water reaches a volcanic strata and 
converts to steam. The number of minutes between geyser eniptions 
is dependent on the time required for water reaching volcanic 
strata to be converted into steam. 

Distilled water is boiled water, steam collected and converted 
back to water. This is not natural water. All the minerals and trace 
elements that are required by the average human being or other 
creatures on this earth have been removed. The total intake of dis- 
tilled water is a deprivation. As a result, your body has to produce 
more salt, more iron, more minerals to sustain your life. Distilled 
water is dangerous to your health, healing and happiness. 

As human blood is saline, salt is necessary to supply your blood. 
A totally salt-free diet is unhealthy and very dangerous. It causes 
your body to overwork to produce the salt of which you are de- 

54 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

Driving your system. A minimum of 200 milligrams, one-tenth of a 
teaspoon, of salt a day is required by children and adults. Under 
conditions such as excessive sweating or strenuous labor, just under 
one teaspoon, two grams, or even more could be the daily require- 
ment. Excessive daily use of salt may cause hypertension and high 
blood pressure, leading to heart difficulties. Remember, the saline 
condition of your blood, in many instances, is a deterrent against 
invading viruses and bacteria, salt being poisonous to many viruses 
and bacteria. Your blood demands salt to maintain this lever of 
protection. In our chapter on food and nutrition, we will more 
thoroughly discuss this matter, but you should be warned that 
"no diet is good for everyone," and, to maintain your health, heal- 
ing, and happiness with any form of diet shock treatment to your 
system, professional supervision of your changing system is neces- 
sary to prevent serious illness. 

The amount of water in air determines the humidity. The higher 
the humidity, the less oxygen we breathe and the more sluggish 
and depressed we feel, the same as with a high ozone count. When 
our barometers drop, this is a sign of more water in the air and may 
signal an approaching storm. High humidity is not only depressing 
to human systems, but will form fungus, mold, mildew, and, in 
tropical areas of the world, where it always seems to be steaming, 
it produces a condition known as jungle rot. 

Ozone can be controlled and used in water for purification, but 
ozone in the atmosphere can be dangerous to the biological system. 
Ozone is a hybrid form of oxygen with three molecules instead of 
two, making it unstable. Ozone forms smog, aggravating asthma 
and heart and lung diseases, as well as other breathing difficulties. 
The principal cause of ozone is exhaust gases from motor vehicles 
reacting with nitrogen oxides and sunlight. And it has been esti- 
mated that lead poisoning from gasoline burning causes "up to 
400,000 children to be sick every year, some suffering permanent 
damage and two hundred dying," according to Dr. Morris A. 
Wessel of Yale University Medical School. Dr. Wessel further states 
that "lead accumulates in the blood, softening cerebral tissues and 
massive accumulation of fluid in the brain can bring death." Studies 
on adults are not conclusive, but the indications show serious 
effects, perhaps more deadly on elderly persons. 

It is essential for health, healing, and happiness to keep humid- 
ity in the home no higher than 50 to 60 percent. Persons with 

Water, Humidity, and Moisture 


bronchial and lung ailments and asthma sufferers would be more 
comfortable with a home humidifier. A respected study completed 
by Dr. Gregory Traunor of California, and reported at the Fourth 
International Clean Air Congress in Tokyo, listed the following 
dangers of indoor pollutants: "carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, 
nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide from gas stoves and furnaces; 
carbon monoxide and other substances in cigarette smoke; vinyl- 
chloride and fluorocarbons from aerosol spray cans; and ^organic 
compounds from products used in cleaning and cooking." There 
are obvious means to employ in eliminating these dangers in design 
and ventilation of living quarters, appliances, and personal smoking 
habits. Until this change in life-style occurs, the indoor atmos- 
phere is better protected by safer and more efficient, and less costly, 
negative ion instrumentations and home humidifiers. 

Desert areas, or dry areas where humidity is very low, offer 
conditions of excellent preservation. The bodies of flyers forced 
down in these areas have been found years later in preserved 
form. It would seem that with less moisture in your air, not only 
will you feel better, but you will have an added chance for a 
longer fife on this earth. 

There is much discussion on the pros and cons of fluorination. 
This is the use of highly toxic chemicals, so many parts of concen- 
tration as added to a water body, principally to poison water 
against bacteria and viruses to lower the bacteria count. Fluorides 
in toothpaste have also become a common occurrence. Fluorination 
is similar to prescribing a medication to the area population with- 
out a prescription; therefore, city commissioners and toothpaste 
companies are in a sense practicing medicine without a license. 
This involuntary administering of poison is driving millions of 
Americans to buy distilled and mineral water. 

The answer to fluorination is to simply clean up the water 
without introducing chemicals by eliminating the dumping of 
sewage and chemical wastes. And the American Dental Association 
argues that fluoride prevents cavities. The cause of cavities does 
not require a poisonous tooth paste. It requires a sensible intake of 
sugar to the system and avoiding excessive pastries, candies, sweets, 
and soft drinks. Even a high intake of sugar would not give ditn- 
culty if the teeth were brushed after eating. There are natural 
toothpastes on the market, and perhaps the best is an old and 
valued remedy, baking soda and water. Baking soda contains no 

gg The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

harmful fluorides, acids, or chemicals, and is safer and more natural 
to your health. Baking soda, water, and some salt in a mixture will 
firm up the gums and keep the teeth clean. 

Chlorine is another very important poison used frequently in 
water. Chlorine and fluorides are used in swimming pools and 
drinking water when the introduction of baking soda or ozone gas 
can do the work for a more natural existence. For many years, 
baking soda was used to keep swimming pools clean and clear. 
The vast development of great and powerful chemical interests in 
the United States has brought about this almost mandatory use of 
these two deadly poisons into our lives today, from our toothpaste 
and our drinking water to our swimming pools. 

Drinking water has now entered a new era in the United States. 
A new system implemented by the Environmental Protection 
Agency and the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 gives federal 
jurisdiction over the purity of drinking water and other operational 
matters of 240,000 water systems. Authority is also retained by 
the United States Public Health Service when outbreaks of water- 
borne diseases occur. Since the governmental agencies still favor 
the use of chlorine and fluorides, we should not expect any startling 
new advances from this new bureaucratic implementation. Until 
there is an approach (and implementation) to have our drinking 
water clear and healthy without the need for dangerous additives 
and chemicals, we will continue in this area, losing scientific 
acceptance to other countries more progressive in natural living. It 
is our belief that continued research into the separate energies of 
magnetism may provide the required prescription, and patent appli- 
cations in this area are pending. 



If Samuel Clemens were alive today, he may rightly say that 
everyone is talking about food and nutrition. Then he could go on 
to say that reading several books on the subject could be a repeti- 

In this chapter, in the attempt to bring to you new and provable 
facts we have avoided the constantly increasing act of authors 
reading other books and presenting the same facts in a new book. 
Not that some of our material may have enlightened some previ- 
ous exposition, for in that matter all credit is due, but we are over- 
whelmingly impressed that really nothing new has been written on 
food and nutrition for many years. We present our information, 
which we feel will assist those of you interested in a natural food 
intake and. of equal importance, a balanced intake of the correct 
food for that person's needs. 

A scientist friend had a difficult time with the scientific com- 
munity accepting his views. When his views were facts, he did not 
publish them as theories. Now. his views accepted, there is less 
theorv to discard in computers, and, in reverence to our successful 
friend, we state a fact that eliminates most of the food and nutrition 
books on the market now, in the past, and, we can be sure to com- 
mon behavior, in the near future. That fact is NO FTXFD DIET 

If you retain only one important fact from this chapter, it should 
be that for the most part, if not totally, no two people are exactly 
the same in their need for certain foods, that is, until you have 
yourself in such good condition you won't need nutritional assist- 
ance, and that day and age is not, unfortunately, near the horizon. 
Yonr fingerprints and your footprints are not your only distinct 
and different features; so are your stomach, organs, skin, and cir- 
culatorv and digestive systems. From the dav of your birth you 
are different, as are even identical twins, and your environmental 
living and influences increase the differences. 



The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

Certainly, there are categories, types, and molds for language 
communication in attempting some orderly discourse which are too 
inclined to be accepted as more than guides or formulae. Our 
nerve fibers, the other many connective parts of our system, from 
the interrelation of our electrochemical brain to the wiggling of 
our little toe, are separate and distinct, all to the glory of our func- 
tioning creation operating with the energy of matter that gives our 
existence. It is not wise to follow any advertised or recommended 
diet unless we first discuss it with our nutritional counselor or 
physician, who knows what we need and do not need. 

Health foods are in need today for the person interested in 
increasing or decreasing body weight and to have a pattern of 
health allowing freedom in the choice of required foods. No proper 
nutritionist or physician would tell everyone to follow a certain 
food pattern. Yet many books on the market today state that cer- 
tain foods should or should not be taken into the human system 
without exception. Any proper understanding of one's basic food 
needs should consider the very fundamental needs necessary to 
support the living system for health, healing, and happiness. 

Food alone cannot guarantee good health. Living habits, the 
working and living environment, stresses, fears, and the mental 
state of a person— all affect one's health. You and your environ- 
ment, your life-style, the work you are doing, or, just as important, 
the work you may not be doing, are the outlook and approach for 
proper food and nutritional needs. 

A basic understanding should start at the beginning. What is 
food? It is that raw material taken into the body system of all 
living beings as a source of energy to renew their own structures 
to afford and support their life systems. 

The source of food for man and animals comes from plants, 
vegetables, fruits, roots, herbs, and other animals. The law of sur- 
vival in the seas is similar, as fish not only eat other fish but smaller 
life forms, such as underwater plants, grasses, and microorganisms. 

The largest of the animals on this planet live only in Nature 
on grasses, vines, leaves, and natural growing plant-life products. 
Their systems are designed to chew and properly digest foods 
that were not programmed for man to chew and digest in his 
system for survival. Many animals thrive on high-fiber materials 
man finds difficult or impossible to digest for food consumption. 

food and Nutrition 5Q 

For example, the cow takes her nourishment from green, growing 
grass. Her system provides milk for her young and also man. A 
human being cannot properly digest green grass, nor can a member 
of the cat family. Neither man nor the cat has the ability to digest 
fibrous structure of common or improved grass. The cow has several 
stomachs, not one, as do the cat, the dog, or man. These stomachs 
break down the grass, digest the fibers, and remove the food value 
from the grass for life support. 

Green, growing natural grass is pleasant to observe and has a 
wonderful fragance when cut and standing in the fields. The 
pleasant aroma is the escaping chlorophyll and other vital nutrients 
man has yet to understand properly how to "bottle" for human use. 

Man could starve to death walking, riding, or lying on a beauti- 
ful field of grass, and he has. Man could die of thirst walking 
through grass, which he has. Man cannot digest grass, but he can 
place a handful of grass in his mouth and, by chewing it, receive 
waterlike chlorophyll fluids with the same basic nutrients as water, 
and he could thus survive. Yet man is not as wise in this respect 
as many of the wild animals. Still it is a wonder that the giant 
pharmaceutical firms have not marketed bottled grass since, at the 
beginning of the vitamin products, the stool of a bull was marketed 
as the source of the first vitamin B supplements. Nowadays, with 
rules, regulations, laws and counterlaws, food manufacturing, 
processing, preparing, and packing, natural food is well worn 
before human consumption (such as white flour and white sugar), 
and the animals are just too wise to take the chance of eating as 
man does. 

It is well known that all natural food comes from solar energy. 
Without solar energy we could not have animal or human life, 
plants, vegetables, fruits, roots, or herbs that provide natural- 
growing foods. The sun's solar energy acts in a process called pho- 
tosynthesis, converting sunlight into food; the plant, from this 
energy, provides digestive activity and food for man and animals. 
Without solar energy our environmental atmosphere would not 
furnish the air necessary for man's breathing. This applies equally 
to all animals. Even fish life in the ponds, lakes, oceans, and rivers 
must have oxygen to survive. Water contains dissolved oxygen, 
providing fish and underwater creatures, as well as plants and 
grasses underwater, with this necessary life support. 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

With the aid of solar energy, green leaves, grasses, trees, foliage, 
and vegetation provide nitrogen that is also necessary for all living 
systems on this planet. Small leaves, as well as tiny insects, bugs, 
flies, and larger animals, when they die, as well as decaying logs, 
leaves, and tree branches, act to provide nitrogen in the atmosphere 
and further the growth of plants. The cycle of nature in life and 
death is evident in this process. Even petroleum is natural, a 
natural oil, generally believed to be formed from organic materials, 
such as plants and animals, buried in sedimentary rocks. The air 
we breathe is mostly 74 percent nitrogen and 24 percent oxygen; 
smaller percentages of argon, carbon dioxide, and other gases also 
exist. If the balance to which man is accustomed changes, then 
man must adjust his system to these changes or perish. Substantial 
evidence exists that such has occurred on this planet with manlike 
species, whether we consider recent studies that man has existed 
on the earth over 250 million years, or the more accepted studies of 
man's existence for 3.3 to 3.8 million years. 

We could not have food without sunlight nor could we have 
food without nitrogen. Without green, growing leaves, grass, trees, 
plant, and animal life, our environmental balance, aU from the 
energy of the sun, cannot produce our natural foods. The food 
needed by man and animals must have a source of nitrogen, such 
as proteins. Animals can live on proteins alone, but they cannot 
live on fats and carbohydrates without a supporting nitrogen sup- 

What are some general misconceptions about foods? Let's start 
with potatoes since most persons look upon them as increasing 
body weight. This is not true. There are a number of health reports, 
including respected foreign reports, that involved the testing of 
thousands of persons to determine if potatoes increased weight. 
The results were no increase in weight, and more than usual 
amounts of potatoes were individually consumed. In fact, potatoes 
contain digestive starches that pass through the human system with 
little effort. It is not the potatoes, but what you put on them, that 
makes them, and other foods, a source of increased body weight. 

There will always be some food that is good for the great 
majority of people, but to some this food will be improper to their 
system. Since we are all somewhat different in our biological make- 
up, this is to be expected. Nutritional counseling may be necessary 

Food and Nutrition 


for a proper food substitute that we can enjoy, as well as take the 
place of a food that does not agree with us. Potatoes may not be 
suitable for some, just as eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and water- 
melon are not suitable for others. The list is endless. 

What about tomatoes? It is generally said that when tomatoes 
upset the stomach it is due to their acid content. Well, that is also 
incorrect. It is not the acid in the tomato but the alkaline that 
upsets the stomach. This is due to less digestive acids in the stom- 
ach. The hydrochloric acids that normally digest food are in low 
supply; therefore, any alkaline food, such as tomatoes, would react 
to this imbalance. Anyway, tomatoes are not all that good for us. 
They contain 33 percent undigested starches and sugars and they 
could be fattening. 

If tomatoes upset your stomach, because they are too alkaline 
for your system, you can cure this difficulty by taking diluted 
amounts of prescribed hydrochloric acid as an aid to food digestion 
before or after each meal. Otherwise, not only tomatoes but other 
foods will give you difficulties due to the lack of digestive acids 
in your system. 

Now, let's look at the coin from another angle. If you're getting 
relief checks, perhaps you wouldn't work even if you could. If 
you're taking a part of the human body and adding an outside 
stimulant, then that part of your body may well take the attitude 
of not trying to perform properly since it will be artificially sup- 
ported. This type of support sends a signal to the system to slow 
down. Why work, since we will have outside support? If the system 
can be stimulated to do its proper function without continued 
support, wouldn't this be the better method? 

In our laboratory research, we have increased the flow of 
digestive acids in animals by placing a small South pole end of a 
magnet to the animal's stomach for a half-hour each day. Over a 
relatively short period of time, this positive energy, which is similar 
to the positive energy of the human system, acted to stimulate 
digestive activity. This allowed us to feed alkaline foods to the 
smaller animals, cats, dogs, ourselves, and other volunteers. The 
details of this research are in our former publications, Magnetism 
and Its Effects on the Living System and The Magnetic Effect 
(Exposition Press, Hicksville, New York). A smaller pamphlet, 
The Anatomy of Biomagnetics, on our animal research, is available 

62 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

only from our laboratory in Green Cove Springs, Florida. We are 
not suggesting you use a magnet nor any other method to experi- 
ment on yourself. Our material is available for research purposes 
only. The point we are stressing here is that when a part of your 
system does not function properly you should seek a doctor or 
other professional specialist to advise a natural method and not 
use outside support that will hinder your system from performing 
as it was intended. Consider eating alkaline foods, then high acid 
foods. An allergy to a food means trouble in your system, so, let 
it be a lesson and try to correct the reasons. Poor digestion, gas 
after meals, stomach swelling after meals, stomachaches, headaches, 
and a most common symptom, no interest— no pleasure— in foods' 
indicate you need professional assistance. 

If you were to listen and read seriously all the information pub- 
lished on foods, you would probably have doubts about eating 
anything. This situation, as it has in the past, shortens the lives 
of countless men and women trying to have good health in their 
mature years. It equally applies to befuddling younger persons. 
Many health authorities advise that sugar and salt are bad for you; 
the government advises that you don't need vitamins because your 
daily intake of food is sufficient. These are preposterous statements. 
The responsible professional does not hesitate to recommend vita- 
mins if that is what the system needs. And what about sugar and 

We know that the amount of sugar in your blood is an im- 
portant part of Nature's way of providing energy for your system. 
Unless a medical reason exists, such as diabetes, no person should 
completely remove intake of sugars, honey, or other forms of sweet- 
eners from their diet. A normal, active person with no medical 
problems needs a certain amount of sugar intake each day. 

We have known personally in some forty years of research a 
number of food authorities and authors on natural foods whose 
appearance makes you think they're not long for this earth. Some 
have written books on diets for the relief of cancers and later died 
of cancer themselves. Others, with their special diets healthful for 
everyone, are such a mixed-up group, biologically and otherwise, 
they really need a good spanking to shock some sense into them! 
To take a popular opinion, and write a diet book on that opinion, 
without practical and biological research, is a dangerous concern 

food and Nutrition ^ 

we now have with many food and nutrition publications. Remem- 
ber, the greatest help you can give yourself is to learn what your 
system needs to support your life-style. No two persons have the 
same life-styles and reactions to certain foods. It is therefore almost 
impossible for anyone to advise you completely. Your professional 
consultant does not have the time, even if he has the concern, to 
joiow all about you. Even when you're trying to tell him as much 
as you can remember to help his appraisal, this information is not 
usually complete. 

Just for a minute, take a pencil and paper and write down the 
foods that you really and sincerely know are good and bad for you. 
Be as honest as you can be with yourself, and follow through in 
your eating habits. You definitely will be appreciative of how much 
better you will feel and the energy you will have. 

Natural foods are good for you, just as some artificial foods are 
good for you. Try to become more in tune with your system in 
awareness of the signs your stomach and your system send to your 
brain. It really does happen this way, so try it and find out for 
yourself. You have the ability to know more about yourself than any 
person can tell you. Don't become a mechanical being without 
thought and feeling for yourself, as advertisements and commer- 
cialism threaten in their communications to you. You can listen, 
read, take advice, and do what you really sincerely know is best 
for your system, maintaining peace and order in its biological inter- 
play with your environment, and don't let mistakes one day be an 
excuse for your not doing better the next day. It all comes down 
to self-help, doesn't it? You've got to help yourself, or all the 
advice in the world won't help you. You don't need to be an expert, 
but you can become an expert on yourself, and there's nothing 
wrong with that, as long as you don't go around getting on every- 
one's nerves in the process. 

If you're sincere about helping yourself in diet and nutrition, 
there are a few basic rules you can follow, and which many excel- 
lent professionals will advise. 

1. First, you have to know what you are eating every day, and 
you really don't pay that much attention. Carry a small notebook 
with you and every time you put a peanut, soft drink, glass of water, 
any food or drink into your system, write it down for that day. 

The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

If you do this for a week or longer, there is no way you can avoid, 
if you are sincere, bettering your system by change or supplement 
for balanced food and nutrition. 

2. Take some exercise every day. Walking is the best tonic for 
most persons, different though we are. Some exercise every day is 
a big help, and you can increase the amount according to your 
health; also, it is important to get the proper rest. 

3. Try to work without straining. Let it come naturally, so to 
speak, and have a more pleasant outlook upon your life — an excel- 
lent tonic for diet and nutrition. Forgiveness, tolerance, under- 
standing, love, avoiding association with unpleasant persons, all 
help your system to function scientifically in better working order. 

4. If you can't help yourself to perform as well as you desire, 
then seek professional assistance. 

These four rules will just about cover all the necessary informa- 
tion there is on all the writings about diet and nutrition. 

Now, let's talk about salt, which so many experts say is not 
good for you. Our blood has salt content. Without salt in our blood 
we would all be very sick persons. If we do not take salt into our 
system the fluids in our system must attempt to manufacture our 
salt needs. We are adding a workload to our system, which can 
cause more serious difficulties. A little salt is needed, not a salt- 
free diet, unless we are in that very special class of persons who, 
on medical advice, should not take any salt. 

Some of the same books that recommend no salt advise us to 
drink salty seawater or mineral water, where the salt content is 
high. Let's look at sea salt and saltwater. For example, do you 
want to drink water or eat salt that has the organisms of decayed 
fish and human waste? We would think not, yet this is what you 
are doing in drinking seawater or eating salt from the ocean after 
it has been dried and offered to you. 

When salt is mined from the great salt flats of the world, it has 
for millions of years been in sunlight, dried, and washed with clean 
rainwater. For millions of years, salt has remained free from bac- 
teria. When it is taken from mines deep in the earth, it is 
washed and pressure dried. Would you rather have this 
salt or the salt in the seas? Do you need salt? The cows that provide 
milk need salt; in fact, all animals need salt. Salt also acts as a 
purifier in your system against bacteria and disease. So, if you're 

Food and Nutrition 

still in doubt, talk to your doctor after a physical examination and 
have a discussion about yourself. Salt adds flavor to your foods it 
is a purifier, and the body manufactures it for your blood. Your 
body's glands produce salt for the water in the body and in your 

One of the outstanding authorities in the field of practical 
nutrition is a man who is not satisfied with the many publications 
on food and nutrition. He is a man who does not simply 'look up" 
an answer from a book but will research for a factual answer. We 
have had discussions and personal conferences at our research 
laboratory with this man, Dr. William Ellis, now residing in 
Arlington, Texas. He has provided us with answers to questions 
that have stumped the experts. His research discovered that a 
tomato is not the excess-acid producer it was thought to be, but 
turned the stomach too alkaline, and his research uncovered the 
fact that excess-acid systems are principally due to excess hydro- 
chloric acid, primarily from the body system and not from certain 
suspected foods. 

The "big three" you hear about in food and nutrition, excepting 
cancer discussion, are arthritis, calciums, and iron. Arthritis, a 
leader in human complaints, has a host of advertised drugs and 
other remedies on the market, including, believe it or not, fluid 
injectible "gold." 

In our research we have seen that arthritis of the most common 
type responds so adequately to lemon juice, sugar, and water, that 
it is a wonder this is not bottled as a "newfound drug." This is a 
natural remedy we have personally seen to be very effective. We 
know of many persons who will take twelve lemons, one quart of 
water, and one-quarter pound of sugar, squeeze the juice from the 
lemons, remove seeds and pulp, strain, add the water with sugar or 
brown sugar, but not honey, place in the refrigerator and drink it 
instead of water for two weeks or more, making more as needed. 
These persons then drink one-half as much water, tea, or coffee as 
they normally would drink and, instead, drink plenty of this natural 
lemon remedy. 

Lemon juice is an acid. Arthritis, in many instances, is the build- 
up of calciums, which are alkalines. When natural acids are intro- 
duced into a system having too much alkaline, the acid acts to 
reduce the excess alkalines and the calciums by slowly working 
itself into the joints. In the instance of diabetes, no sugar should 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

be added. According to individual taste, sweeteners may be added. 
Honey is not recommended as it has other vital chemical reagents, 
although honey is otherwise a very wonderful food source. 

There are important differences of opinion in the use of natural 
foods. For example, nearly all natural food adherents insist on 
natural iron from spinach and vegetables. What is so wrong about 
synthetic iron? Do you know that you would have to eat about 50 
pounds of spinach to get 10 milligrams of pure iron into your sys- 
tem, about the amount that would cover the surface of a quarter 
coin? Actually, there is no such thing as synthetic iron. Man does 
not make iron. It is found in nature as iron ore and in plants, leaves, 
and vegetables. Due to insufficient amounts in vegetation, iron is 
reduced from ore by chemical means and added to food. 

In olden days, when natural lemon juice was more frequently 
used — and honey — the pioneers would soak nails in water until 
they developed rust. Then, they would scrape off the red or dark 
iron and mix with their food. This iron oxide allowed more iron 
into the blood than could be consumed in 10 pounds of spinach. 
We do not recommend this method, nor any method to all of you, 
but this was one of the older ways of acquiring iron in the system, 
as most of the iron in spinach and vegetables will pass through the 
system with only about 10 percent of this intake remaining. 

Why do most natural food followers worry about "synthetic" 
iron intake? Any biochemist will tell you that refined iron can be 
more quickly taken into the body system, including your blood, 
than that by consuming 10 to 50 pounds of spinach. 

When we grow older we should become more wise, or do we? 
What we are to a great extent is due to what we eat. Thousands 
of health followers eat raw carrots, raw nuts, raw cabbage, and raw 
this and that, all noncooked foods. There are many health food 
experts that advise this procedure for a more natural and healthful 
life. A younger person's stomach and digestive system can take 
more of this punishment than older persons. 

The more mature we grow, the more care we must have for our 
internal organs, digestion, and the food we eat, but not if we listen 
to the many authorities advising the consumption of raw, non- 
cooked foods. 

Eating raw nuts and any kind of raw vegetables will add to the 
workload of our digestive system, and, as we mature, our digestive 
systems slows down. Eating raw foods will overburden our system, 

Food and Nutrition ^ 

taking years off our life, if half-starving is the way we want to go. 

If you must eat raw nuts, raw this and that, take a lesson from 
the squirrel. A squirrel will chew, and chew, until the raw food is 
almost a paste before swallowing. Nuts, raw vegetables, and other 
noncooked foods are healthy for us, but are we carefully trained 
to properly chew and digest these materials? A tiny fragment of 
a nut, poorly chewed, can lodge in our system, and be harmful to 
our general health as well as our digestion. 

Would a sensible mother feed her young child raw carrots, raw 
bits of cabbage, uncooked foods? The child would not receive 
enough nourishment to grow up strong and well, even with a strong 
stomach. Health, healing, and happiness can be yours in food and 
nutrition if you leave the wild food to the wild creatures of the 
forests. Salads, properly prepared; raw lettuce leaves and finely 
chopped carrots, presteamed, not boiled; olives; sweet peas, pre- 
steamed to soften — natural foods, yes, but prepared with sensibility 
for human beings, not for your favorite rabbit or squirrel. You will 
then look healthy, act healthy, and be healthy. One nutrition expert 
has likened the authors who suggest natural foods — which are not 
natural to the human system— as best defined by "taking the first 
three letters of the word nutrition and simply adding the letter 
S . . . these wild and wooly nature born writers would not have 
the strength to write such garbage if they followed their own 

Here is the best one: Thou shalt not eat meat! Human beings 
were designed biologically and chemically to eat meat. Meat has 
the basic needed nutrition all men, women, and children should 
have in their diet. If you just won't eat meat, then have your nutri- 
tion counselor recommend a substitute. 

Most of the meat you purchase at your local store comes from 
cattle, cows, beef, pigs, chickens, and turkeys that are fed with 
super growth hormones to speed up their growth. A number of 
these hormones have produced cancer in animal tests. If this is a 
danger to your health, you can be sure it will not soon be eliminated 
with the multimillion dollar crash programs for producing foods. 

Florida, where the authors live, has the highest rising rate 
of cancer cases in the United States. Reasons may well be feed 
enforced with chemicals to produce more food, the water, and 
the weather. Florida's milk-producing cattle, the condition of the 
dairies and packing houses, and increases in the use of fertilizers 

gg The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

in hot, humid weather at low altitudes of elevation are considera- 
tions. Combine these factors with the influx of older citizens into 
the state. When a person spends most of his or her life in a cool 
and less humid climate, then moves to a hot, wet, damp, low 
altitude climate, is there any wonder why aging hastens or cancer 
is evident? Heat is disorder and cold is order, as biologists and 
biochemists will tell you. Consider well the effect on your health 
before moving to Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, or Louisiana from 
a cooler, less erratic climate. While "northerners'* come south, the 
"southerners" are looking for their mountain home. 

Health, healing, and happiness are yours for the asking if you 
use your common sense in acquiring nourishment and stay away 
from the big, money-making fads. Why do you have to eat your 
meals according to the clock — 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., 12:00 noon 
to 1:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.? Try to arrange your eating 
habits the best you can with family, job, and life-style so that you 
can have your meals when you feel hungry, not because it's "time" 
for food. Don't live to eat food — eat food to live. Look within 
yourself and you will find your system helping you to decide what 
you can and cannot eat. Moderation is always sensible with any 
foods, and you can enjoy nourishment. The human system wel- 
comes nourishment for replenishing energy. You need consultation 
if you cannot adapt yourself to enjoy nourishment. 

During our many years in studying the natural life and in 
working with animals, there is no doubt in our opinion that human 
beings can learn about their own food and nutrition by observing 
how the animals handle their food. The little monkey will take a 
fresh ear of com or a grape, and before placing the corn in his 
mouth, he will bite off the end of a corn kernel, suck out the corn 
meat, and throw the kernel away. He knows that the covering of 
a single kernel of corn will not digest easily. He will not eat the 
skin of a grape, but will remove it and the seed and eat only the 
meat within the grape. When he eats worms or insects, he will 
remove parts to acquire only the meat. You may be surprised to 
learn that earthworms and other insects are gaining popularity for 
human consumption as the earthworm, especially, is very high in 
protein content. 

We, as human beings, have not given proper attention to 
knowledge we can obtain from animals to assist our own life-style. 
We seem surprised when the studies now frequently published 

food and Nutrition 


show different kinds of animals are not only more intelligent than 
we formerly considered but they are also capable of learning more 
human attributes than we had believed. 

The skin on grapes and their seeds do not digest well in human 
stomachs, nor does the skin on corn, beans, fruits, or most other 
vegetables, and we must also include the skin of many, if not all, 
of the meats we consume daily. Yes, you should seriously consider 
removing the skin of chickens, wild birds, fowl, turkeys, in fact, the 
skin of any animal before eating the meat. 

Another habit man has developed is eating certain inner organs 
of animals, including livers and kidneys, and eyes, ears, and tongues. 
It is highly suspect, if not substantiated by test reports you might 
accept, that these parts of animals, although subjected to various 
cooking methods, still carry organisms and chemicals in their basic 
protein fluids. If this is true, we have more reason to suspect the 
developing in humans, from the animal parts, diseases that we 
dread, as well as ailments to which we are unaccustomed. When 
eating meat, it is the inner food of the meat substance that is most 
nourishing, and not the skin or organ parts. In the same manner, it 
is better for you to consume the inner flesh of fruits and vegetables. 

You would not think of eating scales from the outside of a fish, 
and, perhaps, as is practiced in some cultures, you would not leave 
the head of a fish intact to cook and consume for your nourishment. 
The head of a fish, if not cooked very carefully, very professionally, 
has segments not fit for human consumption and could also act to 
affect adversely the other meat of the fish. 

You are an individual, scientifically, biologically, and in many 
other ways beneficial to your health. There can be certain rules 
to follow for your health, healing, and happiness in food and 
nutrition. How effective you will be in nourishing your food re- 
plenishment for better living depends upon how well you discover 
—and conscientiously apply— that which you leam about your 
individual self. 



There are unseen dangers surrounding you in your modern 
home which have alarmed the Russian scientists, yet have little or 
no effect on scientists in our own country. We depend upon pro- 
fessed scientific persons for guidance and information on the 
dangers of new electronic gadgets and kitchen tools in our homes 
today, as we depend upon care and caution from our scientific 
leaders in the construction and safeguards of large energy installa- 
tions. Due to a lack of understanding in applying basic laws of 
physics and Nature, such guidance, information, care, and caution 
are not adequate for our health. 

We have few scientists in our nation today who have the knowl- 
edge or the background to appraise the dangers of home appliances 
and food preparing equipment that is flooding the American market 
by modern, high-pressure sales, advertising, and distribution or- 

In the higher energy installations already constructed, and in those 
projects planned and underway, information about safety for citi- 
zens is vague, confusing, and often incorrect. Arrogance and down- 
right ignorance are persistent in conjunction with sincere, dedi- 
cated men, whose typical problem results from, "If it's not in the 
book, it's no good." What book said it, what expert told you, what 
college or university is the rule rather than the proper criteria — 
does it work better in science and is it more beneficial to the well- 
being of the citizen? 


Possibly the most dangerous of the new kitchen wonders are 
the microwave ovens. They are deadly if not operated properly. 
This information is usually in very small type in the manufacturer's 
instruction sheet, if you can find it. 

Government experts are busy writing new laws on everything 


Living with Radiation Dangers ^ 

governing your life— what you eat and drink, what you wear, and 
what chemicals and drugs you can use— rules and regulations so 
numerous that many are forgotten after they are established. The 
American system is becoming more similar to the French govern- 
ment administration basically adopted from the Napoleonic Code, 
where responsibility cannot be fixed on an individual in govern- 
ment. Where are these government experts, these wonders of our 
modern age? Spokesmen are profusely available, but who are the 
parties responsible for these rules and regulations? 

If you write to a government-sponsored scientific organization, 
you may receive the following answer, "We can't tell you who they 
are as they are the government's brain bank." All we can say to the 
responses we have received from our inquiries is it would appear 
our brain bank is bankrupt. The brain bank has lost something; 
maybe it never had it in the first place. What it is, we don't know, 
and we doubt if the government is about to tell us if they know. 
This secrecy in preserving sources of scientific rules and regulations 
enacted by administration agencies and our Congress is not unique 
to government. It also exists in the large electronic and drug in- 
terests that daily affect your safety and welfare. 

The Soviet Union has issued a number of reports on the dangers 
of microwaves to human health and welfare. The Soviet Union 
knows so much about microwaves that diey are used in that nation's 
cold war against American embassies, and American scientists are 
still confused on tins scientific application by the Russians. Russian 
scientific reports indicate safety standards of microwaves many 
times lower than is allowed by the American brain bank for per- 
missible radiations from microwaves. 

In our book, Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System 
(Exposition Press, 1974), we attempted to call to the attention of 
those responsible for the welfare of our people the dangers of 
pulsing electromagnetic energies. We have published the danger 
existing, not only in the range of frequencies by pulsing electro- 
magnetic waves, such as in a microwave oven, but also in the trans- 
mission of pulsing electromagnetic waves and resulting energies. 
Our advice has not been heeded, and the giant electronic interests 
are having a field day at your possible expense. 

New investigations into microwaves have been initiated by our 
government Some results are published but the investigations are 
continuing. The findings reported, and future findings to be re- 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

ported, are predictable to anyone who follows these government- 
funded research undertakings. As with the reports on saccharin 
and other sweeteners, published results on microwave hazards in- 
dicate that if you radiate enough microwaves down the throats of 
rats and mice they will show first-generation effects, but if the 
research is conducted properly, there will appear mutations of 
organic organs and genetic patterns in the second, third, and fur- 
ther generations from these test animals. Since the researchers are 
using the old book-worn theories as basic science law for their 
investigations, they will not be as successful as they could be if 
our published discoveries were applied to their research. Also, 
rodents, rats, mice, rabbits, cats, and dogs are NOT human beings. 
The results of overexposure to these dangerous electromagnetic 
energies will more readily "appear" in further generations of human 
beings. Dangerous effects will show in the first generation if basic 
laws of physics and nature are followed, knowing specific symp- 
toms to observe. This does not seem to be the present government 

Considering the lack of knowledge of our scientific brain bank, 
the advertising and pressure power of the industrial giants and 
manufacturing interests, and the current safety standards — far too 
high — of the environmental protective agencies, we have a responsi- 
bility to you. We suggest you simply not buy any microwave 
gadget, supersonic mixer, or other product we have continually 
warned the public and scientific community against through in- 
formation in our publications. If you must purchase these products, 
then we suggest you use them with the utmost caution. 

Any food mixer, food fluid extractor, juicer, or juice extractor 
which has its electric motor against, on top, or directly underneath 
the food will transmit powerful alternating and electromagnetic 
pulsing energy into and through the juices, fluids, and foods. This 
will neutralize some of the nutrients in these materials, because 
alternating currents and voltages help to dissolve many of the food 
constants and values. Further, these alternating energies act to 
change food, fluids, vegetable and fruit juices, as well as chopped, 
grated, and blended foods. The changes in materials will continue 
after the equipment is shut off, and the materials are placed in the 
refrigerator, cooler, or storage container. 

Consider that over one hundred years ago the eminent scientist 
Faraday established guidelines for lines of force in energy research. 

Living with Radiation Dangers 73 

From his theory, which has been proved incorrect, most, if not all 
of our present mathematics and accepted science understandings 
on frequencies, vibrations, and waves of energy have evolved. You 

can make kitchen items that do an intended job, you can build 
engines that perform magnificently, and you can explode bigger 
and more devastating bombs. This does not mean you understand 
the science of what you are doing. 

The ever-apparent fault in government research, as in the re- 
search of the large manufacturing and electronic interests, is the 
lack of understanding in basic fundamental research. We have seen 
this expressed many times from the problems we are asked to solve 
by some of these powerful interests. The laws and regulations 
enacted by our Congress and government administrative agencies 
are also evidence of this lack of comprehension. We still feel that 
the basic ignorance in a number of these difficulties is that of not 
properly understanding and applying the separate and distinct 

In the use of kitchen apparatus there seems 
to be no apparent concern about nor basic understanding of the 
radiations from simple motors used for these devices. 

The environmental guidelines of the government agencies are 
incorrect and misleading in showing a lack of understanding about 
electromagnetic energies. In respect to the importance of electro- 
magnetic energies for military and scientific competence between 
nations, as well as the general welfare of citizens in their environ- 
ments, the treatises published by U.S. agencies are frightening in 
their absence of basic scientific facts. 

Special reference is here made for explanatory purposes to EPA 
publication 520/2-76-008, entitled An Examination of Electric Fields 
Under EHV Overhead Power Transmission Lines, April 1977; the 
publication by the Office of Radiation Programs, U.S. Environ- 
mental Agency, ORP/EAD-77-2, entitled An Investigation of 
Broadcast Intensities at Mount Wilson, California, April 1977; 
and Environmental Health Perspectives, vol. 20, p. 143, October 
1977. Magnetic flux (energy) from a kitchen mixer, near the handle, 
is given at 2 gauss, and from an electric drill, near the handle, at 
1 gauss. This information is, frankly, ridiculous. 

Our research indicates 300 to 500 alternating (AC) gauss for 
these mentioned items, including radio frequency waves, which 
the Environmental Protection Agency does not claim. The radio 

; energy of 60 cycles per second 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

(CPS) up to 150,000,000 CPS, or more. The Environmental Pro- 
tection Agency does not know, or will not acknowledge, these 
facts. Scientific studies in foreign countries verifying these dangers 
are ignored, such as the findings from pulsating generators on 
factory workers published by the Institute of Industrial Hygiene 
and Occupational Disease, Praha, Srobarova, Czechoslovakia, men- 
tioned in Science News (vol. 96, October 4, 1969). 

High AC magnetic energy and radio frequency waves pass 
directly through the body of the electric drill operator and, over a 
prolonged period of time, will cause serious bacteriological changes. 
It is misleading and dangerous for the consumer to believe such 
small amounts of energy come from these well-used appliances. 
What is the problem in the government not identifying these 
potential hazards? We submit the following hypotheses: 

1. They are not distinguishing between DC and AC as their 
measurements indicate DC readings, whereas the AC radiations 
are the most dangerous. 

a. An electric drill was placed against the stomach of a 
laboratory rat for 30 minutes once a day for 30 days. After the 
death of the rat, examination showed the prostate gland had 
dissolved, and this was only one of the effects from the deadly 
AC radiation of an electric drill. The hand of a human being 
would not have the energy saturation to the degree of the 
laboratory rat, but such a simple experiment as described does 
show the danger to human beings. 

2. The charts and written information of the EPA do not reflect 
the vast range of effects from radio frequency energy nor AC 
pulsing electromagnetic energy present from the operation of such 

3. The government agencies have ignored other foreign work 
in the field that establishes the danger of these energies, such as 
the Institute in Czechoslovakia. 

4. Possibly the instruments used to measure these energies are 
not the proper instruments to measure dangerous energy emana- 
tions. The testing instruments that should be used are static field 
analysis equipment and radio frequency detection equipment that 
operate within the radio frequency range, as opposed to instruments 
for the detection of atomic radiations. 

Living with Radiation Dangers ^ 

5. There is a lack of understanding about applying the divisible 
energies of magnetism, in relation to other energy forms. 

We suggest that the government agencies reconsider their find- 
ings and investigate more thoroughly the dangerous effects of 
pulsing AC electromagnetic energies, including high frequency 
radio waves, on human beings, and in our society such waves are 
not confined to electric drills and kitchen mixers. 

The food disposal unit in your kitchen is physically dangerous. 
Caution is necessary to avoid mutilation of the fingers, especially 
of children, or injury from flying particles ejected in operation. The 
greater danger is the AC, alternating current, radiation pulsing 
more energy than your food mixer. Can your food disposal unit 
affect foods placed near the unit when in operation? You should 
not have foods you will consume on a shelf or working table near 
the food disposal unit. The pulsing electromagnetic energies gen- 
erated by the unit travel unseen in electromagnetic wave vibrations 
in space and could damage or alter the values of these foods. 

When any food has been juiced, squeezed, pressed, blended, or 
fluid extracted, the nutritional value is less than if left intact. 
Nutrients of foods are held in the fibrous cells of vegetables and 
fruits protected by their natural composition. When air reaches 
these inside fibers, decomposition is hastened. The longer such 
foods are exposed to air, the less nutrient value remains. An ex- 
ample of such a natural food would be wheat grass juice. The 
tender young wheat grass shoots are full of natural nourishment, 
but as soon as they are pressed or blended to extract their healthful 
juice the air reaches the fluids and loss of nutrient value occurs. 
Add this to the loss of nutrient experienced with the pulsing alter- 
nating energies of a food blender motor and you have aggravated 

When you select an electrically powered juicer or blender, try 
to find one with the motor to the side, away from the food bowl or 

the foods or fluids into after extracting or blending. Do not delay 
in placing the finished materials into a refrigerator or cooling 
device. The heat in the foods caused by the pulsing energies should 
not be allowed to remain while hastening decomposition. It is far 
safer in our opinion to use hand-press methods, hand-operated 

7 6 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

blenders and juicers, without adding heat and pulsing electro- 
magnetic energies to your foods for this type of food preparation. 

Use your own common sense in opposition to the experts who 
say AC energies are too low in these kitchen apparatus to cause 
difficulties. The experts also say that microwave levels are too low 
for danger, and they go on investigating, applying laws of physics 
proved inaccurate. 

Another area of importance for your well-being in your kitchen 
has to do with your lighting system. Our research into the effects of 
light on animals, human beings, and their natural environment is 
still continuing, although it started with our research into mag- 
netism many years ago. Dr. John Ott is perhaps more responsible 
than any man for the public awareness literature on how different 
colors and lighting systems affect your health. His book, Health 
and Light ( Devin-Adair, 1973), has wide circulation in subsequent 
paperback editions. In our communications with Dr. Ott, as with 
other scientists, our findings in this research have been supported. 

Fluorescent lights radiate many forms of energies, including 
ultraviolet radiations, X-ray forms and AC electromagnetic ener- 
gies. When these types are ignited, the gas flows, producing AC 
voltages and currents. Dr. Ott found, as we had discovered, that 
weak X rays and ultraviolet rays are generated by these white, 
daylight, or tonelight fluorescent lamps. We recommend NO fluor- 
escent lamps in your kitchen where you prepare your foods since 
the possibility is strong that they adversely affect your foods. Also, 
if you work tinder these types of radiating lamps, indications are 
that they affect your physical well-being, tending to cause depressed 

Of interest in our research are our findings on the effects ot 
color in light on biological life. Here, you can apply common sense for 
your health by considering how colors affect growing plants, which 
are biological living systems. Red fights promote growth; green lights 
slow and retard growth. Yellows and blues are moderators. In this 
sense moderate means the plants do not grow as well as in pink 
light, red light, or natural sunlight. Dr. Ott and other researchers 
believe from their findings that persons working under pink or red 
light will be overly sensitive and less composed, while incandescent 
white light will lessen these reactions in human beings. 

We find a comparison between red light and the South pole 
energy of a magnet. In fact, it has become our laboratory policy 

Living with Radiation Dangers ^ 

in identifying magnets to paint South poles of magnets with red 
paint. In a similar comparison we paint North poles of laboratory 
magnets with green paint. The South pole of a magnet will pro- 
mote seed or plant growth, while the North pole magnetic energy 
will arrest growth. There are notable exceptions in our agricultural 
research; most notable is corn, which responds stronger in growth 
to the North magnetic energies in the treatment of seeds with 
separate magnetic energies. Our patent granted on this process by 
the U.S. Patent Office, and now filed and accepted in many foreign 
countries, has this exception in our new method of using separate 
magnetic energies to promote agricultural yield and nutrient 

Other exceptions, including the growing of certain flowering 
plants, we believe may be due to the historical environmental and 
genetic beginning of the plant. For example, our research would 
indicate that corn was once a product produced below the surface 
of the earth, such as peanuts are today. We have emphasized 
throughout our research on biological systems that human beings, 
as well as plants and animal life, although similar in form, are each 
indivisibly different. The conclusion remains that what affects 
plants and natural growing life does affect human beings, their 
emotions, and their physical well-being. 

Allow nature to aid you in your kitchen by placing a small, 
growing plant in your kitchen area. The plant can be a natural 
alarm system in warning you of improper lighting, air, or danger- 
ous energies for the woman who spends most of her time in the 
kitchen area. In the child's room, or with the man or woman in the 
office, use a growing plant to warn of impending danger. 

If indoor plants take on an unhealthy appearance, and it is not 
the result of too much or too little fertilizer and water, there is a 
reason that could affect your health. Your growing plants and vege- 
tables, outside as well as within your home, should be a guide for 
more healthful living. The food you consume, in one manner or 
another, is the result of growing, natural vegetation, plants, fruits, 
vines, trees, bushes, and herbs. You are a part of your environment 
in this sense, so be open-minded to the knowledge these growing, 
natural creations can impart to you. 

There is need for your system to receive the benefits from 
sunlight. It is one matter to overexpose yourself to sunlight; it is 
another to receive the quantity of natural light your system re- 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

quires. Moderation is often the guide for common sense as well as 
science. Without natural light your plants — and you — may die. 
Allow sunlight to enter your home, if only indirectly through your 
windows, and you and your plants will be more healthy. Light is 
life and life is light. Don't shut out of your life this important gift 
of nature, natural light. 


While England and other countries prefer to install high tension 
wires beneath the ground, in the United States we place the great 
majority of these dangerous sources of radiation in the open air. 
Eventually, they will cause a change in the protective ozone layers 
that surround the earth. High tension wires produce pulsing alter- 
nating energy, which can cause headaches, loss of memory and 
hearing, decrease in sexual potency, and changes in the menstrual 
cycle, with the accompanying psychological results. Although still 
under investigation by a number of governmental agencies, evi- 
dence of substantial concern for these dangers has been previously 
published in Science News (vol. 105, June 29, 1974, p. 418; vol. 96, 
October 4, 1969, p. 276), reporting the results of pulsating gener- 
ators on workers in Praha, Srobarova, Czechoslovakia. 

Pulsating alternating current (AC) electromagnetic energy 
emanates from, to name a few, broadcasting stations, television 
stations, shortwave stations, intercontinental communication sys- 
tems, radio telephones, power lines, and, generally, anything with 
an electric motor, including microwave ovens and radar antennas. 
These energies are going through your body when you are awake 
and asleep. Your system never has a moment's rest from the con- 
stant bombardment of these signals. We have lost the natural life. 
Our present mode of living has destroyed our identification with a 
natural life. 

We will find in the near future that, unless this vast prolifera- 
tion of energies is controlled, there will be serious consequences for 
all human beings. Indications are now evident that our genetic 
structure may be undergoing changes that, although not readily 
apparent, will appear in future generations. And it is not unforesee- 
able that unscrupulous persons could manipulte very high energy 
electromagnetic fields into the atmosphere to actually cause a 
change in the weather. What is more frightening is the posibility 

Living with Radiation Dangers ?Q 

that these energies can be directed to an area or nation to reduce 
the growth and production of food supplies by controlled climatic 
changes. This area of the world would then be under the depend- 
ence of the persons or nation exercising these energies. 

The woman's conventional hair drier produces energy from 60 
CPS (cycles per second) to 200 million CPS. Imagine these 
amounts of energies pulsing through your head. Are these energies 
giving you a false sense of stimulation? Are they causing prema- 
ture aging? These are pulsing AC energies directly into your brain 
and throughout your entire system. 

You leave your kitchen to go to the supermarket. You get into 
your car and turn on the ignition. The motor starts, the spark plugs 
are firing intense blue electromagnetic sparks. The energy of each 
spark plug is many thousands of times stronger than the energy 
from a hair drier. The energy from your car's spark plugs fills the 
inside of your car, when the car motor is operating, constantly 
bombarding you with electromagnetic energies of AC pulsing 

You arive at the supermarket and leave your car, entering the 
supermarket under the most intense radiation of hundreds of 
fluorescent lamps containing low emissions of X-ray and ultraviolet 
radiation, which are combined with AC electromagnetic pulsing 
energy. Walking over to one of the large refrigerator display 
counters, you are radiated by very strong AC electromagnetic 
pulsing energy from the motors operating the refrigerators. Per- 
haps you go to a dispenser for a sandwich, cold drink, or cup of 
coffee, insert a coin that immediately activates a motor producing 
AC electromagnetic pulsing energy, that saturates not only you, 
but your sandwich, cup of coffee, or cold drink. 

You finish your shopping and leave the supermarket in your 
saturated AC electromagnetic pulsing energy enclosure. As your 
car travels on the pavement static electricity is built up and, if 
a dry day in weather, a toll attendant may receive a shock from your 
touch, as you would transmit the additional electromagnetic energy 
from the pavement to your car and through you to the toll collector. 
Your car is grounded, protecting you from lightning striking your 
car. The buildup of static electricity is a different matter. You have 
probably noticed oil trucks dragging a chain on the roadway to 
ground out static charges. 

When you arrive home, perhaps you turn on a small television 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

set near you in the kitchen, or, you turn on your vacuum cleaner, 
again saturating yourself with AC electromagnetic pulsing energy. 
Anything in your environment and in your home that functions 
from the usual 118- volt, 60 cycles produces AC electromagnetic 
pulsing energy. This includes your TV set, electric razor, electric 
toothbrush, your kitchen toaster, icebox, and your microwave 
oven with its additional microwave dangers. 

If you escape for a day in your motor boat, your golfing cart, 
your motorcycle, or use an electric blanket, you are saturated with 
AC electromagnetic pulsing energy. Buses, airplanes, and trains 
saturate you with AC electromagnetic pulsing energy. 

We have mentioned in previous publications the South pole 
direct energy in your telephone receiver, but we now mention 
what happens to your energy system, which you are trying to 
balance in function, when you hear a voice on the telephone. The 
voice tone is direct current flowing around a magnet that is sending 
direct pulsing energy into your brain. The sound frequency of the 
voice acts to change the DC (direct current) into pulses of AC. 
Our research, verified independently, indicates that AC electro- 
magnetic pulsing energy can be detrimental to your health. 

In Vietnam, the Western allies attempted research into the 
control of weather. Weather and climate control have always been 
a factor in any military action and have influenced the outcome of 
wars. As history tells us clearly, war is not limited to military 
operations and, by its definition, is "any state of violent opposition 
or contest, hostility, strife" (Webster's Unabridged Dictionary). 

We have seen drastic changes in the world climate conditions. 
Theories are rampant, from the approaching ice age to nuclear 
explosions, affecting these changes. Long droughts, excessive pre- 
cipitation, snow storms, and ice conditions have been unusual in 
relation to reasonable cycles of climate behavior. 

Tremendous surges of electromagnetic energy, millions and 
millions of watts, have been pulsed into our atmosphere. We be- 
lieve, from the evidence available and our knowledge of this 
science, that the upper strata atmospheric winds that control our 
weather have been changed. All during the summer months of 
1977, these enormous bursts of pulsing electromagnetic energy in- 
terfered wilh communications throughout the world. The US gov- 
ernment complained to the Russian government. 

It is our additional belief, from our knowledge of the science 

Living with Radiation Dangers gl 

and other facts presented, that the Russians may have discovered 
a way to pulse electromagnetic high intensity energy into the 
upper atmosphere. We believe it will be verified that the Russians 
are actively pursuing this control of atmospheric weather through 
their research into pulsing electromagnetic energy. 


Consider the hypocrisy of storing atomic waste deep in salt 
deposits or ocean waters in order to safeguard humanity. Where 
is the proper concern for the future of humanity on the part of our 
government and big money interests, and the scientists who sup- 
port this program? Who are they to arbitrarily state that Nature 
will not cause an upheaval, earthquake, or other natural disaster, 
releasing this killing radiation. And the scientific experts cannot 
unequivocably state with finality that leaks of radiation will not 
occur without an assisting natural catastrophe. Under these circum- 
stances, whv is the program continued? Is it because of a bureau- 
cratic jungle so entwined with its own mistakes that the woods 
can't be seen for the trees? Is it ignorance, greed, selfishness, ego, 
arrogance? We don't know the answer, nor do we believe the 
persons directly involved have the answer. Why, when a project 
does not work satisfactorily for the future of humanity, are millions, 
even billions, of dollars continuously poured into the project. Per- 
haps we don't like to admit mistakes, or we trust in some blind fate 
that will solve all our problems regardless of our free-will actions. 

The science applied to nuclear energy installations and to 
methods of storing atomic waste is inaccurate. It is built upon a 
lack of applving the separate energies of matmetism to nuclear 
energy forms and to matter existing in nuclear waste. It is not 
unforeseeable to the authors that a proper understanding and 
application of the separate energies of magnetism may solve the 
major problems of radiation and explosive dangers of nuclear 
energy installations. Or, have we decided to "chance it," come 
what mav? As expressed by Dr. Andrew McLean, Director of 
Britain's National Radiological Projection Board (NRPB), "Limits 
on radiation dose are now regarded as longstops instead of starting 
points in a protective strategy. The new approach is summed up 
in two new buzz words— justification and optimization. Justifica- 
tion means that no source of exposure should be unjustified in 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

relation to its benefits or those of any available alternative" (New 
Scientist, 20 October 1977, p. 132). Optimization simply means 
hoping the future will not prove the approach incorrect. This is, 
in other words that seem more exact, taking a chance that human- 
ity will not be destroyed. 

The authors believe that the possibility of neutralizing atomic 
material in downgrading the radiation is plausible where there 
would be no need for storage. If scientists would apply the new 
knowledge we have published, this may be a solution to neutraliz- 
ing atomic waste. 

In the construction of these large nuclear energy installations, 
one of the principal dangers is the control of the reactor. The 
reactor is an atomic pile that produces heat and boils water, to 
produce energy as required. The atomic pile is purified uranium 
(fuel) in pellet form inside specially constructed tubes placed in 
the core of the reactor. Plutonium rods are placed against the tubes 
of purified uranium. When the rods are raised away from the 
purified uranium core, the interaction starts to produce heat, which 
boils water. As the rods are raised, the temperature increases, and, 
as the rods are lowered, the temperature decreases. What you have 
is a controlled atomic bomb. 

A "safe atomic" system keeps the reactor from "running away," 
producing more heat than the reactor can take. If this did occur, 
you would have nuclear fusion, with the accompanying explosion 
and deadly radiation. And, it has been expressed by competent 
authority that the explosion occurring downward into the earth 
can reach the molten lava within the earth with results occuring 
that could foreseeably destroy earth civilization. This is why the 
shutdown safety procedures are so important, as are the radiation 
'leaks" that may occur from usual operation of the system. 

Water flowing around a reactor becomes radioactive, so if any 
part of the piping system develops a leak, you have steam and 
deadly contaminants. There is no apparent control over possible 
cracks in the pipes that would release radioactive water except 
warning devices and monitors indicating radioactivity has increased 
dangerously, which is noticed during, or after, deadly radiation is 

There is a shortage of plutonium making these large energy 
installations obsolete by the twenty-first century, and all the monies, 
time, and energy will have gone to naught. The fast-breeder reactor 
plant can produce its own fuel of plutonium, thus not having to 

Living with Radiation Dangers ^ 

replace this short supply material. Yet a small quantity of plu- 
tonium in a city reservoir could contaminate the health of millions 
of persons. There is approximately a twenty-year supply of uranium 
available whereas the fast breeder, with uranium as a fuel could 
produce plutonium without using enormous supplies of uranium. 

The present use, and planned use, of plutonium and nonfast- 
breeder reactors is neither economical nor satisfactory for future 
supply of energy, and the fast-breeder reactor has the same dangers 
of radiation, explosion, and atomic waste. The fast-breeder reactor 
can be extremely deadly in producing its own plutonium, which is 
the most deadly form of energy known to man. 


We believe the future of economical energy supply is in the 
research and development of hydrogen as a safe, nonvolatile fuel. 
Hydrogen is an endless source of energy. The knowledge available 
on hydrogen, properly applied and developed, could make this fuel 
as safe, if not safer, than gasoline. 

To further emphasize the situation now existing with large 
energy installations, we quote a number of facts found by the 
Union of Concerned Scientists (1208 Massachusetts Avenue, Cam- 
bridge, Massachusetts), an organization that was the first inde- 
pendent group of scientists to carry out a major review of the safety 
of nuclear plants. 

"A typical nuclear power plant contains an amount of radio- 
active material equal to the radioactive fallout from thousands of 
Hiroshima-size weapons. The fear is not that these plants will 
explode like an atomic bomb. But much of this radioactive material 
is gaseous and could easily be carried by the wind for many miles 
if accidentally released. And it can be accidentally released. 

"One accident — from one plant — could kill as many as 45,000 
people, cause $17 billion in property damage, and contaminate an 
area the size of Pennsylvania. In the next twenty-five years, the 
nuclear industry wishes to construct almost 1,000 such plants. 

"The basic safety system in nuclear plants designed to prevent 
such accidents— known as the Emergency Core Cooling System 
(ECCS)— has never actually been tested under realistic accident 
conditions. And when it was tested on small-scale laboratory 
models, this system consistently failed to function properly. 

"The history of the sixty-three nuclear plants now operating m 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

the United States shows many malfunctions of major equipment, 
operator errors, and design defects, as well as continuing evidence 
of shoddy construction practices such as poor welding, upside- 
down installation of critical components, etc. 

"No safe way has yet been demonstrated to dispose of the 
millions of gallons of lethal nuclear wastes. These radioactive 
wastes, created when spent fuel is removed from the reactors, are 
among the most dangerous cancer-causing substances known to 
man. Radioactive wastes remain harmful for centuries— a grim 
legacy from present nuclear plants to future generations. 

"Present safeguards are inadequate to prevent plutonium (a 
by-product of commercial reactors that can be used in making 
atomic bombs ) from being hijacked by terrorists or others who wish 
to sabotage or blackmail the United States government. 

"The nuclear industry looks forward to ever-increasing sales of 
reactors abroad. Industry pressure to start the move toward plu- 
tonium as a fuel enhances present fears that these reactors are the 
stepping-stones for nuclear weapons. If unchecked, the prolifera- 
tion of nuclear weapons will make the world an increasingly 
dangerous place." 

In our research with hydrogen we have discovered it can be 
processed as less critical and safer to handle through the use of 
electromagnetic treatment, and without chemicals or special 
process equipment now in development. For example, one of the 
present concepts utilizing hydrogen fuel involves a 2,000 pound 
tank in the operation of a small busmobile. With our system, using 
magnetic fields, the hydrogen could be made less critical and safer 
as a never-ending, unlimited source of fuel. Our tank in a small 
busmobile would be a conventional, moderate-sized steel tank. 
Here again we see the lack of applying the basic physics of the 
separate energies of magnetism. 

Still, we believe our system is plausible. By applying separate 
energies of magnetism to the treatment of hydrogen and other 
types of fuel, the combustion or fuel burn will increase, thereby 
reducing the present need for the consumption of oil and other 

The following information from our research findings is sub- 
mitted for the reader to have a more thorough understanding as to 
how the separate and divisible energies of magnetism can conserve 
and improve fuel energies. This is material basic to our research 
and included in our patents, and it should be in every elementary 

Living with Radiation Dangers gg 

textbook on energy and physics. Most of this information, you may 
observe, will not be found in existing books and treatises on the 

Example Is 

To demonstrate one effect of a North unipolar magnetic field 
on water, 500 ccs of common tap water at 65-75°F was placed in 
a glass beaker such that the water was exposed only to the energies 
of the North pole field. The measurable field at the beaker was 
adjusted to 1000 gauss. Conventional techniques were used to 
determine the surface tension, in dynes, of a control sample of the 
tap water before exposure. Following exposure for a specified 
period, the surface tension, in dynes, was again determined. This 
test was repeated for a number of water samples for different 
exposure periods. Table I sets forth the resulting surface tension, 
in dynes, above or below the measured control sample as a function 
of exposure time. Inasmuch as absolute values of surface tension 
will vary, depending upon variables such as geography and water 
source, it is only the difference in surface tension between exposed 
and unexposed water which is believed to be significant. 







Above (+) 


or Below (—) 






+ 1.0 


+ 1.5 


+ 3.0 


+ 4.0 


+ 3.5 



60 (1 hour) 

+ 3.6 

600 (10 hours) 

+ 3.6 

1440 (24 hours) 



The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

It is apparent from these tests that exposure of water to the 
North pole field of a magnet increases the surface tension of the 
water. Maximum effect of the North magnetic field appears to be 
attained in about three to four minutes. Increased exposure does 
not appear to increase the effect on the surface tension of water. 

Example II: 

The tests of Example I were repeated except that plastic beakers 
were used and the polarity of the electromagnet was reversed to 
expose the samples to 1000 gauss of South unipolar field energies. 
The same surface tension determinations were made after each 
exposure and compared with the control sample. Table II sets 
forth the results. 


Above (+) 
or Below (-) 





60 (lhour) 
600 (10 hours) 
1440 (24 hours) 


Exposure of water to South pole magnetic fields decreases sur- 
face tension. Maximum effect of the South magnetic field appears 
to be attained in about three to five minutes. Increased exposure 
time does not appear to significantly increase the effect on the sur- 
face tension of water. 

Living with Radiation Dangers gy 
Example III: 

Apparatus was assembled using a conventional electromagnet 
and a standard ferrous metal water pipe having y 2 inch ID, and % 
inch OD. The poles of the magnet had a field strength of 1000 
gauss, and one of the poles was placed in contact with the conduit. 
Magnetometer and gaussmeter measurements confirmed that the 
applied magnetic field was conducted in both directions along the 
conduit and was detectable, albeit weaker with increasing distance 
from the source, many feet away from the point at which the source 
was applied. 

Water, having a previously determined surface tension, was 
permitted to flow under pressure through the conduit, including 
the portions thereof carrying the applied magnetic field. The time 
to traverse the magnetic field was measured, as was the surface 
tension of the water exiting the magnetic field. The test was run 
using both North and South pole fields for application to the flow- 
ing water. In addition the tests were repeated using a conventional 
bar magnet in lieu of an electromagnet. The results in all cases 
substantially corresponded to those shown in Tables I and II, indi- 
cating that the magnetic field effect for a given field strength and 
time of exposure is unaffected by whether or not the fluid is station- 
ary or flowing or by the type of magnetic field source. 

Example IV: 

Samples of water which have been exposed to the North mag- 
netic pole field and to the South magnetic pole field for sufficient 
time, as can be determined from Tables I and II, to achieve approxi- 
mately maximum surface tension changes of about +4.0 for North 
pole exposed water and —4.0 for South pole exposed water was 
collected and used to germinate seeds and as the water source for 
plants grown in a test plot. Germination time, rate of plant growth, 
and various plant characteristics were observed and noted during 
the tests. 

It was concluded that seeds and plants treated with water 
subjected to South pole field energies fared best, the effect of the 
water being to reduce germination times and to improve the 
growth and development characteristics of the plants. This is be- 
lieved due to the decreased surface tension of the water, permitting 
more rapid penetration and absorption. On the other hand, seeds 
and plants treated with North pole field exposed water exhibited 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

decreased germination and growth rates and seemed generally 
stunted by the water treatment. 

Example V: 

Common tap water was collected and the free dissolved nitro- 
gen content thereof determined to be 1.2 ppm. The tap water was 
permitted to flow in a conduit at the rate of 5 gallons per minute 
through an applied unipolar magnetic field of 1000 gauss. The ex- 
posure time in traversing the field was 0.1 seconds. In a first test, 
the applied field was a North pole field. In a second test, the applied 
field was a South pole field. Following each test, the free dissolved 
nitrogen concentration in the tap water was determined with the 
following results. 

Applied Pole Free Dissolved Nitrogen (ppm) 

North 0.64 
South 0.57 

Example VI: 

To determine whether alternating exposure to North and South 
unipolar fields affected the water chemistry any differently, the 
test of Example V was repeated using an electromagnet connected 
to a 60-cycle, 110-volt AC source. The free dissolved nitrogen con- 
centration of the tap water exposed to this field for 0.1 seconds was 
determined to be 0.32 ppm. 

All of the many effects of exposing water and other fluid-type 
materials to applied unipolar North or South pole fields cannot, 
of course, be catalogued herein. However, in addition to the effects 
herein before discussed, it is particularly noteworthy that chilled 
water which has been North pole exposed has been found to pro- 
vide fuel economies when injected, preferably as a fine spray, 
into the combustion chambers of fuel-combusting devices, such as 
into the cylinders of internal combustion engines. Such a use for 
water is, of course, not new. However, exposure of the water to 
the North magnetic pole to achieve more efficient combustion than 
is attainable with magnetically untreated water used for the same 
purpose has not heretofore been suggested. Another noteworthy 
effect is that South pole exposed steam exhibits improved proper- 
ties which make its use more beneficial than untreated steam in a 
number of applications. Example VII illustrates one such instance. 

Living with Radiation Dangers gg 
Example VII: 

An electromagnetic unipolar magnetic South pole source was 
installed surrounding a steam line and the source was powered by 
applied 60 cps AC. Generally, the installation was similar to an 
apparatus wherein the steam was first exposed to a North pole field 
and then to a South pole field before exiting the magnetic fields. 
The steam was recycled to a firebox, where it was used in con- 
ventional manner to increase combustion efficiency. Normally, the 
efficiency of a firebox is a function of fuel and oxygen exposure to 
the flame and of the extent of mixing attainable. In conventional 
systems, mixing to the extent of flame spinning 1 or 2 turns is con- 
sidered good, even with steam recycling. The South pole source was 
positioned upstream of the firebox to expose the steam just prior 
to injection into the firebox. Using magnetically exposed steam for 
recycling, 20 turns in the firebox was achieved, evidencing about 
13 times better mixing than with untreated steam. The attainment 
of better combustion in the firebox as a result of using South pole 
magnetically treated steam was evidenced by less smoke, a better 
modulated fuel demand, and a more rapid increase in steam pres- 
sure to the desired level. 

In still another unique application, magnetically treated liquids, 
such as water, have been found to effectively contribute to the pre- 
vention, loosening, and removal of crust and scale from the inner 
surfaces of metal, e.g., iron, copper, conduits, boilers, tanks, sewage 
systems, and the like. South pole exposed liquids, which have an 
expanding quality, appear to be most useful. It is believed that 
exposure to South pole magnetic fields decreases the tendency of 
water to deposit its minerals (e.g., calcium) and may increase the 
solubility of minerals in the water. In addition, the application of 
alternating North and South unipolar magnetic fields to fluids 
flowing through scaled conduits, which has net effect most similar 
to a South pole field, as has been described generally in connection 
with Example VI, has been found to be particularly effective in 
reducing crust and scale build up on conduit walls. 

Example VIII: 

In one instance, an operating cupola was cooled by passing 
cooling water over a heat transfer surface associated with the 
cupola. The prior experience was that operations had to be shut 
down and the scale buildup cleaned from the heat transfer surfaces 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

every two weeks in order to maintain an acceptably efficient level 
of heat transfer. A South pole magnetic source, similar to the one 
used in Example VII, was installed on the cooling-water-fed con- 
duit at a point upstream of the heat exchange surface to treat 
the cooling water with North magnetic pole energies followed by 
South magnetic pole energies prior to heat exchange. After four 
(4) months of continuous operation, heat transfer rates at the 
cupola heat transfer surface have remained consistently high, and 
there has been no scale buildup or need to clean the heat transfer 

The beneficial effects of exposing fluid-type materials to North 
or South unipolar magnetic field energies are observable with 
organic as well as with inorganic liquids. Thus, South pole exposed 
fuels and oils, like water, are highly sensitive to environmental 
conditions and react more rapidly on exposure to heat, as in a 
combustion chamber, than unexposed fuels and oils. For example, 
it has been observed that South pole exposed flammable liquids 
burn more efficiently and provide an improved explosive result 
when employed as a fuel in a power- or energy-generating device. 
As a result, there have been overall fuel savings which contribute 
to economy of operation. The following examples illustrate some 
of the beneficial effects of exposing an exemplary oil, such as asphalt 
oil, to the unipolar energies of a South pole magnetic field. 

Example IX: 

In a conventional process for preparing an asphalt-oil aggregate 
paving mix, the oil is typically heated to 250° to 320°F, usually 
about 290°F, and then mixed with previously heated aggregate to 
form a mix having a preselected oil content, ranging from about 
4 to 8 percent, depending upon its intended use. To demonstrate 
the effect of the South unipolar magnetic field, an AC, 60 cps- 
powered 1000 gauss electromagnet, such as the apparatus men- 
tioned in Example VII, was installed along the conduit between 
the oil heating unit and the aggregate mixing unit to expose heated 
oil to the South magnetic pole. In passing through the electromag- 
net, the oil was first exposed to North magnetic pole energies and 
thereafter exposed to South magnetic pole energies. 

A. The time to complete oil-aggregate mixing in a conven- 
tional nonmagnetic system to form a commercially acceptable mix 
was typically 45 seconds. The corresponding time to form a com- 

Living with Radiation Dangers Q1 

mercially acceptable mix using South pole exposed oil was 23 
seconds. This observation, that South pole magnetically exposed oil 
appeared to be absorbed and to penetrate more rapidly, permitted 
a significantly increased efficiency in plant operation since mixing 
time was a limiting factor in plant output. 

B. The fuel requirements for the oil heating unit in the con- 
ventional system (which typically receives recycled oil) to con- 
sistently discharge a 290°F oil to the mixing unit were determined. 
It was noted during operation with the South pole source installed 
and using the same amount of fuel that the temperature of the oil 
leaving the oil heating unit was 320°F. As a result, the fuel supply 
to the oil heating unit could be reduced by about two-thirds in 
order to return the system to a condition wherein the oil heating 
unit discharged 290°F oil. This resulted in considerable fuel savings. 

C. The system was operated in a conventional manner, and 
all flow controls were set to supply sufficient oil and aggregate to 
produce a 4V£ percent weight asphalt oil containing mix. Standard 
tests to ascertain the mix makeup verified that a 4V£ percent asphalt 
mix was being produced. The system was then operated with the 
South pole source installed and all other settings the same. Three 
separate runs were made and the standard tests conducted to verify 
the mix makeup. The tests showed the mixes contained, respec- 
tively, 5.6 percent, 5.0 percent, and 5.4 percent asphalt. Thus the 
same quantity of oil as had previously produced a 4.5 percent mix, 
when subjected to a unipolar South pole magnetic field prior to 
mixing, produced a 5 to 5.6 percent mix. This observation allowed 
a significant cutback in the asphalt oil quantity supplied to the 
aggregate mixing unit and resulted in considerable savings in oil. 

The information given in the examples is basic information. Our 
research is progressing in the energy field. By the time of this publi- 
cation, a patent application is programmed from our advanced 
research in energy that will give 15 to 25 percent fuel savings. 



In our book Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, 
we presented the results of hundreds of research experiments show- 
ing how the separate energies of a common magnet affect living 
biological systems. We received thousands of letters for more in- 
formation on our research on the separate energies of magnetism. 
We followed with the additional publications of The Magnetic 
Effect and The Rainbow in Your Hands. Rainbow scientifically 
supported the ancient science of laying on hands as a provable 
applied science, with reproducible results, removing the applica- 
tion from superstition and unsupported theory. We believe we have 
advanced the art of healing and the science of magnetism by pre- 
senting reproducible evidence that the hands of men and women 
possess the separate healing energies of magnetism, each energy 
having a separate and distinct effect. This is similar in relation to 
the hands of living persons and those effects from the separate 
energies of a common magnet. No healing with magnetism can be 
consistently effective without the separate energy use. Much time, 
money, and wasted effort are spent by many researchers who do 
not properly use separate magnetic energy. 

Although there are unlimited benefits from our discoveries in 
magnetism, there are also evident dangers we have come to realize 
in the misuse of separate magnetic energies. Additionally, we recog- 
nize from our research verification a number of dangers in existing 
scientific and commercial applications that do not utilize the knowl- 
edge of our discoveries. Since continued research is our prime 
objective, we do not have the proper time and money to investi- 
gate, nor mount campaigns against, these recognized dangers. As 
scientists we advise you of those of our findings that are not con- 
fidential in our work, and give our opinions in our publications 
concerning some of these civilized dangers. Our writings in this 
regard are intended to be constructive for the good of all people 
and are not intended to cause any detriment to the well-being of 


The Art of Magnetic Healing Q3 

any individual. It is our responsibility to tell you of our concern 
when our work shows a possible danger to any existing system, 
apparatus, method, commercial or industrial use. In this book, as 
in our prior publications, we have continued this policy in the 
hope that our information, and our opinions, will be useful for 
health, healing, and happiness for all people. 

The facts are evident that many of our commercial and indus- 
trial applications are dangerous to our health and well-being. Some 
of our additional concerns focus on the lack of understanding in 
the basic sciences concerning the application of products, systems, 
and methods for public and private use. 

The Stanford Radioscience Laboratory is concerned about the 
magnetic fields created by the San Francisco Bart trains, and they 
have good reason to suspect the effects of these fields on the human 
body. Our publications have the answers to this suspicion. It is 
clear, and we emphasize has been scientifically verified, that mag- 
netic energies do affect human beings, as our published research 
with magnetic fields on animals indicated. NASA has, at this 
writing, informed us officially that they do not believe our findings 
in this regard, as have others so informed us. For the record we 
say here and now that NASA, and others in this category, are in- 
correct, and the future will justify our findings. We hope that it is 
not too late to save humanity. We cannot be more frank, as we 
believe the failure to properly investigate separate magnetic ener- 
gies on the part of certain governmental, commercial, industrial, 
and health officials is a disaster that could lead to our downfall as a 
human race. In our opinion, the danger is self-evident, whether it 
be from Bart trains in San Francisco, household appliances, electro- 
magnetic frequencies, or energy radiations. 

Radiation and chemical therapy, as well as drugs and phar- 
maceuticals, in personal health care are under much-needed attack. 
Yet the scientific establishment connected with health procedures 
continues to devise more dangerous instrumentations due to the 
lack of applying basic physics, and basic physics in this matter is 
the basic operation of Nature's energies, whether they be magne- 
tism, electricity, electromagnetism, or more complicated terms in- 
volving basic functions of these energies. For example, at the 
University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco, in 
England, and in other countries, research is progressing on a new 
diagnostic system involving nuclear magnetic resonance. The 

94 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

process involves the use of magnetic energy without accountability 
for the effects of separate magnetic energy. It - 

applied for public use, the placing of persons into large magnetic 
fields for diagnostic purposes. Without eliminating the South pole 

magnetic energy from this pi 

if not conclusively show, a danger to any human being. 

As our resources grow, and our prestige increases, from the 
products on the public market made available by our discoveries 
and more scientific acceptance of our work, we will devote more 
effort to combating present and impending dangers of this nature. 

From our viewpoint the separate energies of magnetism must 
be accepted, not only in the new products we have designed, but 
in the science of existing products and systems, for the ultimate 
survival of humanity. And, as with most important discoveries 
in sciences, if man applies and misuses these discoveries, he will 
in this respect hasten the end of our civilization. The art of mag- 
netic healing rests not in new discoveries alone but conjunctively 
in the proper applications of these discoveries, as the future of 
mankind has rested with the self-will of the individual, regardless 
of any religious meaning or belief. Man, in his greed, ignorance of 
Nature, or self-foolery, could destroy his civilization. 


Since the publication of our research findings with animals, we 
have been contacted by thousands of scientists and researchers from 
all parts of the world, and scientifically minded persons have 
visited our laboratory from many foreign countries. We regret we 
do not have the time nor facilities to accept all requests for consul- 
tation, although we are increasing our facilities and personnel. We 
believe the day is not far when our medical applications on separate 
magnetic energies will be in general use and application, as they 
provide answers that are sought in medical research. 

We have been successful in infecting animals with many types 
of the most difficult human complaints, including implanting 
tumors that developed cancers. The use of applied negative mag- 
netic energy, as presented by the North pole of a solid-state rare 
earth constructed magnet, has acted to : 
complete recovery. 

The Art of Magnetic Healing ^ 

Horses, dogs, cats, and monkeys all experience disease com- 
plaints similar to the human complaints of arthritis, inflamed 
muscle restrictions, and allied complaints. We have shown in our 
animal research that these similar complaints can be arrested, and 
there usually can be a return to a normal, healthy condition with 
the application of negative magnetic energy. 

We stress, as we have repeatedly advised, that the scientifically 
accepted interpretation used to identify North or South poles of a 
magnet is confused, misleading, and usually incorrect. The North 
pole of a bar or cylinder magnet is that pole which is attracted, 
naturally, to the South magnetic pole of the earth. The South pole 
of the magnet is that pole attracted to the North magnetic pole of 
the earth. Many manufacturers incorrectly label their magnets in 
this primary disregard of natural laws. And the scientific community 
must also share the fault for ignoring this basic principle of energy 
that like attracts unlike in the energy relationship of natural laws. 

We have been advised that we should write scientific papers on 
separate magnetic energies for publication in scientific journals. 
We have established our priorities. We agree with many other 
scientists that the peer system of reviewing science articles is not 
effective. The reasons for this conclusion are many and are well 
publicized. From our own experience, the time and costs involved 
are prohibitive. And government agencies have discouraged our 
seeking grants to advance our work in biomagnetics. 

Financial support in scientific research is seldom given to the 
independent scientist, in the sense of independence as our private 
research facilities. Colleges, universities, large corporations and 
research facilities are favored, and a few scientists in this nation 
seem to control the publication of science information in prestigious 
science publications. This is not news, as it has been explained in 
a like manner by a number of these prestigious science publications. 

We believe, as do many research men and women, that the 
health and welfare of our scientific community suffers from poor 
management and control of effective grants and research findings. 
Many new and promising scientists are leaving research for more 
productive fields of enterprise. Why waste the time and effort, as 
we have in the past, in writing scientific papers for armchair 
scientists who "don't get their hands dirty" by attempting to repro- 
duce an experiment before denying its effectiveness, who are afraid 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

to open their mouths, although they may believe in any new science 
development, for fear they could lose their position or be ridiculed 
by their compatriots? And we must consider the lack of under- 
standing and misuse of basic science principles, which does not 
allow proper evaluation, in the disallowing of new science papers 
to be published. 

We will continue to publish our nonconfidential findings in 
book form, to obtain additional patents, and to have more products 
on the market from our research. Eventually, if it is to be, the 
importance of this science will be self-evident. No armchair scien- 
tist nor government official will be in a position to hinder the public 
demand that would arise, for in our science are many of the answers 
that are sought today. The correct application of separate energies 
of magnetism can be used to improve the total environment, life, 
health, healing, and happiness. 

Magnetism could, in our lifetime, be used to improve water and 
foods and to aid the medical profession where drugs, X rays, and 
cobalt tretament cannot arrest sucessfully. 

Antibiotics have been one of the greatest discoveries to aid 
suffering humanity, as well as our pets and farm animals. Still, the 
correct study and application of separate magnetic fields is a new 
avenue of science with far-reaching potential. 


The type of magnet used in most of our research is referred to 
as the N-l magnet. It is composed of ceramic materials and is 
called a ceramic magnet, with a ceramic base. It is black and looks 
very much like slate. Not being metal in composition, it is very 
hard and will break if dropped on a hard surface. Flat in appear- 
ance, it measures two inches wide by six inches long and is one- 
half inch thick. 

One side we mark with red dots to indicate the South pole 
side; the North pole side we leave unmarked or mark with the color 
green. Since these magnets are specially constructed to capture 
and apply separate magnetic energies, they are not available in 
stores or from scientific companies. Imitations exist that do not 
perform effectively as the N-l. If interested in conducting research 
with the N-l, write our laboratory and we will send you informa- 
tion where to obtain this research item. 

The Art of Magnetic Healing 



Some of the findings from forty years of well-documented re- 
search into magnetic effects on biological systems using the North 
pole of the N-l magnet are: 

1. Against the skin of animals suffering pain, the threshold of 
the pain level is reduced and, unless a condition such as broken 
bones or physical damage is acting to continue inflaming nerves, 
pain will be arrested in nearly all cases to a practically nonexistent 
level. The authors have themselves used this application success- 
fully many times, as hundreds of researchers have informed us they 
have accomplished. 

The application is thirty to forty minutes twice a day, or once a 
day if the pain is not too severe. Pain and existing swellings show 
a marked decrease. 

When nerves in a part of the body or on the inner surface of the 
body become inflamed or swollen, pressure has been exerted on 
nerve endings, sending electrical pain impulses to the brain. These 
electrical signals to the brain are translated into pain impulses 
you feel, sense, and experience. Pain can also be caused by infec- 
tion or by the problem of calcium forming in or around joints. The 
removal of a pain condition is to remove the cause of the pain, the 
pressure, the inflamed or swelling area, the infection or disease. 

2. The North pole of the N-l has shown remarkable results in 
giving relief from and in arresting arthritis in animals. The North 

and around joints. 

3. The N-l negative energy attracts body fluids, including white 
and red blood cells. 

The biological system has the ability to heal itself, if it has the 
strength and necessary biochemistry to aid the injured part of the 
system, and to attract needed defense fluids, such as white blood 
cells, to an injured part, aiding the ability to self-heal. 

White blood cells are the soldiers which the system's defense 
mechanism summons to a troubled area. White blood cells can 
consume invading germs, bacteria, and viruses. They simply march 
to the attack and start to consume the germs of similar invaders. 
Through the system's built-in toxin removal nature, these white 
cells are cleansed and returned to duty, although casualties result 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

and many white cells die. New replacements arrive to continue the 
battle. If the white cell army cannot defeat the invader, the diseased 
or affected part usually decomposing is removed surgically. 

4. North pole energy supplies an energy similar to negative 
biological voltage of the biological system. 

We have noted, measured, and recorded the fact that when a 
bone is broken, there is a sharp rise in the negative biological vol- 
tage at the point of the break or fracture. The system's defense and 
repair system rushes additional negative healing voltage to the 

Negative voltage, when externally applied to a damaged area, 
such as the low voltage from a small one-cell flashlight battery 
(with a means of controlling the battery current) will act to re- 
lieve pain and speed up the fracture repair. 

All our research, without exception, indicates the need for nega- 
tive energy as support to all healing processes undertaken by the 
biological system. We believe this to be a law of Nature for all 
biological systems, which should be accepted for the survival of 
our civilization. The North pole of a magnet, as the authors have 
identified the North pole, acts to provide a form of negative energy 
to a needed area assisting the stimulation of the system's own nega- 
tive energy necessary to combat all disorders, and the system auto- 
matically removes this increased supply of negative energy inter- 
nally when the job of healing has been accomplished. 

5. The N-l North pole negative magnetic energy acts to com- 
press versus expand, to attract versus disperse. 

Where you place the North pole energy to a system, fluids, 
gases, air, and water will be drawn to that location. This is 
especially important in drawing water away from joints or other 
body locations. For example, in an animal's body, note where the 
water is you wish to move or direct from one location to another. 
Placing the N-l North pole above or below the noted location 
thirty to forty-five minutes, you will find the next day that the 
water fluid has moved to that location where the magnet was 
applied. The number of applications to be given to a damaged area 
depends on the size of the animal. Repeated sequences day to day 
may be necessary to draw the water fluid into a more fleshy area 
of the animal for circulation and organ removal. The procedure 
of moving water by negative energy has been used many years 
in mining and geological work to move water up or down an 

The Art of Magnetic Healing gg 

incline, hill, or mountain. Positive electrical energy is placed in one 
section or terrain and negative electrical energy in another nearby 
area. Negative electrical rods are placed where the water is to go 
and positive electrical rods where the water will be removed. 
Slowly, when the electrical energy is applied to the rods, the water 
will move downhill or uphill according to the location of the 
attracting negative energy. Magnetism sometimes acts in similar 
ways to that of direct current electricity, when using the separate 
energy effect. 

In the biological system, when there is a large amount of water 
to be moved, two separate research magnets can be used in each 
application. The South pole is placed to the water location, the 
North pole where you want the water to travel. The day after 
application, the water will have moved more effectively than by 
using one magnet. 

6. Cancer and other ailments can be arrested by the North 
pole negative energy, perhaps percentage-wise over 90 percent, 
giving allowances for hereditary and other individual factors, as 
our animal research has proved and many other researchers have 

7. The North pole energy can extend the lifespan of living 
systems by slowing down the aging process. There is a drawing, 
arresting, slowing down of all the system. 

In our previous publications we went into detail on the time and 
application in our animal research, i.e., The Magnetic Effect. Time 
of application is important as too long an application of North pole 
energy will lower physical strength. 


Some of our findings on the biological system with 
magnetic energy are: 

1. Encourage strength, increase life action. Thus, the South 
pole of a magnet, as we have identified the South pole, should 
never be placed against a painful area, a swelling, infected or 
diseased area, since this would make the condition described more 
severe. For example, germs are a form of life, and the South pole 
energies would encourage their growth and development. 

2. More generally, the South pole energy will strengthen mus- 
cles, limbs, joints, tendons, ligaments, increase blood flow and cir- 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

dilation, strengthen glands, organs, and the production of fluids. It 
is the positive life-giving energy. A more detailed explanation and 
uses of application are in our previous publications. 

We are continually receiving confirmations from researchers in 
many foreign countries, as well as the United States, that our find- 
ings about biological systems treated with the separate magnetic 
energies are correct. In all respect to these dedicated persons who 
have reproduced our research, suffering humanity needs the publi- 
cation of these verifications, which cannot be accomplished without 
the approval of the researchers. Some way has to be found through 
the maze of bureaucracy, self-defeating controls, and overprotec- 
tiveness to allow the freedom of published verifications without the 
crucifixion of these dedicated scientists by self-imposed armchair 
scientists, as well as ill-meaning and misguided bureaucrats. 


Much confusion results in not making the correct distinctions 
between life energies and personality attitudes. "Positive" and 
"negative" are words that are misused in every conceivable manner 
in discussions, writings, teachings, and understandings throughout 
human knowledge. The word "negative" is incorrectly identified 
with our present knowledge of its broad meanings. 

1. Negative air ions are better for the health of living systems 
than are positive air ions. 

2. Negative electrical energy is better for health applications 
than positive electrical energy. 

3. North pole negative magnetic energy acts to arrest and 
eliminate complaints and disease, whereas positive magnetic energy 
will increase these difficulties. 

4. The North pole negative energy has more beneficial results 
than positive magnetic energy in encouraging the thinking and 
mental processes. 

5. Positive magnetic energy will increase physical strength, but 
mental processes are not correspondingly increased. In our animal 
research we found the physically stronger animal became the 
weaker, slower-reacting animals; whereas, the negative magnetic 
treated animal became more alert, sensitive to environmental sur- 
roundings, and more intelligent in manner. 

6. The same result occurs when using magnetically treated 
water on animals. The positive water animal slows his activity and 

The Art of Magnetic Healing m 

reacts in a dumb or slow manner. The negative water animal has 
an increase in both mental and physical ability to get busy, to go 
on living with a more adaptable attitude. In our own personal 
experimentation, we would drink one-half an average glass of North 
pole magnetic water in the morning and sometimes in the midafter- 
noon, which gives added encouragement to our system in accom- 
plishing our work schedule. This experiment, as many of our other 
experiments, has been personally verified by other researchers. The 
differences in water content due to location seem to allow no differ- 
ent result. The North pole magnetic energy is the "go-getter" 
energy, and we call the South pole positive energy the "I don't 

Excessive use of negative magnetic energy will, over a period of 
time, the length of time individually dependent, make the living 
system physically weaker, although more mentally alert. Here 
again we see the importance of balancing natural energies, although 
our research is definite that an excess of negative energy is more 
beneficial than an excess of positive energy, which is a positive 
attitude on these natural energies. 

Negative energies protect, afford health, control emotions and 
the atmosphere and air we breathe. They are the system's own 
processes of internal healing. Negative energy takes you closer to 
your natural being, while positive energy makes you more ego- 
minded, less concerned with the rights of others, peace, order, 
harmony, and, as a result, you are unhappy. 

Heat is disorder; cold is order. Heat and positive energy destroy 
the balance of health and welfare in elements and the biological 

According to the laws of Nature, when you are a negative 
energy thinker, you are a reasoning, thinking, sensible, understand- 
ing person. If you are a positive energy thinker, you are an un- 
reasonable, inconsiderate, insensible person. Either we should make 
our distinctions clear between negative attitude — negative energy, 
and positive attitude — positive energy, or we should correct our 
writings and understandings totally with the use of negative and 
positive to conform with Nature's laws. 


Although we have previously reported information on this re- 
search, we believe in repeating this information for your considera- 

102 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

tion as a real lesson in inborn intelligence. 

Newborn chicks, birds, kittens, puppies, and rodents have the 
ability to know, without instruction, the secrets of Nature necessary 
for their survival and growth. The general scientific community is 
slowly becoming aware of this phenomenon, best realized in 1977 
and 1978 in studies on chimpanzees and gorillas. An experiment 
that we first accomplished many years ago, reproduced hundreds 
of times, shows the importance of this realization. 

1. Place a horseshoe magnet in a cage. 

2. Immediately after the baby chick hatches, place it in the 
cage while it is still wet from the shell. 

3. As soon as the baby is dry, it goes to the magnet, walks 
inside the magnet's two poles, and lies down. 

4. Within a few minutes it will get up, walk out of the energies, 
and remove itself to the furthermost part of the cage from the 
magnet. Later, the same chick would return to repeat the process, 
and this would continue during its growth. A newborn bird, kitten' 
puppy, or rodent will do the same. 

In our research facilities we place magnets at different locations 
where our animals roam without undue confinement. The magnets 
are placed for only positive or negative energy (N-l magnet). Ani- 
mals seem to know when they need a separate magnetic energy for 
their welfare. They will go to the specific energy magnet according 
to their systems' needs. 

It is only recently that medical science has become aware that 
the human baby has its own sign language— physical movements 
as well as vocal— in trying to communicate. This is a field of research 
that is most needed in order to research, study, watch, record, and 
instruct this new translation of the human baby's physical body 
language into our own adult language. Animals are very much the 
same as people, as any pet owner can tell you. A cat or dog can sense 
energies, personalities, smoke, odor, and danger faster than most 
other pets. If a cat, dog, or baby chick can sense the benefit of a 
magnets energies, and man finds it so difficult to believe in this 
aid, this could become another example of how man ignores his 
natural environment, so important to his health, healing, and hap- 



This is a case history on cancer. 

One of the world's most honored scientists, Dr. Albert Szent- 
Gyorgyi, recipient of the 1937 Nobel Prize for Physiology and 
Medicine, now Scientific Director of the National Foundation for 
Cancer Research, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, deplores the existing 
bureaucratic procedures in cancer research. Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi be- 
lieves "the electronic dimension" is the research area to be probed, 
yet "editorial board of journals and the committees distributing 
grants are dominated by biologists of the molecular dimension who 
find it easier to reject new ideas than to get acquainted with them." 

Dr. Clarence D. Cone, Jr., formerly Chief, Cell and Molecular 
Biology Laboratory, Hampton Virginia, VA Hospital Center, and 
now with the Eastern Virginia Medical School, is well known in 
scientific circles for his research on the "control of cell division by 
the electrical voltage of the surface membrane." Dr. Cone's presen- 
tation to the Twelfth Annual Science Writers Seminar, American 
Cancer Society, San Antonio, Texas, March 1970, detailed his re- 
search in relation to the normal versus malignant cancer cell. 

Our correspondence with these two outstanding researchers, 
and our studies of their research, indicates a similarity in their 
approach to discovering the mysteries of the cancer cell, and a 
similarity in the lack of effective acceptance of their work by the 
bureaucratic scientific community. 

Our research agrees with Drs. Szent-Gyorgyi and Cone in the 
"electronic approach" to the cancer dilemma, although we have 
found from our some forty years of cancer research that the mys- 
tery is shrouded in understanding the separate energies of mag- 
netism within the electromagnetic energy relationship. 

As Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi has stated — as well as Dr. Linus Pauling, 
two-time Nobel Prize winner, and many other researchers — we 
have also found that those persons in control of accepting and dis- 
seminating new scientific information do not have the proper 
criteria to evaluate new discoveries, such as the separate magnetic 



The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

energy effects on biological systems. Kind words and expressions 
are given about our work, but the effective implementation to pro- 
gram through the bureaucratic system does not function. And 
science journals (mainly supported by drug and pharmaceutical 
companies alien to our natural energy discoveries), or university 
and other prestigious establishments supporting these publications, 
and the grant-considering committees do not give needed support 
to independent research organizations. Frankly, we have come to 
believe that "the establishment" is so far off-base in its procedures 
and scientific programs that support from these areas could, in 
fact, delay the acceptance of our work, as they seem to confuse and 
befuddle by their misunderstandings of basic natural laws as we 
have come to comprehend. Under the circumstances we have 
chosen to publish our research discoveries in book form for public 
knowledge of our work, and we will continue in this manner. 

On September 5, 1975, Olin E. Teague, Chairman, Committee 
on Science and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, wrote 
Dr. Albert Roy Davis, "I appreciate your information concerning 
the discoveries of the differences between cancerous cells and 
normal cells. We are grateful for your presentation of the facts in 
this matter. It appears that the electromagnetic state of the body 
is more important than previously thought and I congratulate 
you. . . ." Attempts on our part to follow up with grants for our 
work, or further government investigation into the merits of our 
work, have been disappointing. 

The first submission of the cancer research by Albert Roy Davis 
was in 1946. Letters were sent to government agencies advising 
that primary tests indicated that the separate use of magnetic 
energy could be a new approach in arrest and control of cancer. 
The agencies responded with thanks for the information and with 
rejection of any research followup. In 1946, government agencies, 
scientists, and researchers were not interested in magnetism! 
Atomic energy was in development, and the scientific community 
considered they had the answers to "everything" by research and 
development in the new field of atomic energy. Now we find that 
atomic energy, even low levels of atomic energy, can cause cancer. 
This includes X rays, a form of atomic energy. 

After 1946, testing facilities at the Albert Roy Davis Research 
Laboratory were enlarged, more animal species were obtained, 
and it was learned that cancer could not be transmitted from one 

A Case History ^ 

human living system to another human living system without first 
causing a state of infection for the cancer to be transferred. Gov- 
ernment agencies, research organizations, and scientists were kept 
advised of the research progress. 

In 1948 and 1949, conferences on cancer research were held 
with the Chief of Staff, VA Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia. Although 
the officials at the VA Hospital in Atlanta were sympathetic to 
Davis's cancer research, no progress could be made in acquiring 
government backing for animal and human tests. Anyone who has 
become involved in research knows the problem in obtaining not 
only official guideline approval for research verification before 
approved public use, but also the problem in obtaining necessary 
funding for such projects, even in the presentation stage for fur- 
ther development approval. Government agencies, private funding 
organizations, as well as other groups, such as the American Medi- 
cal Association, the American Cancer Society, and scientific maga- 
zines, were all contacted to disseminate the information found and 
also for further assistance in bringing the new approach of separate 
magnetic energy into use for the arrest and elimination of cancer. 
No effective support was given to the separate magnetic energy 
approach and, still, research at the Albert Roy Davis Research 
Laboratory continued. 

From 1970 to 1973, our research laboratory revived its attempts 
to bring our work to the public. We initiated a program of again 
contacting agencies, research organizations, and other important 
persons, anyone who might give assistance to the verification of our 
work for public use. The year 1974 saw the publication of our 
book Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System (Exposition 
Press, Hicksville, New York). Since this publication we have heard 
from thousands of researchers duplicating parts of our work. Sev- 
eral hundred, including those in university departments in the 
United States and other countries, have verified our initial findings 
that negative magnetic energy can arrest cancer. We hope that 
these researchers will publish their findings, or allow their names 
to be used with their research verifications. 

Still, in 1975, the government agencies were not interested in 
investigating magnetic research for cancer arrest. A letter to Dr. 
Davis from Robert J. Avery, Jr., Head, Public Inquiries Section, 
National Cancer Institute, dated August 26, 1975, stated, "In reply 
to your most recent letter to the National Cancer Institute, at the 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

present time the National Cancer Institute is not conducting intra- 
mural studies of magnetism and its effects on cells, and the NCI 
is not in a position to evaluate your work." 

On August 7, 1975, Dr. Davis wrote to Dr. Ernest B. Howard, 
Executive Vice-President of the American Medical Association, 
sending information on successful cancer arrest with negative mag- 
netic energy. We mentioned the Kathy Solis presentation before 
the AMA in 1973 where magnetism arrested cancer in laboratory 
rats, but when the energy was removed from the species the cancer 
returned. We pointed out that our discovery and application of 
separate negative magnetic energy had been successful in arresting 
cancer without recurrence of the disease. We offered, at our own 
expense, to give a demonstration of our work to the AMA. On 
August 19, 1975, Dr. Asher J. Finkel responded to our August 7 
letter stating Dr. Howard had retired and "the material that you 
sent will be examined carefully." Following up this approach our 
phone calls and letters were not answered. 

We prepared a letter about our work with supporting enclosures 
and sent them to over 300 scientists in cancer research, science 
magazines, and persons expressing a public interest in the fight 
against cancer. The letter follows: 

Due to the importance of this scientific disclosure, we are enclosing 
a reprint of an article from the July 5, 1975, issue (Vol. 108) of Science 
News, titled, "An Electron Theory for Cancer." On the same page is an 
article on "Polarized Electrons in the Pipe," with other enclosures herein. 

In view of the statements made in these articles, we are taking the 
opportunity to acquaint you with the following facts. 

We have spent thousands of dollars in the presentation of our two 
books, Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, released in 1974, 
and The Magnetic Effect, released in 1975, published by Exposition Press, 
Inc., New York. These books contain reproducible scientific facts as to the 
bioelectrical biomagnetic differences between the many types of cancer 
cells and normal healthy cells. It has required many years of research, 
under controlled conditions, controls versus implanted and controlled 
cancer growth development, to compile the facts presented as to the 
effective arrest of these many forms and types of growths in advanced and 
development stages. 

The introductory statements made by the editors of Science News are 
totally inaccurate and untrue in their reference that scientists at this 
time have not yet shown or defined the differences between the cancer- 
affected cells and normal, healthy cells. 

We have for the past twelve years, as a minimum time reference, 
presented the facts that a cancer cell has a different membrane sodium 
voltage, opposed to that of a normal cell. We have presented these facts 

A Case History 


to such organizations as the American Cancer Society, the national science 
departments of our government, etc., with little or no responsive interest 
shown in our discoveries as to cancer cells and their abnormal behavior. 
Copies of our books have been sent not only to interested scientific parties 
but also to scientific reporting periodicals, such as Science News. No reply 
or interest has been indicated by these magazines. Such total disregard of 
the facts reported to them has inadvertendy suppressed discoveries by 
many men and women that could be of immeasurable benefit to humanity. 

The statement made by Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, an eminent scientist 
and Nobel Prize-winning biologist, that the effects of the electron/protein 
bonding in reference to the triggering of cancers, quote, "I would not care 
to speculate on ... I know so little about," unquote, is another example 
indicative of the breakdown in communications in the scientific communities. 
These breakdowns have occurred because of the inadequate coverage of 
vital and important scientific information that are the responsibility of 
such science reporting magazines and associations, one to the other, and 
the governments total bureaucratic bungling in its handling and release 
of urgent direct and vital scientific research data. 

Our books were published in lieu of this scientific communications 
breakdown that now exists in the United States. Our country is a poor 
seventh in scientific research and new developments in lieu of the work 
now being conducted by the other nations of the scientific world. 

These books were presented as scientific papers, not simply present 
theories, but scientific reproducible facts. The use of laboratory controls, 
against all results, has been simplified to eliminate any difficulty how to 
reproduce the cancer tests, to understand the effects of the nonhomogeneous 
(separate pole energy) effects to cancer states, kinds, types, stages, and 

Therefore, it is our hope that some responsible association, agency, or 
organization will examine the years of factual and reproducible work we 
have presented in our books and use that information to aid them in their 
understandings of the biological bioelectrical differences between the 
cancer cell and the normal cell. 

The proof that use of the proper pole energy of any two-pole magnet 
can confine cancer cells to a localized area, actually starving them out of 
existence by eliminating their vital food supply, demonstrates that the 
electron spin effect is the answer to amplification of those biological elec- 
trons needed to offset the development of cancers and their arrest. This 
should spell out to the scientific community that what the living system 
develops, within its own defense mechanism against invading elements or 
cell damage changes, is within the application of the proper pole energy 
to increase the defending electron biological voltages to the cell's normal 
defense system against the electron/proton imbalance that exists in all 
cancer cell devlopments. 

The few responses to this time-consuming and expensive task 
were polite but not progressive. Comments, for example, from the 
editor of Nature, a prestigious English scientific magazine, stated, 
"I have noted contents with interest and will keep material in file," 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

and, from Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, "I appreciate your keeping 

me informed." 

Through the assistance of Rep. Charles E. Bennett, we tried 
a different approach with the Naval Ship Research and Develop- 
ment Center, Annapolis, Maryland, a prestigious agency of the 
U. S. government doing outstanding research in a number of areas, 
including medical applications. Some forty-one enclosures were 
sent with our first introductory letter. There were followup letters 
and meetings in Washington at our own expense. Other agencies 
of the government became involved, and we continued to submit 
further information. Medical information on the separate magnetic 
energy in arresting cancer was not given material interest. The 
usual answer received was, "We can't find a qualified scientist to 
evaluate your cancer work." On repeated suggestions for one or 
more government scientists to visit our laboratory facilities and 
see our work firsthand, there were promises but no meetings at the 
laboratory occurred. 

A more recent approach to the American Cancer Society was 
initiated on December 4, 1975, to Mr. Tom Ulmer, Chairman, Board 
of Directors, American Cancer Society. We delivered copies of our 
scientific books detailing our cancer research and findings, copies 
of letter correspondence, and verification papers from two other 
scientists who had reproduced our work. Mr. Ulmer is not a medi- 
cal or scientific doctor, which is unusual as this position with the 
American Cancer Society is normally held by a doctor. Our relation 
with Mr. Ulmer was very satisfactory. He was sincere and aggres- 
sive in his attempts to aid the verification of our work. Unfortunately, 
Mr. Ulmer, as any Chairman, Board of Directors, American Cancer 
Society, must rely on consulting physicians and scientists to the 

On February 26, 1976 we received the following letter from Mr. 

You will recall that I promised to have the 2 books and other data 
which you provided me on electromagnetics objectively evaluated in 
accordance with your request. 

All of this material was referred to a biophysicist at a major medical 
university who reviewed the matter at our request 

I regret to advise that I have today received the evaluation of this data 
and the conclusion of the reviewer was that there is no factual basis to 
support the claims made by the authors. I think it is only fair that you 
should have the substance of the report rendered and a Xerox of same is 

A Case History 


attached hereto with the name of the reviewer deleted by me I regret to 
have to relay the negative comments in the report but am only complying 
with your request that I have this data submitted to impartial and objec- 
tive analysis. 

We informed Mr. Ulmer that we do not mind a scientist criti- 
cizing our work, but we do object to misquotes of our work. For 
example, this consulting scientist said our written material sug- 
gested we can "cure cancer," which we did not say and would 
certainly object to anyone making such a statement. In fact, our 
work emphasizes that the biological system's own energies, similar 
to the separate energies of magnetism, affect the reported cures of 
cancer, as any responsible researcher should understand. 

Mr. Ulmer was not allowed to give us the name and address of 
the scientist who made this "objective evaluation" for our follow- 
up, so we reasonably discounted his improper comments. Another 
evaluation report by an "unnamed physicist" was later given to us, 
and we are reprinting that report herein with our comments. 

List of Documents Reviewed: 

1. The Magnetic Effect by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr., 
Exposition Press, Hicksville, N.Y. (1975). 

2. Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System by Albert Roy Davis 
and Walter C. Rawls, Jr., Exposition Press, Hicksville, N.Y. (1974). 

3. The Scope of Biomagnetism by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, 
Jr. (Undated). 

4. Two statements by Dr. Ralph U. Sierra of the "Puerto Rico Scientific 
Research Laboratory, Inc.," and notarized in Florida, to the effect that 
he had carried out in his laboratory in Puerto Rico experiments similar 
to those carried out by Davis on the magnetic effect on growth of 
seeds and their subsequent plant growth and the effect of magnetic 
fields on healing of wounds. 

5. The Effects of Applying Magneto Magnetic, Biomagnetic Fields to the 
Living System and Its Use as a Diagnostic Method by Dr. Harold 
E. W. Brownlee and Albert Roy Davis, DS, (Undated). 

The first statement by Dr. Sierra indicated that he had personally 
directed the treatment of seeds by magnetic fields according to the 
methods of A. R. Davis, planting them under the influence of either north 
or south magnetic poles. His experiments confirmed that the south pole 

Komoted and advanced growth whereas the north pole retarded growth, 
s also applied magnetic fields to wound healing, infections, and the 
growth and development of rodents with similar observations as to the 
different effect of the different poles. This statement is notarized in Florida 
on June 20, 1974. An additional statement by Dr. Sierra dated August 16, 
1974, is stated to have been made "In the U.S. Patent Office re: Appli- 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

cation of A. R. Davis, Serial No. 463,414 filed 4/23/74 for therapeutic 
process." In this document he states that he exposed )• lb. of various types 
of seeds for 8 hrs. to either north or south poles of 2,000 gauss strength 
and also exposed X lb. of seeds under controlled conditions. After 3 days 
those treated with the south pole showed greater germination and growth 
than did the controls and much greater than those treated with the north 
pole. In treatments of sugar beets, the sugar content of those treated with 
the south pole was much more than of those beets raised under controlled 
conditions which was in turn more than the sugar content of those exposed 
to the north pole. Further, he repeated experiments by A. Roy Davis on 
earthworms demonstrating that south pole treated earthworms grew larger 
and faster than north pole treated earthworms. Application of the north 
pole to rodents with wounds indicated improved blood-clotting with the 
application of this polarity of this magnetic field. 

The document on The Effects of Applying Magneto Magnetic, Bio- 
magnetic Fields to the Living System and Its Use as a Diagnostic Method 
by Brownlee and Davis uses the personal pronoun I despite the multiple 
authorship. It is stated that "the cables of magnetic energy" leave the 
south pole and do not continue on to enter the north pole of the magnet, 
but enter at the exact midpoint, the physical center of the magnet. It is 
further stated that "the energy alters its electronic spin by 180° rotation 
and then leaves the center point with a reverse spin rotation movement, 
then to continue on to the north pole." These terms are not precisely 
defined. It is further reported that the application of a 3.500 gauss north 
pole to bleeding of wounds, cuts, tissue damage results in control of the 
bleeding capillaries in approximately one hour. When the north pole is 
applied to first through third degree burns, pain is controlled or fully 
arrested and faster overall healing takes place. It is further noted that if 
there is a buildup of fatty mass, cholesterol, on the inner walls of arteries, 
the application of north pole energy reduces such fatty acid buildups and 
then the application of the south pole expands and softens the walk to 
make them again flexible. 

The document entitled The Scope of Biomagnetism contains some 
philosophical digressions in addition to reports of experiments. It is empha- 
sized that rather than magnetism being considered a child of electricity, 
their work has shown that magnetism is the father of electricity, although 
the significance of this development is not adduced. Reference is also made 
to a point which appears repeatedly in all of their documents to the effect 
that the biological actions of the north pole and of the south pole are 
entirely dissimilar. The philosophical scope of their work is emphasized 
also in this document as "opening a greater appreciation of man's relation 
to his environment and to his God." It is further emphasized that their 
publications are in many of the leading medical and public libraries in 
major nations of the world and are also being used as textbooks and 
reference material in a number of colleges and schools. In this, as in their 
books, there is some historical treatment which is interesting and refers to 
reports by early observers such as Hippocrates, Galen and others on 
medical applications of natural magnets. This document also contains 
pother fundamental assertion which is repeatedly made in their other 
publications to the effect that lines of force do noi flow directly through 
cne air rrom the north pole to the south pole or vice versa, as generally 

A Case History m 

understood and taught. Rather they consider that energy from the north 
pole is directed to the center of the magnet and from there travels in 
spirals. They also indicate that with bar magnets the same phenomenon 
exists and that the south and north poles constitute magnetic energy in 
either a positive or negative form and that this "spins in different direc- 
tions." Reference is also made to application of the correct magnetic field 
in the production of speedy wound healing, pain control without drugs, 
quicker mending of fractures with the bone being stronger than before 
the break, dissolving calcium in many types of arthritis, etc., and "control 
of many types of cancer some resulting in total regression." These are all 
claimed to occur with the application of these fixed strength bar magnets. 

They have established in their laboratory a two-way communication 
radio with which they are in communication with other radio operators. 
It is indicated that their experience with radio reception and transmission 
is a partial explanation of the brain's ability to receive and send impres- 
sions, thoughts, over great distances. 

In this document as in their books and other publications there is 
repeated reference to experiments with mice and other animals exhibiting 
different effects of the application of north and south poles. For instance, 
it is indicated that application of the south pole to mice causes them to 
become messy in their housekeeping, increases their appetites, increases 
their engagement in sex, and increases the size of their offspring. On the 
other hand, north pole mice became neat and tidy, had smaller offspring, 
were much less frequent in their sexual behavior, and lived 45 to 50* 
longer. It is noted that when reading, studying or analyzing, the use of a 
small magnet a few hundred gauss for not over 10 minutes per day to the 
"third eye which is at the exact center of the forehead, can increase the 
mind's ability to store and recall more information." Reference is again 
made on this page to the concept that a magnet has "electro motive fre- 
quency." It is also pointed out that the human hands possess an energy 
similar to the magnet's separate poles which aids human beings in being 
natural healers. 

The book on magnetism illustrates the wide range of interests of the 
authors. It contains again interesting comments on the history of magnetism 
with reference to early records of the use of natural magnets. Their concept 
of the magnetic field is brought out which indicates that the "cables" of 
force (not lines of force) do not travel directly from one pole to the other 
but enter the bar magnet at its exact center and perform other maneuvers 
before reaching the opposite pole. Much of this book is devoted to report- 
ing experiments illustrating the different biological effects of the application 
of either north or south magnetic fields. The application of the south 
magnetic field causes among other actions, the following effects: earth- 
worms grow larger, longer and are more active; protein amino acid 
development is enhanced in earthworms; seeds produce larger plants; 
sugar beets produce more sugar; peanuts produce more oil; chicken eggs 
have a shorter incubation before hatching; chicks are observed, and when 
a magnet is in their cage, they seek it out for its beneficial effect; sex life 
of various animals is gready enhanced; mice are bom earlier, easier and 
are larger at birth and their mothers are stronger; rats show the same ettect 
as mice including being neater and cleaner; rabbits illustrate the same 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

In this text there is also occasional reference to man as an electro- 
magnetic animal and that the application of magnetic fields results in 
marked reduction in cancer and also that the application of direct poles 
produces a marked resistance to the ability to transplant tumors in animals. 

The text entitled The Magnetic Field repeats the finding that there is 
a major distinction between the north and south poles and then considers 
a variety of diseases which are aided by the application of either north 
or south pole fields. For instance, the application of a south pole can 
improve the healing of bone fractures, improves digestion, makes the ear 
diaphragm more flexible, promotes sexual activity, promotes healthy hair 
color, promotes the cure of headaches and of neuralgia and promotes 
health of the heart. The application of the north pole is beneficial to 
arthritics, to bladder ills, controls bleeding, also promotes healing of bone 
fractures, is beneficial to brain tumors, beneficial to bronchitis, beneficial 
to bums, causes regression of cancer, is beneficial for glaucoma, is bene- 
ficial to liver, and is beneficial to the pancreas. Further in this book it is 
indicated that these magnetic fields actually "pulse" and have vibrations. 
These statements, whih are contrary to generally accepted understanding 
of constant magnetic fields, are not supported by evidence. 


It is apparent in their writings that these authors are imaginative and 
have wide-ranging interests. Several points are repeatedly made including 
the following: 

1. Contrary to prevailing views of the existence of lines of force connect- 
ing the south and north magnetic poles in air, or other media, such 
lines of force are really "cables" of force and enter the magnet at its 
midpoint reversing in their "spin" before proceeding on. A similar 
situation is claimed for the earth's magnetic field with the lines of 
force not extending between the two poles but entering the earth in 
its equatorial region. These assertions by the authors are not supported 
by any described experiments. Present concepts of magnetism are 
based on different experiments by different physicists described in 
detail in The Physical Review and other refereed physics journals over 
a period of decades. The reviewer sees no basis for crediting the asser- 
tions of the authors in the absence of experimental evidence. 

2. It is reported that not only do the constant magnetic fields of a bar 
magnet have a biological effect but that the effect of the north pole 
is quite different from that of the south pole. 

3. Numerous observations with many different systems can be generally 
summarized as indicating that the effect of the south pole is to promote 
growth and activity, whereas the effect of the north pole is to reduce 

4. The observations above in items 2 and 3 are made repeatedly but the 
experiments are not adequately described. With respect to the mice, 
rats and other animals employed, the usual details are not given as to 
strain age, weight, sex, feeding, cage distribution, end point criteria, 
period of observation, etc. 

The design of the experiments, including the handling of controls, 
as well as analysis of results with error analysis, is not |iven. In the 

A Case History m 

absence of such important details, this reviewer does not see any basis 
for the conclusions by the authors. Preparation of a report of their 
experimental observations with sufficient detail and logic should be 
undertaken in order to meet the criteria of a properly refereed journal 
This comment by this reviewer applies only to these reports of 
results obtained by the authors with fixed magnetic fields. There may 
be fixed magnetic field effects, but the authors have not presented 
convincing evidence. On the other hand, biological effects due to 
applications of electromagnetic fields and electrical currents are well 

5. Although there are references to pulsing of magnets, to electro- 
magnetism, to extrasensory perception, these topics are mentioned only 
casually. The bulk of the work deals with the effects of fixed magnetic 
fields, either north or south in polarity. 

Other authors have publisned articles in journals illustrating the 
biological effects of electromagnetic fields or of electric currents. How- 
ever, these authors (Davis and Rawls) have not published any of their 
magnetic effects in journals nor do they refer to any other authors who 
have succeeded in so doing. This distinction is made between the work 
of Bassett reported in the New York Academy of Sciences who dealt 
with electromagnetic field effects on healing. 


1. In view of the startling nature of the results and concepts of the nature 
of the magnetic field produced by either a bar magnet or that of the 
earth, it is recommended that the authors submit these novel findings 
to a rigorous physical journal such as The Physical Review. The earth's 
magnetic field has been mapped in considerable detail over a period 
of many years. The nature of the magnetism of bar magnets and other 
materials has been treated extensively in the field of physics and con- 
sidered understood. Accordingly, since the findings reported by these 
authors are at variance with the accepted principles of magnetism, 
they have a responsibility to science and to the public to detail their 
findings in a manner suitable for publication in a journal. 

2. The other alleged findings of these authors, such as the biological 
action of their magnetic fields, could be of the greatest importance. 
If they could be substantiated they would not only provide assistance 
in treatment of disease but would constitute a major direction to be 
explored in order to obtain further control. The books and papers 
mentioned above report encouraging effects but do not provide neces- 
sary detail concerning the experiments, nor is there any indication that 
the conditions of the experiments have been designed to avoid ambi- 
guity and natural variation. Accordingly, here again the authors have a 
responsibility to science and to the public to write up some of their 
experiments in sufficient detail and with sufficient attention to logic as 
to be appropriate for publication in a journal. 

Although we -believed that this unnamed scientist had fairly, 
if not correctly, summarized our work presented to him, his recom- 
mendations missed the point that prestigious scientific journals have 

114 The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

not responded to our efforts nor are they programmed to publish 
independent research findings, as Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and 
other renowned scientists have so eloquently explained. In further 
comment we have stated, and we state herein, that it is not an 
oddity for new scientific discoveries to be presented in book publi- 
cation. Since the time of Galileo this form of presentation has been 
effective and representative, excepting those concerned with 
monopolizing the dissemination of new scientific information. 
Further, our work was reviewed by known scientists before our 
books were published, and we did ask to have our experiments 
performed. Finally, not following artificial procedural customs does 
not make a fact of science incorrect. 

It is a fact that acceptance of our research into national or 
worldwide implementation would eliminate the need of expensive 
research undergoings by others and could conceivably shake up 
some institutions wasting the taxpayers' money. We believe this 
factor is a strong consideration against our work as it is against 
any innovation different from the norm of society, although the 
acceptance of the new would be more beneficial to all people. 

Our work has been published in science journals in England, 
Germany, and India to our knowledge and, we are informed, in a 
number of other countries as of this writing, March 1978. Since our 
work is correct and true to scientific fact and presentation, subject 
to verification by following our material, which an increased num- 
ber of scientists inform us, and the fact that more of our patents 
have been allowed and licensed for the public, we may have finally 
solved our difficulty in presenting these new scientific discoveries. 
However, the fact would remain, we believe, that no proper pro- 
cedure exists in the United States, or in many other countries, to 
assist the independent researcher adequately in the funding of' his 
work or presentation to the public. The changes in the govern- 
mental structure in 1978 in this regard are not sufficient. 

It is possible that the awarding of the Nobel Prize in cancer 
research to Albert Roy Davis may come one day from the initiation 
of a foreign scientist who had the honesty and courage to present 
the Davis work to the Nobel Committee. The following corre- 
spondence is from Dr. Eng. Stefan N. Naydenov, Sofia, Bulgaria 
O. R. Institute, the first letter written to Dr. Davis with excerpts 
pertinent to this subject matter: 

A Case History 


I have read your books The Magnetic Effect and Magnetism and It, va»~> 
on the Living System with great interest and I .RJd^SfiE* 
original scientific papers I have ever read about this nrohlJm r 
they would help £ vlry much in our work. I tSrfffSS. some* 
your original projects. I'm in complete agreement with you and your ^ 

The following are copies of letter sent by Dr. Naydenov with 
his scientific opinion to Bengt Gustafsson, Professor, M. D., Secre- 
tary of the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine Karo 
linska Institutet, S-10401 Stockholm 60: 

Excuse me that I dare to disturb you again but I think this matter will 
be very interesting to you. After reading the books, Magnetism and Its 
Effects on the Living System and The Magnetic Effect, by Albert Roy 
Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr., I am sending you a copy of my opinion 
about these books and copies of letters from Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and 
A. R. Davis with permission to send these materials to you. 

I'm acquainted with the statutes of the Nobel Foundation which you 
observe strictly. My request is the materials to be put together with the 
letters I have sent to you under H28, Oct 5, 1973, and M98 BG/EL 
June 29, 1976. I would like you to pay attention to several facts namely 
Albert Roy Davis is the first scientist in the world who has made several 
great discoveries about magnetism and its effects on the living system. 
He is the first one who speaks about electromagnetic theory of cancer, and 
the effects of magnetic fields on cancers (counterclockwise spin). His 
laboratory findings explain unexplained till now functions in the living 
system. He discovers the secrecy of the cell on the atomic and electron 
level. I'm sure that all these materials which I'm sending to you would be 
used for an open discussion in the scientific community which discussion 
will tell its last and decisive word. All this is done for the benefit of 


Dr. Eng. Stefan N. Naydenov, Sofia, Bulgaria O. R. Institute, about 
two books: Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, 1974, and 
The Magnetic Effect, 1975, by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. 

Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr., 

I must say that the reading of your two books was a great pleasure 
to me. According to my opinion your scientific researches and discoveries 
in the field of magnetism are outstanding. 

Your theory about biomagnetism of the living system allows the secrecy 
of the cell to be discovered on the atomic and electronic level. I think the 
scientists can t understand the secrecy of the many human and animal 
ailments especially the cancer without examining them in the light of 
your original discovery about biomagnetism. 

The discovery made in 1936 by Albert Roy Davis that the magnet's 
energy is not homogeneous and the two poles of the magnet act to change 

HQ The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

and alter biological system in two completely different ways is really 
in genius [sic]. 

All magnets have the magnetic equator (the Bloch Wall) where the 
energies are divided and changed as to their magnetic spin effect (by 180 
degrees) which then presents us with two values of magnetic energy — 
South or positive and North or negative. The magnet's energy has two 
flow directions (another discovery). The "Ohm Law" is in genius used 
by Albert R. Davis to show the principles of magnet-magnetics laws which 
are similar if not exactly like to the electrical voltage and current flow 

A magnet's energy consists of polarized atoms of the molecules of the 
material of which it is made, all spinning in the same direction forming 
atomic energy in part. This gives us a new light for understanding better 
the atom and its energies. 

Mode-modulation of the magnet energy by application of other fre- 
quencies (the frequency spectrum, the radio spectrum, the ether spectrum, 
the audible spectrum and the photoelectric spectrum) is a new field in the 
science which gives a great possibility in the bands of scientific researchers. 
Another great discovery is the "cable effect" — the energy radiated from 
the magnets is composed not of "lines of force" but of small "cables of 

The photographic pictorial outlines obtained and photographed in 
color in their laboratory experiments have shown this phenomenon. 

The most important discovery I think is the bioelectrical biomagnetics 
differences between the cancer cells and normal healthy cells, the effects 
of the magnetic poles' energy on cancers (N pole negative energy controls 
and arrests cancer development while when S pole positive energy is 
applied to cancers they become more advanced, grow and spread at an 
accelerated rate). 

These and the other numerous discoveries show us that scientist Albert 
Roy Davis is one of the best scientists of the world in this field of science. 

I am really happy that my electronic theory for determination of power 
or carciogenicity etiology and treatment of cancer is completely confirmed 
by the experimental results obtained by Albert R. Davis, namely: Albert 
Davis has proved that the two poles' magnet energy is nonhomogeneous, 
two flow directions of magnetic energy, the electron spin effect and the 
effect of the N pole negative energy (counterclockwise spin). All these 
findings confirm my electron theory for cancer which combines all causes 
in one single cause for the development of cancer and in this way I find a 
single form of agent that would arrest all form of cancers. 

Finishing, I would like to mention one fact more, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi 
has used incorrect some of these discoveries in his theory "Electronic 
Biology and Cancer" (substance of a lecture delivered at a Meeting of 
Nobel Laureates, June 26, Lindau, Germany) the missing of the "electron 
transport system" the break magnetic balance of . . . cancer and so on." 

We have, in this chapter, presented opinions on our cancer 
research that typify the prevailing opposing views. 

Having read our published books, we would hopefully believe 
the reader considers sufficient information is presented that would 

A Case History ^ 

initiate further research by competent persons verifying our initial 
work for implementation to the general public. 

Some of this verification is already underway to successful 
adoption, in agriculture, energy savings, and areas other than our 
medical research. The future looks promising in that some of our 
discoveries in medical applications may also be well underway to 
implementation by the time this book is published. 

We are optimistic that our work will be accepted for the good 
of all humanity. We are also practical concerning the difficulties 
impeding acceptance. As independent research scientists we pub- 
lish our research experiments and findings with more details of our 
work than is generally found in scientific disclosures. Due to the 
fallacies existing in the procedural and administrative structure 
regarding new scientific disclosures, we have chosen to write our 
scientific disclosures in book publications, again with the hope that 
they can be read and understood by the nonscientist. Yet it is our 
opinion that anyone who searches for knowledge could well be 
called a scientist. 

We have not turned away from the "accepted scientific pro- 
cedures and administrative programs for implementing new scien- 
tific disclosures," but we are continuing our efforts for acceptance 
of our work through the bureaucratic means available. We still 
deplore the unwarranted impediments facing any independent 
researcher, and we believe the final acceptance of our work will 
come when more and more of the general public are familiar with 
the separate energies of magnetism, the benefits to health, welfare, 
and happiness that the adoption of our findings will bring to people 
all over the world. In this we have to be realistic. We know our 
work is true and correct and that it is only a matter of time before 
acceptance. Through other researchers so close to our discoveries, 
we see continuously science articles, discoveries, and problems 
occurring. These researchers are moving toward our directions and, 
combined with the progress of our work, give us the hope for a 
better world and survival in our time. As scientists, we pray that 
it is so. 



Biomagnetics is a relatively new term applied to the under- 
standing of a very old science, magnetism. Biomagnetics is the 
study of the effects of magnetic fields on biological systems. In the 
eastern world of science, predominantly in Russia, the term "Mag- 
netobiology" is used to define research in this area. 

The use of magnetic fields on biological systems is as old as the 
use of the earth's magnetic fields on any forms of living systems. 
Applications of magnetism by human use of the natural magnet, 
lodestone, can be traced into recorded history as far back as 200 B.C. 
and some evidence indicates earlier recognition. Reference is found 
that Hippocrates, the Greek physician considered the father of 
medicine (460 B.C.), pondered the "healing power radiating from 
his hands." In modern times, it has been firmly established in uni- 
versity and laboratory research that the hands of persons do radi- 
ate an energy of a magnetic nature. Earlier reference to the ener- 
gies of magnetism as a possible healing force can be traced to 
Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and the Far East, including China. 
The Yin and Yang of ancient Chinese acupuncture finds more 
understanding from the new research discoveries of magnetism with 
biological systems. 

In more modem times we have the research of Drs. Walter 
Kilner and Baron Von Reichenback, as well as Gilbert, Mesmer, 
and Pasteur, the more than fifty treatises of Presman in Russia, and 
the outstanding work of the Barnothys at the University of Chicago. 
It would be impossible to list here the many hundreds of acclaimed 
scientists in their endeavors to find a scientific basis for reproducible 
facts on the application of magnetic fields to biological systems. 
The dedication of these researchers will be more fully recognized 
in the future benefits to humanity provided by their efforts and 
the efforts of those who continue inquiry into this area of science. 

Much confusion has resulted in the history of magnetic research 
with biological systems. The properties of lodestone have attracted 


The Future of Biomagnetics 


many charlatans as well as many honest, dedicated researchers. 
Claims have been made that could not be substantiated. The 
science of biomagnetism has been maligned, misused, and very 
little understood. 

It is now recognized by competent scientists that magnetic 
fields do affect biological systems. The difficulty has been in repro- 
ducing experiments over and over again at any time or place by 
anyone equipped and qualified to receive the same results. 

With the breakthrough in identifying separate energies in mag- 
netism, and not one energy as formerly believed, results on biologi- 
cal systems can now be programmed for desired results. This initial 
discovery in 1936 resulted in the awarding of the first patent on 
the separate energies of magnetism in 1976, U.S. Patent No. 
3,947,533, entided Magnetic Field Expansion and Compression 
Method. Other patents have been awarded and numerous appli- 
cations filed in countries all over the world due to the developments 
from this initial discovery in 1936. Universities and research centers 
in many countries of the world are now reproducing the initial 
experiments on the separate energy effects on biological systems. 
The present status of biomagnetism can be understood as a sleep- 
ing giant that is now awakening and will be heard throughout all 
civilizations. From the information now available it is reasonable 
to forecast many applications of biomagnetics in the near future 
to the benefit of humanity. The most noteworthy will be the use 
of natural magnetic energy, without the aid of drugs or chemicals, 
in the following: 

1. The arrest of many, if not all, diseases, including cancer and 
heart disease. 

2. The regulation and control of natural bodily functions to a 
great degree, eliminating further prolonged treatment and instru- 
mentation with the heart, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, including the 
control of hypertension. 

3. Prolonging the life of biological systems by not only the 
arrest of ailments, but by a method of slowing down the aging 
process and increasing strength and vigor to function more ade- 
quately with one's own natural biological energies. 

4. The elimination of many forms of surgery and radioactive 
treatments by a more natural method of arresting problems and 
strengthening the system. 


The Magnetic Blueprint of Life 

5. More effective control over the nerve and muscle systems, 
the bioelectrical brain functions, aiding the arrest and regulation 
of many mental and nervous disorders. 

6. A method of diagnosis more effective than X rays or other 
electrical or chemical analysis, by an experienced diagnostician in 
less than five minutes. 

7. An effective, consistent method of feed programming to 
effect a 30 percent increase in agricultural yield, or more, per acre 
with over 50 percent increase in protein and nutrients to aid the 
increasing population and starving people in the world. 

8. More effective understanding of the air, water, and other 
natural resources in our environment by applying the new develop- 
ments in physics and related natural sciences for a more natural 
and longer existence of biological systems, with inroads into more 
effective use of natural energy and power to relieve the energy 
problems facing the world's people. 

9. Advancements in technology for more adequate functioning 
under the seas, below the earth, and outer space. 

10. An increased understanding of humanity's role and func- 
tions with Nature and one's God. 

These noteworthy items are not speculation. Reproducible ex- 
periments over many years have proved effective. Independent 
research centers, scientists, and major universities of the world are 
reproducing the experiments necessary to establish worldwide 
recognition and acceptance. Biomagnetics is a new world of 
science. The secrets of Nature that have been and are being re- 
vealed can be used to aid all humanity without regard to race, 
creed, or religion. How effective the future adoption of biomag- 
netics for peace and order in and with Nature will now depend on 
the conscience of mankind. Can old theories be disregarded? Can 
selfishness, greed, and narrow-mindedness give way to better un- 
derstandings of Nature's energies for beneficial applications to 
humanity? We prefer an optimistic outlook for the future con- 
sciousness of humanity. 

It has been firmly established that the separate energies of mag- 
netism are similar to the natural energies found in all biological 
systems. To conform with the laws of physics and natural sciences 
the separate magnetic energies are called negative and positive. 
Negative magnetic energy spins to the left, counterclockwise in 

The Future of Biomagnetics jgi 

Nature, assisting amino acids in offsetting disease and decay. Thus, 
negative energy slows the dying process and extends life. Positive 
magnetic energy spins to the right, clockwise in Nature, giving 
strength to all life forms, including viruses and bacteria. These 
two forms of natural energy exist in a balance of peace and order 
functioning in harmony throughout all life. When an imbalance 
occurs from misuse, interference, or ignorance, disease and environ- 
mental problems occur. To regain the balance of life energies, the 
energy that is lacking must be applied to the life form. Biomag- 
netics, with the understanding and application of the separate 
magnetic energies, is a new approach that promises to fill this void 
in medical and natural sciences. 

Since World War II Russian scientists have programmed deter- 
mined research into magnetism with the largest funding of any 
country in the world. The published Russian discoveries into mag- 
netism have been outstanding in progressing the understanding of 
magnetic fields. However, the Western discovery and applications 
of separate magnetic fields that is gaining acceptance by its ability 
to reproduce experiments over and over again with the expected 
result indicates a decided advance in the use of magnetic fields on 
biological systems. Accepted scientific use and application to the 
needs of humanity appear to be within the foreseeable future.